How To Clean White Crocs?

Cleaning heavily or lightly soiled white crocs can be daunting, incredibly if clueless. The sight of stain tarn and lack of original color and shine will leave you in between keeping or disposing of your favorites. 

But you don’t have to throw away your white crocs or wear them with ugly stains. With the right action plan, you can clean white crocs fur and even the white crocs clogs. 

Our crocs shoe experts dug deeper and came up with this guide on cleaning white crocs. Keep it here to observe the several ways of cleaning your white crocs without a doubt.

How To Clean White Crocs With Fur?

Crocs with fur are soothing and keep cold off your feet. But they are not easy to clean, and some require professional dry cleaners to preserve the fur. If your white crocs have a removable, those are smooth to clean.

Most white crocs come with white faux fur, so the cleaning process is more straightforward as you can apply bleach and wash both items to a sparkling texture.

Here is the most trouble-less way to clean white crocs with fur. And we will begin with the crocs with removable fur liner;

Step 1: Detach the liner from your white crocs

It is easy and fast to remove the lining from your shoes. Hold the shoe and flip over the liner. Using your thumb, remove the fasteners so that the liner is lost to come out. It is the same process for the opposite shore.

Step 2: Soak your white crocs in a bucket of cool water

Soaking the crocs in water removes any loose dirt like mud and dung. Crocs are heat-sensitive. Always use cool water as heat can warp them or damage the material beyond repair.

Step 3: Cleaning the liners

Faux fur liners are also sensitive to heat. Fortunately, they are washable with cool water. The best option is to hand wash them, but if you are not in a good state to do the manual process, you can machine wash with extreme care. 

Machine washing white crocs

  1. Set your washer to a low spin and cold temperature. 
  2. Select the wool setting and add the suitable detergent for the machine load.
  3. Place your liners in a mesh basket to avoid damaging the fur.
  4. Once the cycle is up, remove your liners and dry them in a rack. Never machine dry your fur items as the heat damages the material.
  5. Use a wool brush or a wide-toothed comb to detangle the fur and give it its original texture. If the liners are wrinkled, a steamer will straighten them perfectly.

Handwashing white crocs

  1. Add two capfuls of special wool shampoo into a washbasin with cool water.
  2. Dip your white crocs liners in the water.
  3. Using your hands, agitate the water to dissolve the soap.
  4. Soak the liners for up to 30 minutes.
  5. Use your hands to rub off the dirt gently.
  6. Rinse your liners with running cool water until there are no traces of soap in the dripping water.
  7. Hang the liners to dry or lay them flat on the drying rack, but do not put them in the dryer.
  8. After a few hours, your faux fur liners will be dry. But the fur is tangled; use a wool brush to detangle the hair and do it in the same direction to prevent curls.
  9. If need be, you can steam your liners to remove wrinkles.

Washing the white crocs

This is the lowly recommended method of cleaning crocs.

Step 1:

You already pre-soaked the crocs up above on Step 2, so it should be easy to remove mud, dug, and any other loose dirt. Scrub off the dirt and dip your white crocs in clean water.

Step 2:

Add a mild detergent or shampoo and scrub your shoes with a rug or a soft brush. Unless there are stains, the dirt should come out quickly. But you can add bleach to absorb tough stains and give your crocs the bright white color.

Step 3:

Rinse your white crocs and air them under a shade. If you are in a hurry, you can use a rag to wipe them dry but never put the shoes in a dryer or direct sun. The heat will warp and damage your crocs’ shape.

Step 4:

When the white crocs and the liners are dry, it’s time to have the items in place. 

Step 5:

Fit in the fur liner in your hand and slip them in the shoe as you use your thumb to fix back the fasteners. 

Congratulations on cleaning your white crocs with fur professionally!

What if my crocs with fur are winter clogs with undetachable lining?

Don’t fret!

  1. Remove loose dirt.
  2. Springle an absorbent powder on your white crocs.
  3. Leave the shoes for a couple of hours in a cool place.
  4. Come back and shake the powder off. If it is stubborn to come off, use a hand vacuum to blow everything off.
  5. Use a wide-toothed brush/comb to detangle your fur, and your white crocs will be smiling at you.


  1. Wet a clean rug in cool soapy water and wring out to avoid dripping.
  2. Rub the rug against the fur to clean off the dirt. You can add two capfuls of bleach into the water if there are stubborn stains on the far and the crocs.
  3. Rinse the rag, wring it out and rub the crocs again to remove any soap traces. 
  4. Hang your crocs on a rack but away from the sun to avoid heating. 
  5. Once dry, get a comb to detangle the faux fur and move in the same direction. That will keep off curling.


  • Pack your pair and head to a professional dry cleaner for an effective and safe cleaning process!

