Ninja AD350co Vs DZ401|What Is The Difference & Which Is The Best?

Getting the right air fryer can be daunting, especially when you have two close models. That’s why you are finding it difficult to differentiate between Ninja AD350co and DZ401. The two gadgets are almost similar but with distinct features.  

The major difference between the Ninja AD350co and DZ 401 is the dimension. The AD350 is larger, measuring 14.13″ x 17.13″ x 12.88″, while the DZ 401 is smaller and measures 13.9″ x 17.1″ x 12.8″. The colors and the material are also different. The DZ401 is grey and has a stainless steel plastic body. 

The AD350co is black and comprises a plastic material. Other features, including the capacity dual heating zones, dual baskets, and the 6-in-1 functionality, are similar.

Ninja AD350co Vs DZ401 – Which Suits You Best?

Undoubtedly, Ninja has the most trusted and best-quality air fryers. The material composition, heating process, cooking programs, and other functions are superior. So, in terms of quality, the Ninja AD350co and DZ401 tie. But you want to know which suits you best. The AD350co is a downsize of DZ550, thus affordable.

For this reason, it comes at a lower cost, is budget-friendly, and suits you if you have financial stress. The choice depends on what you need and your budget. If you are looking at the features, study the comparison chart below.

Ninja AD350 And DZ 401 Comparison Chart 

Key featuresAD350coDZ401
MaterialPlastic Stainless steel and plastic
Capacity10 quarts10 quarts
Dimension  14.13″ x 17.13″ x 12.88″13.9″ x 17.1″ x 12.8″
Dual basketYes Yes 
Color blackGrey
Nonstick coatingYesYes
Cooking functions6-in-16-in-1
Maximum temperature setting450 degrees F450 degrees F
Dual heating zonesYesYes
Rating4.7 out of 5 stars (1233 ratings) –  Amazon4.7 out of 5 stars (6975 ratings) – Amazon
First releaseMay 2, 2022August 31, 2021
priceCheck price on Amazon Check price on Amazon

Ninja AD350co Reviews

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Ninja AD350co is an improved version of the traditional air fryer with a single basket and heating zone. This cooker has two independent baskets with a holding capacity of 5 quarts each, with a total of 10 quarts.

With the dual basket capability, you have a large air fryer that allows you to cook two different meals simultaneously. That means you can do double meals using other cooking functions.

You can roast and bake, reheat, dehydrate, or broil. So, the air fryer eliminates the need for two air fryers or having to go back and do another dish or back-to-back cooking.

Its 6-in-1 functionality is an innovation with six cooking programs in one gadget. The programs include; 

  1. Air Fry
  2. Air Broil 
  3. Roast
  4. Bake
  5. Reheat
  6. Dehydrate

The above features eliminate the need for a standalone air fryer, baking oven, and vegetable/fruit dehydrator, among other appliances. It has separate heating zones, each with a cyclonic fan, rapid heater, drawer, basket, and tray. 

With the AD350co, you have an assurance of less than 75% fat in your food. So, you will not fear munching fries as you do with the traditionally deep-fried ones. 

Ultimately, this air fryer can cook food fast. A comparison of this oven with the traditional oven reveals that AD350co saves you 30% time. For instance, it whips frozen foods into crispy meals in 30 minutes. All these procedures are possible with the air fryer’s wide temperature range of 105°F–450°F.

Key features

  • Highest temperature setting: 450°F
  • 6-in-1 functionality
  • IQ boost
  • 75% less oil
  • Dual heating zones
  • Two baskets
  • 10 quarts capacity
  • Dimension 14.13″ x 17.13″ x 12.88″
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic


  • Low priced than the Ninja DZ401
  • It looks fast.
  • Sleek.
  • AD350co is easy to use.
  • Durable air fryer.
  • It is Highly recommended.
  • The surface and accessories are easy to clean.
  • It does not consume much room.


  • At 19.8 pounds, the oven is heavy for some users.
  • It comes with fewer user instructions.
  • Some users find the plastic material flimsy.

Ninja DZ401 Reviews

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  • IQ BOOST: optimally distributes power across each basket to cook a...
  • 6-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Includes 6 versatile cooking programs: Air Fry,...
  • XL FAMILY-SIZED CAPACITY: with the 10 qt. capacity and 2 baskets, you...

The DZ401 is another versatile Ninja model with many modern features. Like the AD350co, this air fryer has two independent baskets. So, it can cook two foods simultaneously, and the smart finish and match cook feature will cook two meals and complete the program when it is the right time.

Indeed, it is magical how you can roast and bake with this oven simultaneously without losing the food’s flavor or cross-contaminating your food. Each dish cooks in its compartment. With the double functionality, it whips food in minutes, thus reducing time by almost 30%. 

Similarly, the baskets have a capacity of five quarts each, so the air fryer has a 10-quart cooking capacity. You will also enjoy a 6-in-1 functionality that offers Air Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate functions.

