10 Most Common Cosori Air Fryer Problems Troubleshooting (Quick Fix!)

With any Cosori air fryer, every cooking step in your kitchen is a breeze. You don’t have to put up with oil-dripping foods. In addition, you will cook your food in minutes.

To perfect its usage, we have the Cosori air fryer troubleshooting guide. The tips will help you resolve any obstacle that may arise mid-process. Henceforth, the screen, fan, heater, buttons, and other issues will be a thing of the past. Check this;

Cosori Air Fryer Reset Button

Your Cosori air fryer needing a reset would not necessarily be the first obstacle you will encounter, but the process resolves quite a several issues. A reset will be the ideal solution whenever your appliance mutes its buttons, screen, and other functions for no apparent reason.  

Resetting your appliance is equivalent to rebooting, and it clears update hitches. The short but crucial process rejuvenates your appliance and sets it to work without interruptions. Here are the reasons you may need to reset your Cosori air fryer;

  • Irresponsive screen/display.
  • The timer is not working.
  • Mute buttons
  • Cosori air fryer not turning on.
  • The air fryer is not connecting to WiFi.
  • The fan is not rotating.

These are but a few reasons for resetting your appliance. There are many more that we will keep learning here in this guide.

One of the obstacles you will encounter when using the Cosori air fryer is a missing reset knob. While many users claim it is a design flaw, a reset button is not a common feature in air fryers. That doesn’t mean you cannot reset the appliance. It is possible in 1-2-3 simple steps.

  1. Get the plug head and pull it out of the electricity source.
  2. Hold up for several minutes.
  3. Reconnect your Cosori air fryer to the electricity source.

Any hitch that you are experiencing with your oven will clear. Reset your air fryer habitually to clear the screen, buttons, and other issues.

Cosori Air Fryer Screen Not Working

We have touched base on resetting your air fryer habitually or whenever you have issues with irresponsive buttons, display, and other functions. The screen on your air fryer will show the time, temperature, and other active functionalities.

Your screen will turn blank, blue, or black when it is not working. It can light up but not show any digits or functions. If it is a touch screen, everything will mute and not respond to any touch.

That automatically locks you out of any program that you intend to run. And not unless you resolve the issue of the Cosori air fryer, you may have to suspend air frying and use other means to cook your food.

Here are the 10 possible to watch out for if you experience a mute air fryer screen!

  1. Loss Of Power 

Any time your air fryer stops functioning abruptly, check if it is an issue of power loss. The first indicator is a blank black screen. There is no presence of lights blinking. And if the voltage is too low to operate your device, the lighting may be dull.

Whatever it is, you are experiencing a blackout or a low-power input. Check other powered machines like the oven and the refrigerator. Is the lighting dim? If so, call the emergency power lines to resolve the problem. 

 2. Dirt

The last air frying session left your air fryer too dirty, including the screen. You didn’t get a chance to clean up or let’s say you forgot to clean the mess. That is not only unhygienic but unsafe for your device.

Fats, soups, and other dirt can interrupt several functions, including the touch screen. Your standard display will look blurred and will not show the digits—spare time to clean and wipe your air fryer clean after every cooking session. 

3. Dirty, Wet Or Oily Hands

The dirt on your hands can affect the functionality of your Cosori air fryer screen. An extra layer of dirt and oil from your fingers will interfere with your screen’s functionality. So clean and wipe-dry your fingers before operating your Cosori air fryer screen.

4. Gloves

Are you still wearing your winter gloves while air frying? Your touch screen will be irresponsive to touch. Its functionality includes sensing your fingers without any clothing on. Shed off the gloves and tried to operate the screen.


When you dial any button, whether a knob or touching the screen, the controls take the orders to the motherboard and memory, so if there is a defect in the motherboard controls, expect a mute screen.

Again, the hitch affects both the touch screen and non-touchscreen displays. With this problem, you have to get the proper attention because it is a complicated process to resolve.

Trained personnel specializing in home appliances, including air fryers, will best handle your device. Other than that, call the Cosori air fryer manufacturer for detailed attention. 

6. Screen/Display Error

Sometimes, it is a frozen display or screen that is causing all the disappointment. A recent repair may have tampered with the screen operations. Maybe the terminals have been messed up. Open the casing, inspect and resolve your display ends.

