How To Clean Crocs? Step By Step Guideline & FAQs

Whether it’s footwear for gardening, nature walk, play, or other daily activities, crocs are suitable for all situations. You will find them lightweight, odor-free, non-marking, and comfortable for your feet. Crocs brands are made from crude oil polymer material known as Croslite.

The resin material is typically soft and gives your feet maximum cushioning. In addition, the resin is non-toxic to your feet, resists odor, and obstructs bacterial growth. Croslite is also an easy maintenance material that requires only soap and clean water to sparkle.  

Nevertheless, your Crocs will be heavily soiled after a gardening session, a walk, or play. You will need to clean them to give them back their shine. So how to clean crocs step by step?

Don’t sweat! 

We have a quick fix for all types of Crocs, whether plain with fur in the interior or/and exterior, or even your smelly, nasty-looking crocs. 

How To Clean Crocs With Fur?

Fur-lined Crocs keep your feet comfortably warm during the coldest months. But this lining may become a challenge as it gets dirty and stinky after your outdoor experiences.

Unfortunately, Crocs with fur are not machine washable! So, you have to wake up throw in the challenge with cold water and mild soap; that is, for both the lining and the shoes.

The good news is that the fur liner is detachable from the Crocs for easy washing of the two pieces individually.

Step One: Remove the liner from the Crocs.

  • Turn the lining’s heel up to unwrap from the back of your Croc.
  • Pull away the liner from the crocs. It is easy to hold your thumb on the rivet’s exterior and try to pull the lining away.   

Step Two: 

  • Repeat step one on the opposite Croc.

Step Three: Soaking

  • Soak your Crocs in cool water to loosen the dirt.

Step Four: Hand washing the liner

  • Use lukewarm or cold water and mild soap to hand wash all the visible dirt out of the liner.

Step Five: Rinsing

  • Rinse your crocs fur liners until no trace of soap is visible and line dry in the sun. Using a dryer damages the fur.  

Cleaning your crocs 

These too require cold or lukewarm water and mild soap. Hot water damages the Croslite material, so avoid warm water and sun when cleaning and drying Crocs. You already soaked your Crocs in step three above. Get on with the scrubbing step.

Step Six: Scrubbing

After soaking your pair of Crocs for a few minutes, any loose dirt will fall off easily and give you time to scrub the shoes with a rag or a scrub brush. The vent holes are easy to clean with an old toothbrush.  

For stubborn stains, use a unique cleaner for tough stains. These are available in most superstores and come with users’ instructions on stain removal. 

Step Seven: Rinsing

Rinse your Crocs with fresh cool water and pat them with a towel to dry. You can also opt to air dry them in the shade. Crocs manufacturers do not recommend sun drying or putting your shoes in a dryer as the heat damages them.   

Step Eight: Fixing back the liner

Pull the dry fur lining over your hand and slide it back into each Croc. Push the rivets through the holes in each liner and on both sides of the shoe, then turn the heels down around the back.

And your Crocs are ready for the next walk!

How to clean crocs with fur inside?

According to Crocs manufacturers, the fleece lining in the shoes is removable. Unfortunately, the material is very delicate, meaning that you cannot throw the liners in your washer. The makers of these unique shoes recommend hand washing with cool water and a mild detergent.

Now that the fur inside is removable, you will follow the steps we discussed above to clean your crocs and dry. 

But you bought the furry winter Crocs with unremovable lining? These can be smelly due to moisture thus require thorough cleaning and airing. Handwashing these Crocs is not a good solution as the wool gets damaged by water. Plus, it will take up to three days to dry well.

Follow this five-step process to get your fur Crocs sparkling.

Step One:

  • Get an absorbent powder and sprinkle it on your fur crocs to suck in oils and other stains.
  • Cornmeal, wheat germ, salt, and baking soda are excellent powders for this task. Cover the lining and the shoe all around.

Step Two:

  • Leave the footwear for about three hours for the powder to absorb the dirt.

Step Three:

  • Shake off the powder and use a hand vacuum or hose to blow off the remaining residues.

Step Four:

  • Fluff the wool with a wire wool brush and in one direction to prevent curling.

Step Five:

  • If the stains do not come out, consider dry-cleaning by a professional to maintain your Crocs original texture.

Let’s now see the cleaning tips!

  • Handwash both the crocs and fur only.
  • Use absorbent powders to clean grease and other stubborn stains from unremovable fur Crocs.
  • No machine drying.
  • Wait for the fur liners to dry appropriately before fixing them back into the shoes.
  • Crocs warp if you expose them to heat or sunlight for long.  
  • You can spot- clean your fur winter Crocs with a wet rug.
  • Smelly Crocs require a rubber-safe enzyme solution to absorb the smell.
  • You can polish your Crocs to give them back their original shine.
  • If your Crocs are unique suede, leather, mesh, or suede, use a product suited for the weave fabric.

How to clean smelly crocs with fur?

If the fur is removable, soak the crocs in a bucket of lukewarm or cold as you work on the fur liner. 

Dip your liners in soapy water, wash them thoroughly and hang them in the sun to dry. 

For the crocs, scrub with a rug or mild brush, rinse and dry them in a cool place.

How to clean stinky crocs?

Your crocs are sticky because you stepped on muddy water, garbage, or gardening manure. Don’t fret as the crocs are easy to clean; 

  1. Soak them in cold water if they are badly soiled to remove the dirt.
  2. Rinse them with plain water and dip them into mild soapy water. A bucket of lukewarm water will make your work easier. 
  3. If your crocs are white, add bleach in your water to make them brighter.  
  4. Scrub your crocs, rinse, and wipe with a clean rug. You can air in the shade to avoid warping.

How to dry crocs with fur?

Crocs with fur require extra care when drying. Heat can damage both materials and warp your shoes. The best way to dry crocs is by wiping with a piece of clean rug or keeping them under a shade for about half an hour.

You can hang them on the clothesline for the fur liners, but do not leave them in the sun for too long. 

What is fur lining not removable? You have the option of dropping your crocs at a professional dry cleaner to avoid damaging your shoes.

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Final thoughts

Your original Crocs deserve proper care and maintenance to last longer. One of the care tips is cleaning both the shoes and the liners to avoid odor and feet infections. 

Plain Crocs are the easiest to clean, while unremovable fur is more challenging and requires a professional touch. 

If your Crocs have a removable fur liner, flip them out and wash them separately with mild soap and cool water. Dry the crocs in a cool place and the fleece liners on the sun to kill germs. 

It’s that simple. Have a happy crocs experience!

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