How Do You Use A Kuppet Portable Washing Machine? instructions

A washing machine is a big convenience, especially if you have to sort out laundry loads for your household. When you buy one, the first thing you will be required to look for is the user manual. It will provide you with precise instructions on how to operate the machine and get the desired results.

The manual’s instructions will probably include the machine’s troubleshooting and but you will note that the instructions differ from one machine to another. A kuppet portable washing machine is not any different. It will too come with instructions on how to use it.

You don’t have to worry as we have outlined for you how to use a kuppet portable washing machine; this way, your experience with the machine will be enjoyable and fulfilling. Here’s how to go about it.

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Kuppet Portable Washing Machine Instructions

Here is a detailed list of how to use a portable washing machine:

1. Installation

The first thing you will do once you purchase a new stunning kuppet portable washing machine is to check the installation instructions. Your machine should be installed on a firm and smooth set ground.

To allow any vibrations, if any, position your machine 5cm away from the wall. That will avoid any possible damages through friction as a result of rubbing

2. Connect The Water Pipe And The Spigot:

Connect the water intake pipe correctly and join the affusion spigot with the affusion hole. You will have to ensure that the affusion spigot perfectly fits into the hole.

3. Plug The Appliance On A Power Source:

Plug on your washing machine‘s power cable on to the power source. The power source should be directly into the wall as most portable washing machines will not function with power adapters and extension cords. Once you are sure everything fits well and the machine is resting on a stable surface, you are now set to begin with your laundry.

4. Sort out your laundry:

Sort your laundry according to different colors. There is no way you are going to mix colors clothes with whites. The whites will be damages. Check out for the heavily soiled gowns and keep those aside.

Your kuppet washing machine will get damaged by coins, nails, pins, and other metallic objects that may be in the pockets. Check the pockets thoroughly before loading your laundry and turn your garments inside out.

5. Load Your Laundry Into The Washer:

With a portable washing machine, small loads will do the trick. The kuppet portable machine’s manual has a maximum load weight that it can wash at a go. Most probably, it will not hold more than 10 lbs. Add the detergent and the fabric softener into the washer as the portable machine will only spin cycles.

6. Set Up The Water Level:

You will set the water level according to the load of the garments you are washing. There are three choices; high, middle, and low. If you are using a double water stream, use the middle and high levels.  

7. Choose A Suitable Washing Method:

Choosing the appropriate washing method for your garments will ensure that they are not damaged. These are well indicated on your washing machine. Set the washing current at “Normal and Gently”.

8. Set The Washing Timer:

Using the buttons on your machine, set the most appropriate time when the water reaches the appropriate level. The heavily soiled clothes will require more time to wash and vice versa.

9. Drain The Soiled Water:

After the wash cycle is done, drain the dirty water through the drainage nozzle. You can place the nozzle in a sink or a drainage outlet on the floor to allow all the dirty water to drain.

Hold on to the nozzle tightly to prevent it from falling over. That can spill dirty water all over. Make sure the draining is complete before you move on to the next step of drying.

10. Set the drying timer:

When you finish draining, move the garments into the drying compartment and then cover the lid on the garments and then cover the drying inside lid followed by the drying cover.

Turn on the drying timer in sequence for the washing machine to begin the drying process.  When drying, it is vital to press well the plastic cover of the drier on the garments.

To avoid damaging your washing machine, never dry your garments while draining. Do this systematically by drain first and then moving the garments into the drying tube. Be careful not to put your hands into the drying tube while the machine is on.

That can injure you severely. After drying, remove the drying tube’s cover carefully and empty your clothes on a laundry basket ready for ironing and storage.

Those are the ten steps of kuppet portable washing machine how to use, but this is not complete without the after use instructions. Here’s what you do after you are done with your laundry:

  • Switch off the power source and unplug your appliance.
  • Close the water spigot; rinse the drainpipe with clean water. Hang it up to drain all the water.
  • Clean up the drying tube and the plastic cover.
  • Remove the filtrate netting and clean it in clean water.
  • Clean the outside of the machine by wiping it with a clean cloth.

Kuppet Washing Machine Troubleshooting

If your washer is not turning on, it doesn’t spin or has any other problem, here are a few troubleshooting tips;

User Manual

Read and understand the kuppet portable washing machine user manual thoroughly. It has got all the installation instructions.

  1. Power Circuit: The reason why your machine is not working could be that there is no power at the source. Check whether the switch is on.

2. Heavy Garments: Remove heavy garments like coats and blankets to allow ease of spinning.

3. Time Knob: If the timer is not in line with the control panel, the machine will fail to function well.

4. Clogging: Your machine is not draining the dirty water because the drainage hose is clogged. Check that out and clean out the stuck dirt.

5. Foreign Objects: Check out for foreign objects between the tub and the basket. Humming, clicking, and gargling are signs of a foreign object in your machine.

6. Detergent: Do not use too much detergent as the suds delay the draining process.

7. Overloading the washer: An overload will make your machine unbalanced and has spinning issues. 

8. Loose accessories: Screw in all the accessories like the nozzle and spigot to make sure they fit well.

9. Foul Smell: A smelly washer tells you that moulds and mildew have found their way in there. All you need to do is to clean the biofilm with hot water.


  • Do not use gasoline, alcohol and any other organic solvents on the machine.
  • Avoid placing your machine on inclined surfaces.
  • Avoid temperatures exceeding 50 Degrees Centigrade.
  • Do not allow children and persons who are mentally handicapped near your machine unless under close supervision.
  • Faulty switches are dangerous to use on your washing machine.
  • Never use a broken tub when doing laundry.

Your kuppet portable washing machine should get all your laundry sorted without much trouble. If you take proper care of it, it is a perfect home appliance that can guarantee you convenience and comfort for a long time.

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