7. Worn Out Mylar Membrane  

This membrane is electrically conductive and holds your screen operations. The Cosori air fryer manufacturer mostly knows how best to deal with the screen if the Mylar membrane is faulty. Ring them!

8. Short Circuit

Your air fryer functions are entirely electrical. And with electric power, one of the problems you will hit is a short circuit. The wires have a leakage that blocks the normal function of specific parts, such as the screen. An electrician will resolve the issue and get you cooking super-fast.

9. Bug

An update hitch is typical but can impact your screen by freezing it to the point of not responding to touch or dials. When you dial your temperature and time, the display will not show the digits.

But as we outlined earlier, these hitches should not bother you. Just reset your Cosori air fryer using the 1-2-3 steps we highlighted earlier.

10. Old Appliance

Old age affects all the functionalities of your air fryer, including the screen. Whether the regular display or the modern touchpad, you will get issues because of extended usage and wear and tear. Here, you have no choice but to order a new appliance.

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Cosori Air Fryer Not Turning On

Your Cosori air fryer not turning on is not good news at all. Firstly, you are not sure if it is a defective air fryer or if you are not handling your appliance correctly.

A defective air fryer means more inconvenience as you struggle to look for other cooking methods. Shipping your air fryer to the Cosori manufacturer will take several days.

Equally, bringing in tech will require you to pay for repairs. But before these mind-blowing calculations, check the following10 possible causes of your air fryer not turning on. 

  • Electricity Loss

Loss of electric power through broken lines and outages won’t let you enjoy a cooking session. Just confirm from the meter box before you take apart your appliance to check for defects.

Recent fires and storms disconnect many people from power, so generators are the perfect option. Plan for solar/generator installations to avoid interruptions like the one you are facing with your air fryer.

  • Damaged Plug/Socket

A simple continuity test for your socket will ensure that your power source is intact. Next will be to check the plug for a dead fuse or a broken plug head. A dead fuse has no repairs, just a replacement with a new one, and you are good to resume powering your air fryer. Examine the plug head for broken pins or terminals. Repair or replace. 

  • Button Issues

The buttons, specifically the power button, play a significant part in turning on your air fryer. After plugging in your device, you will select a preheat, then a preset program or key in your temperature/time for a recipe that is not on the presets. Then you press the start key.

Your turning on the process will stop if the key is not alive. You have to determine the problem and resolve it. It could be a short circuit to the button terminal or a broken knob.

Whatever the issue, you don’t have to buy a new machine as you can replace or repair the knob. Other controls require a tech to inspect and resolve. 

  • Unplugged Appliance

It could be as easy as an unplugged appliance. Most probably, your Cosori appliance is unplugged, which is why it is not turning on. There is no complex tip to this error. Go back, re-plug, and switch on the socket to continue using your air fryer.

  • Basket And Door Error

The right useability is vital when it comes to all appliances. Missing out on the process is unforgiving and will lock you out of your Cosori air fryer operations. One of the core components of the air fryer is the basket and the door.

The basket takes in the food which you are cooking. And if it is an oven air fryer category, it will work just on the oven without an attachment to the door. But the basket type will have to be held in the drawer compartment.

Failure to place the basket properly interferes with the door closure. And an open-air fryer won’t turn on, so ensure you follow the correct process when using your Cosori air fryer.  

  • Damaged Cable

Power from the socket gets into the plug fuse for regulation and then into the air fryer through a cable. This cable can break and cause a disconnect. Twisting due to daily usage and mishandling will make your wires wear and tear. Keep your wires straightened and free from bend to prevent breakages. Whenever you notice wires bulging out of the insulated cable, replace them immediately.

  • Fuse Links

Fuse links protect your electrical devices from excess voltage and overheating. The fuse that is likely to cause a turning-on issue on your air fryer is the plug fuse. Its location is on the end that you attach to the wall socket.

The fuse blows after an overwhelming power input or due to an end of life. Luckily, this device is replaceable. You can get a fuse from the hardware stores for a couple of dollars (not much). Do remember to keep several plug fuses in your drawer for resolving emergencies.

