how much does a washer and dryer cost?

As you contemplate upgrading your laundry room in different ways, a washer and dryer are among the top items you will be shopping for. A new washer and dryer is a brilliant addition, which besides the aesthetics, will allow you convenience.

Going through our cost guide will help you get the most affordable washer and dryer set. We aim to gather for you information on buying costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. 

Your washer and dryer costs should not compromise quality. Whatever the budget you have for the washer and dryer bundle should offer you the best ultra-modern washer compatible with the latest mobile technology.

Read more on this guideline to get informed on what a washer and dryer with various functionalities will cost you.

Washer Type

Washer and dryer cost depend on the two major classifications, which is according to their physical characteristic.

We have;

  • Top loaders
  • Front-loaders

The top loader washer and dryer combo is the conservative washing machine that washes using the agitation technique. Various top loader brands come with a combination of washer and dryer, while for others, you have to buy separately.

They have the unique characteristic of loading your laundry from the top. A standard top loader washer or dryer comes with a price tag range of $400 to $1500 dependent on features. 

The front loaders are modern and use a paddle technique to wash your clothes. Their notable feature is the front side loading door. If you choose a front loader washer dryer, you have to dig deeper in your pockets.

It will come with a separate dryer compartment but still do the work for you. To get a great front loader, whether washer or dryer, you will require $800 to $2000. The exact price will depend on the features it offers and the brand.

The top loader washer and dryer combo are pricier than the separate appliance. The ultimate cost depends on the different functionalities available. If your love for front-loaders is irresistible, you have to dig deeper into your pockets as their brands are more expensive than the top loaders.

You will even pay more for washer and dryer combos. With $750 – $2400, you can procure a nice washer/dryer combo. Again, cost narrows down to the features it offers.

If you decide to buy separate units, that will be convenient as their capacities are large. However, you will pay double to acquire a separate dryer and washer.

A Front loader is gentler on clothes and has more washer options. The cost of the regular maintenance of the two types of washer and dryer also depends on whether it is a front or top loader. The front loaders cost more to maintain than the top loader.

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Cost By The Type OF Material And Finish

Everyone loves a sleek finish, but this comes with costs. In the washer and dryer market, you will find different colors and finishes. The finishing material governs how much the washer and dryer will cost.

Washer and dryer materials range from champagne to stainless steel black to white color. We also have plain stainless steel and chrome. Your choice of color and material will depend on your preferences and cost.


Every appliance comes with its creator. Washer and dryers have their designers too. While there are countless washers and dryers in the market, the cost narrows down to the brand of your choice. The popular brands are more expensive than the least known ones.

If you love class, you will have to pay more as that comes with popularity. Though the popular brands are top-notch in efficiency, getting one does not always guarantee you an awesome laundry experience.

We recommend that you go for the features a brand offers. You may end up with a great washer for less money. Here are the washer brands you will get around;

  • Kenmore
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • GE
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Frigidaire
  • Crosley
  • Bosch
  • Giantex
  • Black & Decker

At A Glance! Best Washer And Dryers

Undoubtedly, some brands are known to offer the best washer and dryer machines. Though you may base your choice depends on the budget, most of the time, the popular brands carry the day. They have more features and have strived to catch up with the technology, with some having internet settings.

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Most high-cost washers/ dryers are highly efficient. The cost comes because of the extra added features that make your washing less tedious. If you go for a manual washer, you will not find the same features in the automatic washers.

Besides the buying price, running high-efficiency machines is high in water, power, and maintenance costs. Nowadays, the country’s department of energy advocates for Energy Star washers that are highly efficient but use less water and power.

To get a high-efficiency combo, you will spend more, with the cost of running also going high.

Extra Enhancement Features

Washer and dryer combos that come with additional features like the pedestals and wash trays are more costly. The pedestal is an extra benefit as it has extra storage space, 15″ to 20″ tall, with inbuilt drawers. Since we have the pedestal under the washer, that enhances it by raising it to allow height convenience.  

Installation And Remodeling Features Costs

If you are remodeling your laundry room to accommodate the washer and dryer combo, expect the cost to go up. A cabinet that suits your top loader washer/ dryer protects the machine from damages but also comes with a cost.

That depends on the model and the type of installation required. The custom ones are quite costly, but you can cut the cost by having a professional design for you with available materials.

Electric, Gas, Or Ventless Washer?

Washer and dryer costs will be determined by whether the dryer type is electric, gas, or ventless. The price differs;

Electric dryers: These are the plug-and-play types. As long as there is power, convenience remains. They are the most popular and do not require gas refills. The comfort comes with the cost of the utility bill and the high cost of buying.

Gas Dryers: Gas dryers are not popular because they use gas energy to heat the air inside the washer’s dryer compartment. They are convenient if you live in a remote place, we have no power connections. Besides, they are cheaper when purchasing. 

Ventless dryers: Ventless dryers get the power to run from gas or electricity. They use a unique process known as condensation. The hot air circulates within the machine, cools through a unique mechanism, and reheats the dry air, which steams out the moisture in the clothes until they are dry.  

Special Washer And Dryer Combo

If you prefer a special washer and dryer, the cost will go up. By special, we mean a washing machine with ultra-modern features that are not available in the conservative ones. The special machines include;

Steam Washer And Dryer

The idea behind these steam appliances is to enhance the tub’s temperature so that the cloth fibers absorb lots of moisture to remove deep stains. The high-heat steam works by softening your clothes and getting rid of wrinkles.

With a steam washer and dryer, you will pay more upfront costs but use less water in the end. It also dries your clothes effectively and is user eco-friendly. The steam washers depend on their features.

Smart Washer And Dryer

The laundry industry is catching up with technology. The machines have unique features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone. You can set the wash cycles and monitor while doing other things.

Also, the smart features notify you of hitches your appliance may have. These smart models will cost you more than the regular ones and include Alexa and Google home.

Quiet Washer And Dryer

Special appliances have noise and vibration reduced to the minimum. Vibration reduction makes the models quieter as the different tumbling speeds balance.

The advancement and balanced technology help to curb the vibrations and lower the noise levels. With the antivibration features, these units come at high costs but are worth the cash.


Washer and dryer installations come with costs. Some come without the fixtures. That means you have to acquire those from the stores around. You will find the units expensive to install as you also have to pay the professional who comes in to do the job.

One way to bring down the cost is to find out before you procure the washer and dryer if it is a complete set. A complete set means that the unit has all the items required for installation. You can opt for a unit that is complete.

Also, ask if the dealers install for free. Even if they install at a fee, they could be cheaper than going out looking for a professional.

Direct Drive vs. Indirect drive

The cost of these two appliances varies. Direct drive washers and dryers use motors to spin the tub, while indirect drives use belts. Motors are more expensive than belts. That explains why if you opt for a direct drive washer/dryer, you will pay crazily than the indirect drive.

While the belt drives often break and require more repairs and maintenance, your direct drives machine will last for decades in your laundry room with less running costs.

Final Thoughts About How Much Does A Washer And Dryer Cost?

When you purchase a washer and dryer, you much of your laundry procedure out of the way. You will not have to wait until there is sunlight to airdry your clothes. The process is involving. You deed a laundry match that suits your need. The washer and dryer combo will come at a higher cost, but it is worth the investment.

Other than the dryer/washer combo, you will consult widely to get the optimal features that suit your need. Also, consider the extra costs like water and power consumption. If you buy an energy-efficient and water-saver combo, you will enjoy its services without getting worried about consumption.

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