Do Washing Machine Vibration Pads Work?

The best time to do your laundry is at night. Why at night? Because you can save on time and costs. Most energy companies charge an extra amount for electricity used during peak hours, which results in extra expenses.

However, doing your laundry at night can cause disturbance to your house occupants or neighbors. See, a washing machine has a relentless vibration that can make you have a headache.

The vibration is not only produced by old machines. Even new washing machines produce the same degree of vibration. However, the older the machine gets, the more irritating they become.

Now, does this mean you have to put up with the vibrations to clean your clothes? The answer to this is a No! You only need to install vibration pads on your machine, and your problem is solved.

At first glance, vibration pads look like simplistic devices designed to absorb vibrations and shocks that come with simple machines. However, they are made from rubber and neoprene that enables them to withstand heavy washing machines. So how do vibration pads work? Well, the pads isolate the machine’s vibration, which eventually reduces the noise.

It is difficult to ignore the vibrations because they are transmitted in all directions using a hard surface. However, if you place an object between a hard surface and the source of vibration, the effect is reduced. The object just can’t be anything, and it needs to be absorptive.

In this case, our absorptive materials are vibration pads. The material absorbs and nullifies the vibration in a process called dampening.

Vibration pads come in different shapes and features. While all the vibration pads aim at reducing the amount of noise produced by the machines, they are different from each other. Let us take a look at the different types of anti-vibration pads.

What Is The Best Anti Vibration Pads For A Washing Machine

Before we mention the best anti-vibration pads for a washing machine, it is important to discuss different anti-vibration pads briefly. In this section, we will discuss the features of five anti-vibration pads, and then you can settle for the most suitable pad for your washing machine.

1. STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration And Anti-Walk Washer And Dryer Pads Set Of 4

STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and...40
  • IMPROVED FLOOR GRIPPING DESIGN - Our enhanced design allows your...
  • EXCEPTIONAL ANTI-VIBRATION - This set of 4 pads greatly reduces the...
  • ELIMINATES WASHERS FROM WALKING/SKIDDING - The strength of the pad's...
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS - Our heavy-duty pads are constructed from a blend...
  • DAMPENS NOISE ON LOUD WASHERS AND DRYERS - The vibration dampening...

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Are you worried about your washing machine skidding away from its spot? Worry no more. We have a solution for you. The steady-pad anti-vibration dryer pads are made from heavy-duty rubber that can fit all types of washing machines.

These pads are the key to ensuring that your washing machine is well anchored and quiet. The pads have a unique grip pattern that ensures that they stay put in the ground. Furthermore, the thick bottom acts as an ideal buffer to eradicate excess sound and vibration.

Unfortunately, most buyers claim that the rubber is too expensive

2. IdeaworksJB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads

Ideaworks JB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration...40
  • NOISE & MOVEMENT REDUCTION: The anti-vibrations pads are designed to...
  • MONEY SAVER: The pad may help reduce maintenance costs
  • UNIVERSAL USE: The pads can be used for all washers and dryers
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply slide the pads under each corner for maximum...
  • items measures DIAMETER 2.50 X 0.80”

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The pads are well-designed to reduce noise and movements. Also, the pads are cheap and easy to install. You don’t need a manual to install them. Just slide the anti-vibration pads under each side of the machine, and you are good to go!

The pads also help cut maintenance costs. Once the machine is placed in a corner, on top of anti-vibration pads, it reduces unnecessary movements that can damage the machine. Did I mention that the anti-vibration pads are universal? Well, now you know! They can be used for all washing machines.

The only disadvantage about these pads is that they cannot be used on extremely heavy machines.

3. Washer Anti-Vibration Anti-Walking Pads

Washer anti vibration anti walking pads40
  • NOISE/MOVEMENT CANCELLING - Unlike cheaply made brands, our...
  • PREMIUM GRIP - Our micro-grip technology allows for your washer to...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Simply slide the pads under your washer machine to...
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED - Premium "heavy duty" anti vibration pads that are...