The other type of fuse is known as a thermostat and is found near the internal controls. It prevents overheating of your appliance. This fuse is also replaceable but will consume time as you have to open your air fryer belly to access the fuse.

Like the plug fuse, you can purchase several thermal fuses for replacement whenever the unexpected arises.

  • Technical Glitch

Don’t get scared with the term Technical Glitch. It is an error that occurs when your appliance is updating its operating programs. Sometimes. It prevents the air fryer from turning on, but once you reset your appliances, the glitch clears.

Earlier, we gave 1-2-3 steps for resetting your appliance; by disconnecting for several minutes to clear the glitch and reconnecting back to begin the cooking process. If a reset doesn’t work, you must inspect the controls below.

  • Stuck Controls

The control panel in the belly of your air fryer operates the appliance. Start, temperature, timer, cooking programs, and all the other knobs you can see on the face of your air fryer all operate from the panel.

If the panel is defective, then the gadget will not turn on. This hint comes almost the last after you have checked the most obvious, including how you operate your appliance.

The reason is dealing with the controls requires an experienced tech. He will highlight the problem and give valid recommendations. If it is a simple problem like disconnecting terminals, he can resolve those by repairing or part replacement. He can also recommend returning the appliance to the manufacturer.

  • Manufacturing Defect

It is common for equipment to leave warehouses with manufacturing defects. That happens when an error goes undetected. There is always room to return the pot to rectify the issue or replace it.

When your technician inspects your air fryer, he will point out factory defects that require the manufacturer to resolve. Do not attempt to repair a manufacturing error. You will end up with a more complicated device on your hands. Besides, you will have tampered with your Cosori air fryer warranty.

  • Outdated Machine

After using your device for many years, expect obsolescence. By now, you have studied your air fryer and know when it is behaving weirdly. Frequent stuck controls can mean failing mechanisms. Cooking with a worn-out appliance is not only risky but slow and tedious.

A new Cosori air fryer will bring new life to your kitchen. The features are not exciting but can whip any recipe in the cookbooks. It is worth shopping around and picking the best air fryer that suits your need. Good luck.  

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Not Working

You cannot operate your Cosori air fryer with mute buttons. Getting to the bottom of the problem without a guide is not easy either. We have lined up for you seven possible reasons for your air fryer buttons not working.

Technical Glitch

You have now mastered the importance of resetting your air fryer. It clears the technical glitches affecting your air fryer’s buttons, screens, and controls. Do a reset regularly to keep your gadget rejuvenated and solve button issues.

Touch Screen Error

The gateway to your intelligent appliance operations is through the touch screen. If the screen has an error or is broken, its buttons won’t respond. Here are the problems that lead to screen errors;

  • Wet/dirty screen: Resolve by cleaning.
  • Scratched/damaged screen: Replace the screen.
  • Old screen: The appliance is probably old—plan for a new purchase.

Wiring Problem

Broken circuits that lead to the button terminals will cause the features to stop working. When you reconnect the circuits, the knobs should function. Further problems mean control issues or broken knobs. 

Broken Knobs

Your appliance could have broken knobs not connecting to the appliance controls. Rodents may have worked on your oven when you were on vacation.

Re-examine the button to establish if this is the case. You can arrange for a complete appliance servicing where you can replace the knobs and the control panel. This route may prove expensive.

Determine the appliance’s worth before spending more on repairs. A newer device is flawless, has more features, and is easy to operate.

Excess Lint On The Dials

Though you have been cleaning your appliance perfectly, excess lint may have accumulated on the base of some knobs. Over time, the lint causes stiff buttons that cannot turn. Grab a skewer and try to access the base of the affected knob. You will be surprised by the dirt accumulation. 

Power Loss

You may have lost power, so your air fryer buttons are not working. Recheck the main meter box or other running appliances to ascertain that you have power in your house.

Open Tray

An open tray will not allow any functionality of your air fryer. And that includes the buttons. Close the door effectively and ensure that it latches. If not, there could be;

  • Obstruction
  • Broken parts
  • Overfilling
  • Wrong accessories (basket and tray)

Control Panel Defects

The buttons operate by a relay of information to the control panel. You may have sound buttons, but your Cosori air fryer control panel is defective. That is why the buttons won’t respond even after powering your device.

