Can You Put Crocs In Washing Machine?

During the last decade, crocs have become popular in the world. So, why are the shoes popular? Well, it is very easy to see why these shoes are popular.

Firstly, they are affordable, and anybody can afford them. Secondly, they are comfortable and can be used across all age groups. Thirdly, they are easy to slip on, especially when you are attending to some quick errands. Also, they come in several styles.

One can choose from fuzzy crocs, leather croc styles, or wedge and heels. The fuzzy crocs have a removable lining that makes the shoes soft and warm. The leather croc styles look-alike like closed leather shoes, while the wedges and heels crocs are slightly high.

Nonetheless, croc lovers are curious about whether you can put crocs in a washing machine. Well, the answer is yes, you can. You don’t need to be afraid of the crocs damaging the washing machine. Crocs are very light and float; therefore, you can clean them in the machine without fear.

However, as you conduct your cleaning, you are required to adhere to some guidelines. We have highlighted the guidelines below to make your work easy.  

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How Do You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

First of all, you need to understand that crocs are made from croslite polymer, which is very different from rubber and plastic. It is porous in nature and is filled with natural resin. When the polymer is subjected to high temperatures, it begins to change negatively.

Therefore, the most important thing to consider while washing shoes in a machine is the temperature. Always ensure that the temperature doesn’t go higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Besides considering the temperature, it is important to load the shoes into the machine using a special bag. The bag protects the shoe from losing its original shape.

If you don’t have the special bag, don’t worry. You can use a pillowcase instead. Or, you can load several pairs in the machine with some old towels; this will prevent the shoes from deforming.

It is also important to disable the drying and spin functions. It is during this period that the shoes are deformed. Moreover, ensure that you use non-aggressive powders that can damage the croslite polymer material.

For white crocs, you can add some vanish to remove any tough stains. After cleaning, staff the crocs with white paper to enable them to maintain their original shape. The crocs will eventually have a pleasant smell and look spotless!

Further, you also need to protect the machine while cleaning crocs. Before placing the crocs inside the machine, you need to inspect them to ensure that there are no elements that can damage the drum. If any objects exist, thoroughly clean the dirt.

Can You Put Fuzzy Crocs In The Washing Machine?

While most crocs are made from croslite materials, some consist of additional materials such as fur lining-for example, fuzzy crocs. Fuzzy crocs are known to be cozy; however, they easily become dirty. Therefore, you are required to keep them clean.

It is possible to clean fuzzy crocs in a washing machine. However, to achieve the desired results, you are required to adhere to the following steps:

Remove the inner lining from the crocs – Croc liners are easily removable. Therefore, they are easy to clean. Whether the liners got dirty from the soil or snow, only clean them with a scrub. Never put the liners in a washing machine because they can easily get stretched or wear out.

Brush out all the dirt after removing the crocs – It is also important to remove all the particles or dirt objects that can damage the machine.

Adjust the machine’s temperature to 30 degrees Celsius – It is important to clean crocs at a low temperature to prevent them from getting damaged. Any temperature above 40 degrees will distort the crocs shape.

Air-dry the crocs – Once the crocs are clean, air dry them. This will prevent the shoes from stretching. The best thing about crocs is that they take a very short period to dry.  Once the shoes are dry, store them for later use.

Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine With Cold Water?

The immediate answer to this is yes.  Many people think that washing crocs with the highest temperature setting is the best way to ensure that your clothes & shoes are clean. However, this is not the case.

High temperature can easily damage your shoes and clothes and their colors. Plus, it is very expensive due to the consumption of energy.

Cleaning your shoes with lower temperatures or cold water also gives great results. You only need to use proper detergent and also follow the machine’s guide.

A washing machine has an option to clean with cold water – this can go as low as 20°C, but most washing machines go up to 30°C.

As we mentioned earlier, crocs are made from croslite polymer, which is sensitive to temperature. Therefore, you are only recommended to wash the crocs in cold water and dry them on automatic heaters.

If you subject the crocs to hot water, the polymer becomes soft and can reduce or expand in size, making it difficult to fit.

Further, using cold water on the crocs enables you to save on costs as compared to washing at high temperatures. As the machine saves on money, the cleaning power is barely reduced. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if your shoes will be clean.

In Closing

Modern washing machines come with a special function that cleans shoes. However, if your machine doesn’t have a special function, don’t be worried.

You can still use the machine for cleaning crocs. However, you need to adhere to some guidelines.

The most important guideline is ensuring that the temperature is low to prevent the shoes from any damage. As we mentioned earlier, crocs are made from polymer, which is sensitive to high temperatures.

Cleaning the crocs at a low temperature not only ensures that the crocs are sparkling clean, but are also well maintained.

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  1. I accidentally wore my fuzzy white crocs out of the house. i bought them for indoor use only for the hardwood. thank u for sharing your info. I will set my washer to cold and remove the fur (had no idea it was possible), and run it on gentle with Persil.
    Grateful from Vancouver BC


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