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If these pads don’t fix your washing machine vibration problems, return them to the vendor and ask for a refund. The faulty anti-vibration pads will not belong to the washer anti-vibration manufacturer.

The washer anti-vibration pads are ranked among the best anti-vibration solutions. They are made from quality rubber that has good absorbing capabilities. These capabilities will protect your family and neighbors from irritating vibrations.

The pads are also made from rubber that has a high friction coefficient. The friction will prevent your washing machine from skidding. In addition, the pads are easy to install. You only need to level your machine and install the pads.

Unfortunately, the pads are too rigid. Once you install them, it is hard to place the washer back at the corner.

4. Vibration Isolating Pads For Washing Machines And Dryer (Anti-Walk Twin Pack)

No products found.

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These anti-vibration pads protect floors from getting scratched by shaky washing machines. Instead of purchasing a new washing machine, simply install the anti-walk twin pack pads beneath the machine, and all your problems will be solved.

The installation process is also easy. No adhesives and tools are required. You are only required to lift the machine slowly with the help of a hand truck or individual and place the pads below the machine. 

The best feature about these pads is that they can reduce the vibration to 94.7%. The reduction will enable you to live in a quiet environment. Furthermore, the rubbers conveniently lift your washing machine making it easy to clean beneath the machine.

Nonetheless, you need to be careful while installing the pads. They are fragile and can break easily when installed wrongly.

5. Washing Machine Foot Pads For Anti-Vibration And Anti Slip Mat

Washing Machine Foot Pads for Anti-vibration and...40
  • ✅ SHOCK ABSORBER ANTI-SLIP PADS - The Knivel Antivibration Pads are...
  • ✅ GREAT QUALITY! - Great gripping design that prevents washers &...
  • ✅ SET OF FOUR - Each set comes with four Knivel anti vibration pads,...
  • ✅ EASY TO INSTALL - No tools or messy adhesives required. Simply...
  • ✅ NO VIBRATION, NOISE AND WALKING - Providing stabilizing support...

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The anti-vibration pads have shock absorbers that reduce the noises caused by unstable machines. With reduced noises, laundry becomes a quiet affair.

The pads also have a great grip that prevents machines from skidding. Furthermore, the pads are easy to install. You are only required to lift every corner and fit in the pads. No adhesives or additional tools are required. 

The pads come in a set of four. Therefore all the corners of the machine are well-protected. To ensure that the pads are convenient, the pads are designed to fit in all types of washing machines and dryers.

However, the bottom is not as solid as the manufacturer claims; hence the rubbers only last for a short period.

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What Can I Put Under Washing Machine Feet To Help Vibration

If your washing machine is too loud to the extent of causing problems with your neighbors, you need to install anti-vibration pads.

A washing machine vibrates during the spinning cycles. The vibrations are transmitted through the floors and walls, causing a lot of discomfort. To reduce or deal with the vibrations, you only need to install anti-vibration pads at the feet. The pads are made of tough rubber that absorbs the noises.

How Do You Absorb Vibration From A Washing Machine

The best answer to this question is by using anti-vibration pads. Once installed, anti-vibration pads enter into contact with the surface to create a damping effect. The damping effect prevents the machine from moving and also absorbs all the vibration.  

Can Washing Machine Vibrations Damage The House

Yes! But it depends on the severity of the vibrations. Prolonged vibrations are more likely to destroy the floor of the laundry room. However, if the house is very old, moderate vibrations can also weaken the foundation of the house. Therefore, it is high time you purchase anti-vibration pads to protect your floors and walls.

Final Thoughts

The above listed are the best anti-vibration pads for washing machines. They play a critical role in your homes, from reducing the noise vibrations to protecting your walls.

We recommend that you purchase the steady-pad anti-vibration pads due to their unique grip feature that ensures that they stay put in the ground. Furthermore, they have a thick bottom that acts as an ideal buffer to eradicate excess sound and vibration.

Nonetheless, you need to note that the anti-vibration pads only reduce vibrations and do not soundproof the whole washing machine.

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