Outdated Appliance

Old is gold, but not for your outdated appliance. The buttons have started failing and other parts. There is no need for repairs if it is complex. Shop around for a new color air fryer. You can even take home a smart one that connects to the WiFi and operates at your fingertips.

Cosori Air Fryer Keeps Shutting Off

A unit that shuts off abruptly or keeps shutting off can give you a hard time as you try to repeat the cooking processes. You will end up with wrong cooking times, temperature and eventually, undesirable results. Why would your appliance keep shutting off or shut off abruptly?

  • Loose Connections

Any electrical appliance with loose connections will keep shutting off. If the connection cuts completely, then it will abruptly stop. To establish continuity, you must check the wall source, the cord, and the wiring in the internals.

  • Faulty Power Button

If the power button’s controls are defective, your air fryer will keep shutting off. Establish the fault by checking the continuity from the wires to the buttons. 

  • Errors And Bugs

Due to constant updates on electrical gadgets, they get errors and bugs that disrupt specific programs. Your Cosori air fryer isn’t an exception and will keep shutting off due to the errors.

Such errors may also occur if you leave your air fryer plugged in for an extended period while idle. Unplug your Cosori device overnight to allow it to discharge, power down, and clear the bugs. 

  • Faulty Door

Check the condition of your air fryer door if it keeps shutting off. It could be a loose latch or hinges. Fasten or replace the components to allow the door to close.

In addition, ensure that there are no obstructions and that the tray is not overfull to prevent latching. Take note of ingredients that increase in size when cooking. They may force your door to open and keep shutting your appliance. 

  • Unstable Power

If the power keeps coming and going, your Cosori air fryer will keep shutting off. Electrical experts advise that after confirming that your power supply is unstable(keeps going off), disconnect your appliances from power until it is stable. Do that to protect your electrical devices from power surges.

  • Unsound Microswitch

The micro-switch turns on your appliance controls, including switching on and off. A qualified tech will pick up a faulty microswitch and advice you accordingly.

  • Faulty Control Panels

The control panel is the main nerve of your air fryer. It controls the turning on and off of your appliance. You could have a detailed examination of your air fryer to determine the problem with the control panel. Once you resolve the issue, the air fryer should cook flawlessly without shutting off.

Cosori Air Fryer Not Connecting To WiFi

Congratulations on owning an intelligent Cosori air fryer! Besides cooking exciting meals, the oven operations are on your mobile screen.

You can operate the cooker virtually and still get the most remarkable results. Once you connect to the WiFi, the app allows you to do other tasks without babysitting your meals.

But if your air fryer is not connecting to WiFi, the intelligent app won’t function. The operations will turn manual, so you must stay around to monitor your food cooking process. Let’s determine the causes of this irritating error;

Wrong Credentials

Are you sure your credentials to connect to your app are correct? Recheck and enter again. You may have omitted a character or number, so your device is not connecting to the WiFi. 

Download The Smart App

You just brought in your Cosori air fryer home, and the new features are all psyching you to connect and cook. But you skipped a stair. You haven’t downloaded the smart app on your phone, so the WiFi is not connecting.

Go to your Apple Store or Google PlayStore and get the VeSYNC app. Download and then install it to allow connectivity. 

After the download and installation, several prompts will follow to ensure that your pot is connecting to the WiFi. The process should be uncomplicated for you. Have a look!

  • Get on your phone and turn on the Bluetooth and your Location.
  • Connect to the available home WiFi network.
  • Pin your air fryer button for 5 moments until you get the WiFi icon blinking and a beep. 
  • Get to the VeSYNC app and select your Cosori air fryer model from the available drop-down menu. Match the model with the number at the bottom of your Cosori air fryer.
  • Pin the Airfryer feature on the VeSYNC app. The app will begin connecting to your cooker immediately.
  • Kudos! Now, rename your Cosori air fryer so that the Alexa voice can give the commands.

Expired App

 When last did you update the VeSYNC app on your mobile? An outdated app will give you trouble connecting to WiFi. The connectivity depends on whether you have a viable app or not. Uninstall the expired VeSYNC and download the latest version.

