How to Reduce Washing Machine Noise? Here’s 4 Simple Ways & FAQs

A noisy washing machine can be frustrating, especially if the noise shakes up the entire house. The machine disrupts your children’s afternoon nap and their reading hours. In addition, it limits your laundry to specific time slots.

To reduce washing machine noise, level the machine, use anti-vibration mats or rubber pads, balance loads evenly, maintain and clean regularly, attach vibration pads to feet, soundproof the laundry area, check for wear and tear, tighten any loose parts, and consider professional help for persistent issues. These steps can significantly quieten your machine.

So let us begin……

The first step is to inspect the machine and identify the source of the noise. If the machine has a faulty system, fix it. However, if the machine is working well, you should consider covering the machine with a soundproof blanket or purchasing an anti-vibration pad and an anti-vibration mat. You should also avoid overloading your machine. Below, we have highlighted ways to reduce washing machine noise in depth.

Use A Soundproof Blanket

A soundproof blanket is perfect for absorbing extra sound from a washing machine. You can therefore purchase one and place it underneath your machine. You don’t have to cover the machine completely. However, if you have an extra blanket, tape it on the sides of the machine to help reduce the noise fully.

A heavy rug can also function well. However, you need to clean and dry the rug and blanket regularly to prevent odors from developing in your laundry room.

Anti-vibration Pads

The anti-vibration pads are well-designed to absorb vibrations. You see, vibrations travel fast on solid platforms. However, once you install the anti-vibration pads, they prevent the sound from reaching the floor and causing disturbances.

In addition, to absorb the vibrations, the pads provide a firm base for the machine. You can easily purchase the vibration pads from an online marketplace. Don’t worry about the durability.  Manufacturers use sturdy tire rubber to make the vibration pads.  

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Anti-vibration Mats

Apart from the pads, we also have anti-vibration mats that absorb the noises. Most washing machines vibrate when the appliance is spinning. Therefore, if you are looking to stop the vibrations, you can use a soundproof mat.

Anti-vibration mats are easy to install. All you are required to do is move the washer and place the mat beneath the machine. The mat will absorb all the vibrations and prevent them from traveling to other rooms. If the mat is long enough, you can install it on the sides and only leave a small opening area.

The best part about vibration mats is that they are self-adhesive. It means that you can easily install them without any training. The vibration mats are easily accessible; you can purchase them from any market or online site. Make a purchase today and get rid of the noise.

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Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine.

All new machines came with a manual that indicates the washing capacity. We recommend that you adhere to the required loading capacity. When you exceed the expected load, you stress the machine forcing it to make noise.

In addition, underloading the machine is also a bad idea. An underload leaves extra space in the spin basket. If the clothes have objects such as buttons or zips, they will rustle on the metal barrel. For this reason, you will hear noises developing on the washer. Therefore, always ensure that the washer is loaded adequately.

How Do I Dampen My Washing Machine Vibration?

The best way to dampen your washing machine’s vibration is by using soundproof blankets, anti-vibration mats, or anti-vibration pads. So how do they work? Well, as we mentioned above, vibration noises are transmitted through contact with a hard surface. Once they touch the hard surface, the noises travel in all directions.

To reduce the transmission of the noises, you are required to insert something between the vibration source and the hard surface. However, you don’t insert anything. Instead, you need to ensure that it is something absorptive. The porous material absorbs and nullifies the vibration in a process known as dampening.

Therefore, to dampen your washing machine, you only need a soundproof blanket, a vibration mat, or a pad. Either of the three can dampen the vibration, effectively stopping the noise.

What Causes A Noisy Washing Machine?

All washing machines make noise regardless of their model. The sounds happen because the machines spin at an extraordinary speed. We all know that the spinning is not silent.

However, we will not limit the cause of noise to the spinning process. Other things contribute to the noise, for example, unbalanced loads, stacking issues, leveling, and lack of proper floor bracing. We have highlighted the causes of noise in depth below.

Unbalanced loads: A large item, such as a blanket, can weigh down one side of the machine during the spinning cycle. The weight can easily throw the washing machine off-balance leading to vibration. To address this problem, you can redistribute the weight or reset the washer.

Stacking Issues: Washing machines come with a stacker. If used correctly, the stacker keeps the unit stable during the spinning process. However, if the stacker is not attached correctly, it destabilizes the machine and causes noise and vibration.

Leveling: Washing machines come in manual or automatic leveling feet. The automatic ones can easily adjust themselves. However, the manual feet require the user to make adjustments.

When setting the washing machine, you need to ensure that the four feet are well adjusted. You can use a level to ensure that the leveling is accurate.

Lack of proper floor bracing:  If the washing machine is on the floor, you should add bracing. In this case, the bracing should be a vibration mat or pad. The bracing will ensure that the machine is sturdy, minimizing the noises and vibrations.

Why Is My Washing Machine Noisy When Spinning?

If your washing machine is noisy while spinning, there is a possibility that something foreign slipped into the filter or the seal. Some of the foreign materials might be coins, buttons, or wires.

If the foreign material is not underneath the seal, you should check the tub and washer drum. However, you need to know that once the buttons or coins access the washer drum, they can cause irreparable damage.

Therefore, if you hear some annoying noise when the machine is spinning, seek professional support. The guidance will prevent the foreign objects from fully damaging the machine.

Why Does My Washing Machine Sound Like It Has Stones In It?

Several reasons can cause a washing machine to sound like it has stones. Some reasons include a worn-out pulley, a damaged pulley, damaged shock absorbers, faulty drain pipe, and defective clutch.

However, in most cases, the noises are a result of a faulty drain pipe. To solve the problem, inspect the drain pipe for anything that might be causing the noise. It might be a piece of plastic, a rock, or a wire. If you discover that there is nothing wrong with the pump, you can replace it.

Final Thoughts

It would help if you had a quiet washing machine. When the washing machine is quiet, you conduct your laundry at any time. For example, you can decide to do laundry on a Sunday afternoon or in the middle of the night without disrupting anybody.

To ensure that your washing machine is quiet, you need to apply the techniques discussed in this article. Nonetheless, we wish you the best as you enjoy your home’s tranquility!

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