There are other unique features that you will enjoy using in this air fryer. The IQ boost function allows an even power distribution in the dual cooking zones. Food will get ready depending on your chosen cooking program, and none of the dishes will flop.   

The Ninja DZ401 doesn’t need oil to cook your food. If you use any, it will be less than 75% of what traditional air fryers and deep fryers use. Besides saving on oil, the less the fat in your food, the better your family’s health will be. So, you can enjoy chicken, French fries, roasts, and other foods without worrying about raised cholesterol.  

Key Features

  • IQ Boost
  • Dual cooking zones
  • Smart finish
  • 6-in1 Functionality (Air Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate functions)
  • 10-quart capacity
  • Digital Touch screen controls
  • 2 Basket  
  • 75% less fat 
  • Non-stick accessories
  • Match cook


  • Ninja DZ401 cooks food fast. 
  • The dual cooking function allows you to cook double meals.
  • Easy to clean finishing and accessories. 
  • It offers a large cooking capacity of 10 quarts. 
  • Highly recommended.
  • Non-stick baskets.
  • Durable air fryer.


  • Heavy
  • The air fryer is more pricier than the AD350co.
  • Small baskets.

Similarities And Dissimilarities Between TheNinja AD350co And Ninja DZ401

Our comparison chart for Ninja AD350co vs. DZ 401 shows some similarities and dissimilarities between the two. In case you missed out on something. We have the details here. 


There are about seven similarities between the AD350co and DZ401 Ninja air fryers. Let’s get the details;


Both the AD350co and DZ401 are air fryers by Ninja. They hail from the same manufacturer and share most features—for instance, the physical outlook.


Capacity is very crucial when it comes to purchasing an air fryer. The AD350co and DZ401 have two air fryer baskets (each measuring 5 quarts). So, the actual cooking capacity of the air fryer is 10 quarts.  


The air fryers measure 19.8 pounds each. Some users find this weight heavy, while others are okay with it. Nevertheless, the appliance is compact and not super heavy. 

Cooking Functions

Ninja’s AD350co and DZ401 air fryers have similar cooking functions. So, in terms of functionality, the two tie. The functions are six: air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, and reheat. 

Non-stick Coating

Ninja has a reputation for high-quality appliances, more so air fryers. One of the gauges for quality is non-stick coating. Food sticks on the basket/tray surface without the layer, which defaces and causes tears and unappealing food. Also, cleanup is difficult.

For this reason, the manufacturer coats its appliances with a non-stick material. For Ninja, the non-stick material is also non-toxic and non-cancerous, therefore safe to use on any food.

Maximum Temperature Setting

Air fryers and ovens have maximum temperature settings. For these two kitchen appliances, their full heat is 450 degrees F. With such a high setting, you can cook any food that you wish, including roasting, which requires more heat.

Dual Cooking Zones

The dual cooking zones feature in both air fryers. They have double drawers, baskets, and other accessories. The functionality is also double, meaning you can cook two dishes in a batch, each in its compartment. 


Coincidentally, when writing this review, these two Ninja air fryers rated 4.7/5. Though this review can change, it is still a similarity for now. It tells you that the two appliances are a darling among many users. Many reviews highly recommended the products as they are top quality, have an easy user interface and cook separate dishes at a go.


Though the Ninja AD350co and the DZ401 have many similarities, some features make these two ovens distinct. Let’s see;


The sizes for these two air fryers are different. Upon investigation, the AD350co is larger with 14.13″ x 17.13″ x 12.88″ while the DZ401 measures 13.9″ x 17.1″ x 12.8″. Though this variance is small, it is significant as the AD350 is almost taller by 1″. The difference can help you make a wise decision, especially if you fit your appliance in a shorter space.


The material composition for AD350co is plastic, while the DZ401 is stainless steel/plastic. This difference could be the reason the DZ is pricier. Though the functionality is similar, stainless steel is more durable than plastic.


AD350co is grey, while the DZ401 is black. Both colors are superior, so your choice depends on your preference and the existing appliances in your kitchen.


For the DZ401, you will have to pay a higher price than the AD350co. Our examination reviews that the DZ is superior in terms of material composition. It comprises stainless steel, which is more durable than plastic. In most cases, the quality of the material rules the ultimate price you pay for your air fryer. That’s the reason for this price variance, so buy wisely.

The verdict: Ninja AD350co Vs. DZ401 

The Ninja AD350co and DZ401 are close relatives of the same manufacturer. They share many features, including dual baskets, dual heating technology, smart finish, IQ boost, and more. But they are not twins. Each has its unique differences, like the color, material, dimensions, and pricing.

Choosing between the two requires carefully examining the features and your budget. If the color, material, sizes, and prices matter, then make an informed decision. The Ninja DZ401 is more costly than the AD350co, probably due to its material composition (stainless steel), which is superior and more durable. 

Shop wisely!

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