Sign in to get the credentials and follow the abovementioned steps to set up the connectivity. 

Network Problems 

Unlisted networks will always give you an error whenever you want to connect to your app. Try to use another network and see if your Cosori air fryer connects to the WiFi.

Router Issues 

Your home router could require a reset. A reboot will rejuvenate your router and allow faster connectivity of your devices to the WiFi. If the router is not connecting to other devices in your home, it is the leading cause of the problem. Call your provider to resolve the issue. 

Technical Bug

Technical glitches on your phone or router can cause disappointment when connecting to the WiFi. A reset will solve the hitch.

Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up

I have experienced this hitch before but regret not knowing what to do. The first thing was to call the Cosori air fryer customer support with loads of complaints. After a chat with one of the team members, I realized that I had scrubbed my heating coil while doing a deep cleaning.

The brush I used to peel off the layer of food residue broke the brittle feature. What followed was a painful experience as I had to pull several dollars from my wallet for an expensive repair. Along the way, I learned several causes of Cosori air fryer not heating up;

  • Faulty Element

A blown or broken element or heating coil will not allow heating. All the vital parts have been damaged. So, you must get a functional heater from a hardware shop for a replacement. 

I learned that the element is fragile, so cleaning must not be a hasty or rough process. Wiping with a cloth or blowing the coil with a soft brush will help clean your appliance safely.

  • Temperature/Time Error

A temperature and time error will cause your element not to emit sufficient heat—for instance, your key in a temperature below 100 F or 20 C degrees. Your heater will not get hot. That is similar to low timing. If you fix 3 minutes for a recipe that takes 30 minutes to cook, you will have flopped the process.

No heating or cooking will take place. Be keen on the right temperature and time for your air fryer recipes. That is, whenever you are not using the presets.

  • No Power

This problem occurs when you assume that you have power all through. Even when you have a backup generator, the machines can fail you. A disconnect will leave you with a mute appliance that cannot heat up unless you resolve the power issue.

  • Fuses

Two fuses regulate your appliance’s heating system. The first one will not allow dangerous voltage into your appliance. It blows when the inflow is overwhelming, thus disconnecting your oven. So no heat will come from a disconnected appliance.

The second fuse is inside the air fryer and regulates the heat that your appliance emits to cook your food. The feature, too, can disconnect and leave your appliance cold. Luckily, both fuses are replaceable. Call your tech if you have limited knowledge on how to replace the replacement.

  • Open Door

A half-closure or fully-open air fryer door won’t allow your air fryer to begin cooking. Heating won’t happen as the door is interconnected to the microswitch. You could try to close the door and observe if the heater begins to function.

If the door is not closed fully, there could be obstructions or defective components. Keep checking until you establish the door problem and fix it appropriately.

Cosori Air Fryer Touch Screen

One of the most outstanding features of digital air fryers is the touch screen features. The function is similar to the iPad or your smartphone touch screen. If you are contemplating an upgrade, go for a digital Cosori air fryer. It has a panel with all the buttons and icons you will need to use while operating your Cosori air fryer.

In addition, its display is also part of the screen, and there are no rotating knobs.

Like your smartphone, you utilize your finger to tap the buttons of your choice on the panel lightly. It is effortless as a light press or tap is sufficient when making the selections.

Forcing a push will damage your air fryer control panel. But there are several other cautions you must ensure to prevent damages;

  • Do not clean the panel with running water. Use a soft paper towel or cloth. 
  • Oil and food residue slides and causes your screen pad to be irresponsive.
  • Touch your screen lightly without tapping with extreme force.
  • Reset your air fryer regularly to clear screen glitches.
  • If you operate your air fryer with gloves or greasy fingers, it wil not respond.
  • Replace broken or scratched air fryer’s touch screen for effectiveness.
  • Accidents damage air fryers, including the touch screen, so keep your air fryer on a level surface. 

If your air fryer touchpad is mute, resolve it by;

  • Wiping grease and dirt.
  • Check if there is sufficient power.
  • Reset to clear errors and bugs.
  • Dry your fingers before operating.
  • Call your tech to access the internal functionality.

