How To Change The NuwaveAir Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit? 2 Simple Ways

Are you stuck at changing your Nuwave air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit? Welcome to this read. The reason you are seeing your gadget display Celsius instead of Fahrenheit degrees is the default setting. It could also be due to your region’s settings, conversion error, software glitch, or previous user preference.

None of the above reasons should cause an alarm, so change your unit to your preferred temp settings.

The simple process will enhance the accuracy of your cooking. Though the steps differ depending on the type of Nuwave air fryer, most models require you to press the sear and temperature/time buttons simultaneously until the reading is in your preferred Fahrenheit degrees. Find more about the above instructions below, depending on your air fryer;

Nuwave Air Fryer

The Nuwave air fryer is the earlier model, quite superior, but with fewer features than the Brio series. Their design includes the ability to crisp your food without oil or with very small amounts. So you will not need to deep-fry your delicacies. The air fryers are sleek and have many abilities, including toasting, broiling, baking, and grilling.

If this is your model, you may need to change the temperature reading to your preference. Find here the straightforward steps to change the Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit.

  1. Turn on your Nuwave air fryer by pressing the start/off knob.
  2. Locate the Temperature decreasing knob and the SEAR and press them simultaneously. Your air fryer will display your preferred Fahrenheit degrees.

Nuwave Brio

I must mention these Nuwave air fryer models because they are the latest models for this brand. The units have updated features, including air frying technology. With the updates, you may find a slight difference in the user interface or design. To change this air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees, follow the below two steps;

  1. Turn on your Nuwave Brio. Do this by pressing the start/off button.
  2. Press-hold the Program and the Temperature dials simultaneously until your Brio displays the temperature in F degrees.

Do you want to return to the Celsius degrees? Repeat the above processes (both the Nuwave air fryer and the Nuwave Brios).

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Final Words

Ultimately, you have a short and simple guide on how to change the Nuwave air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit. It includes pressing two knobs depending on the model until your preferred selection pops (in this case, Fahrenheit).

There may be no instructions in the packaging to switch back to the Celsius degrees. That, too, should not deter you from dialing your correct recipe temperatures. To shift from one degree to another, repeat the above steps depending on your model.

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