How To Clean White Crocs With Bleach?

Cleaning white crocs with bleach are not complicated. The steps are close to what we elaborated on earlier, but in case it slipped off your mind, here is a short demonstration for you;

If your crocs are plain without fur, soak them in plain water (cool) to remove loose dirt.

  1. Remove and dip them in soapy water.
  2. Use your hand to agitate. 
  3. Add two capfuls of mild bleach into the water. Harsh bleaches can damage your white crocs.
  4. Scrub your crocs with a shoe brush, carefully reaching the hidden parts inside and in the holes.
  5. Rinse your crocs thoroughly and place them in a rack away from the sun to dry. 

What if my crocs have fur? It is also simple;

  1. Detach the lining from the crocs and clean the crocs using the above process.
  2. For the liners, soak in soapy water and add a cup or two of bleach and leave for half an hour for the bleach to absorb stains.
  3. Rub the liner gently with your hands and rinse out to remove the cleaning agents.
  4. Hang on a rack to dry and fix back the liners once both items are dry. 
  5. Comb the wool in one direction to detangle and avoid curling.

How To Clean White Crocs Clogs?

Clogs are more comfortable than crocs as they have a soft and top comfort level surface. You will find them in many different colors and attractive designs. But if yours is a white pair, you may wonder whether you will clean them like the regular crocs.

White croslite clogs will be cleaner if you remove the loose dirt and soak them in a bucket of cool water for half an hour or so. The next process is easy; just wash them like the regular crocs and bleach.

Can You Put White Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Hand washing is the recommended cleaning method for all types of crocs. The reason is the type of material composition for these types of shoes. The technique is easy, safe, and will take you a few minutes to clean your white crocs.

Your crocs consist of croslite resin, which changes when exposed to heat. Machine washing the shoes deforms and damages fur-lined crocs.

But some people still clean crocs with a washing machine. The secret is to use a low spin and the lowest temperature. This temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In addition, placing your white crocs in a mesh bag or a pillowcase protects them from damage by the agitator. Adding towels to the machine also prevents your white crocs from deforming.

How Can I Make My White Crocs White Again?

If your crocs are badly stained or tanned, mild household bleach can do the trick. There are many brands of mild household detergent in superstores nearby. Get one that is mild for you and your shoes as harsh bleaches destroy garments, shoes and can even scorch your hands.

After removing the loose dirt, dip your white crocs in a bucket of cool soapy water, then add two capfuls of mild bleach. Soak for two to three hours and check if the tan vanished. If not, you require a professional cleaner to get your white crocs white again.

How To Clean White Crocs Shoes?

Cleaning white crocs shoes is easy. If fur-lined, remove the lining and soak separately with the crocs. Scrap off the loose dirt and dip the crocs in clean soapy water.

If there are visible tans, add bleach and leave for two to three hours for the stain to dissolve. Clean by scrubbing with a rag or brush, then rinse and hang on a rack to dry. For the sheepskin filing, rub after soaking, rinse and hang out to dry.

How To Clean White Crocs At Home?

It is inconvenient to take your crocs to a professional cleaner every time you wear them. Learning to clean them is not only fun but saves you time and resources.

You will need a mild detergent, a mild scrubbing brush or rug, cold water in a bucket, and your time. Cleaning time is less than thirty minutes if there are no stubborn stains.

Begin by soaking and scratching off the loose dirt from your white crocs. Dip them in lukewarm soapy water and rub with a rug or wash with a brush to remove all dirt. If you encounter obstinate stains, soak your crocs in a mild bleach for two hours, rinse, and dry them on a cool surface.

What Is The Best Way To Clean White Crocs?

The best way to clean your white crocs is by hand wash, using a mild detergent and cool water. Scrap off the mud using a blunt object and soak your shoes in clean, cool water for a few minutes. You can add a mild bleach into the soapy water for heavily stained white crocs to sort out the stains.

Scrub with a soft scrub brush, rinse your crocs and dry them in a cool place. Machine washing sounds an easy route but requires extreme care as it can deform your crocs.

Slip your white crocs in a mesh basket and set the washer at any temperature below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Select low spin as the croslite material is soft and delicate. 

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Cleaning white items, especially crocs, can pose a challenge. It is even worse if your crocs or clogs are white and have a white fur lining.

They get obstinate stains that would require special agents to clean. But with the above processes, you will find the shoes easy and enjoyable to clean. That is if you have enough water, soap, bleach, and the patience to clean white crocs. 

The delicate croslite material and bright color require the correct procedure from cleaning to drying. Be on guard when drying your crocs, whether plain or lined.

Dryers and hot sun damage the shoes by warping and shrinking them into an undesirable shape. If you encounter any challenges when cleaning your white crocs, hit the Contact Us button for more help.

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