Cosori Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Cosori air fryers are famous for their hardy and exciting designs. They are versatile and come with the latest technology, including the Alexa app. The latest air frying cooking technology evolves every other hour, the 360-degree air circulation technology.

The fan circulates well-heated air to give a crisped outcome. But not without the fan. This feature blows the air over the ingredients for consistent cooking and finish. So, when the Cosori air fryer fan is not working, your appliance is ineffective. Here is the genesis of your air fryer fan issues;

  1. Broken Components

Of course, this will be the first thing to imagine when your Cosori air fryer fan mutes. The major parts include the base, bearings, and blades. The base rotates and has bearings that allow smooth operation without friction.

The blades rotate at high speed while blowing the heated air in the cooking chamber. If any components are broken, expect the fan to stop. You can repair or replace the entire fan to prevent frequent stalling. 

2. Defective Motor

The motor propels the fan. If it stops working, the fan will also stall. With an experience in home appliance motors, you can quickly resolve the issue. But if you are at crossroads and don’t know where to fix it, call a technician. 

3. Blockage

The fan does not sit alone in your air fryer belly. There are other components, like the wires and the motherboard. The most probable feature to cause obstruction will be the cables. They can block your fan blades if they are not appropriately wound during manufacturing.

The last time you opened the controls, you may have abandoned an object in there or left the wires disorganized. Any of the above is possible and is causing the obstruction.

Arrange your wires by binding them with insulating tape to prevent getting in your blades’ way. Keep your air fryer’s internals organized.

4. The Safety Interlock Is Off

The safety interlock may be off, so your fan is not rotating. Check its location near the base and turn it on. 

5. Loose Base

The base may not necessarily be broken but loose. Arm yourself with screws and fix it to wake up the fan. A regular inspection of your air fryer internals will help resolve and control issues like a loose fan base, among others.

6. Short Circuit

The fan has to have a complete electrical connection to run. If there is a short circuit at the base, that will cause your fan trouble. Check the terminals and continuity. You can replace blown wires and fix the terminals for efficient operations.

7. Open Door

An open door mimics a nor-ready-to-cook appliance. Lock it or resolve the issues that are causing the door not to close correctly. These could be loose hinges, broken doors, or obstructions, among other causes.

When you close your Cosori air fryer door, the fan and other operations should resume immediately. 

Cosori Air Fryer Fan Noise

Most home appliances are not quiet. Your microwave, refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, etc., will operate with minimal noise. Some will even beep when cooking.

Cosori air fryers are not usually very loud but will hum like a vacuum machine or microwave. Whichever the appliance, it shouldn’t interrupt your peace. Any noise above 65dB is too much to bear. Besides, it could be a fault but let’s examine the causes.

Normal Functionality

As outlined above, an appliance humming when in operation should not cause regret. It is its regular operation. And mostly, it is the fan noise. If the noise accompanies a rattling noise, it should raise eyebrows. Learn to identify the fan noise as it should be minimal, like a rotating fan. 

Loose Parts

Is the noise louder, shuffling, and irritating? Then something is amiss in your Cosori air fryer. Maybe it is broken or loose fan components or some obstructions on the blades’ path. Take your time to identify the issue or contact the manufacturer for detailed assistance.


As we said, a shuffling or rattling sound in your air fryer is not easy to ignore. It could be broken parts or the fan blades hitting the metal rack while spinning. It could also be the door rattling because of loose components, not the fan. Unplug your appliance and inspect it to resolve the noise issue.


Overheating devices will have a loud fan noise. That tells you the feature is overworking to cool your appliance controls. One cause of overheating is using your air fryer nonstop for many hours.

You can disconnect it from the power source and let it cool down before you resume cooking. We recommend not leaving your air fryer on power for too long. That causes overheating.

Failing Controls

Other than your air fryer fan making noise due to overheating, it can do so to signify failing controls. That’s mostly after several years of usage. You will find your air fryer fan noisier than when it was new. It is probably time to get prepared for a new oven. Good luck.


Cooking with an air fryer is an exciting experience, more so Cosori. You can use the pot at home, in RVs, and at parties to make the best meals. If you experience any trouble, you have the Cosori air fryer troubleshooting and its user manual. Contact us for any queries on this air fryer and many more in our guides.

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