Can You Put Crocs In The Dryer?

Yes, you can. However, you need to be careful because high temperatures can distort the crocs shape. The main issue with crocs is that they are made from a stretchable polymer material. Due to the stretchable feature, the material can expand and contract depending on the temperature.

In this case, a dryer produces a high temperature that shrinks the crocs. Therefore, it is better to air dry your crocs and avoid the dryer.

Aside from putting the crocs in a dryer, you can also use a blow-dryer to dry them. Just ensure that you use low temperatures and place the dryer ten inches away from the crocs.

Can You Put Fuzzy Crocs In The Dryer?

Most people love comfort. That’s why they prefer purchasing fuzzy crocs instead of classic crocs. Fuzzy crocs have a soft lining that provides comfort for the legs making it easy to run errands. The crocs are also easy to wear and light to move around. 

However, after wearing the crocs for a whole day, you must clean and dry them. So now the question arises can you put the fuzzy crocs in the dryer?

Well, the answer is that it is not advisable to put fuzzy crocs in the dryer. Fuzzy crocs are made of very delicate liners. Once the liners are subjected to high temperatures, they stretch and wear out.

Nonetheless, the best thing about these liners is that they are removable. To remove the liners, lift the lining until it is no longer attached to the croc. While you are lifting the liner, ensure you hold on to the exterior to avoid damaging the croc. Also, do the same to the other shoe.

Once the liners are out, put the crocs in the dryer at a low temperature. Wait for a few minutes, and then remove the crocs from the dryer. Remember that high temperatures can shrink the crocs. Therefore, ensure that the dryer is well controlled.

As for the liners, you should air dry them for a few minutes.

Is It Safe To Put Your Crocs In The Dryer?

Yes, it is safe. However, you need to be very careful. As we mentioned earlier, crocs are made of a stretchable material that shrinks when subjected to heat. Therefore, if you need to dry your crocs quickly, put them in the dryer under low temperature and high observation.

Nonetheless, dryers are also beneficial. If your crocs are big and you need to shrink them, use a dryer. However, before putting them in a dryer, wrap them in a wet towel, then start the cycle. The wet towel is used to moisten the crocs material, making them more flexible. Crocs need some moisture to become flexible and soft.

While shrinking your crocs, avoid high temperatures. They can burn and distort the crocs permanently. Most dryers require a temperature setting of 125 to 140 degrees. However, others may need more than 150 degrees to attain the best results.

After ten minutes, remove the shoes with a towel. The crocs are too hot. Therefore you need a towel to prevent you from getting burnt.

Once the crocs cool down, you can walk around with them until they reshape. Dryers are very powerful; therefore, you need to monitor the whole process, or the crocs will lose their shape completely.

What Happens If You Put Crocs In The Dryer?

Crocs are resistant to many factors, such as bacterial growth and odor. However, they are made of a croslite material that is easily affected by heat.

Once the crocs are placed in the dryer, they shrink! Unfortunately, the shrinking happens very quickly and is difficult to undo. Therefore, you need to be careful when exposing the crocs to excess heat, or else you will have to purchase a new pair.

To prove this concept, measure your crocs with tape before putting them in the dryer. Then switch on the dryer. Direct the heat to the crocs and wait for five minutes.

Next, remove the crocs from the dryer and allow them to cool. Now measure the crocs. You will notice that they will shrink to a particular length.

In addition, there are assumptions that crocs can melt in a dryer. Well, in reality, it is not possible. See, crocs can only melt at very high temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because they are manufactured with closed –cells resins commonly referred to as croslite.

Most dryers have temperatures that don’t go beyond 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, they can only shrink the crocs but not melt them. If you are looking to melt your crocs, immerse them in direct fire, they will melt completely.

How Long Should I Put My Crocs In The Dryer?

Once you put the crocs in the dryer, set the timer. The best time setting should be ten minutes.  After setting the timer, it is also important to add some wet towels to protect the shoes from damage.

Once all the materials are inside, start the dryer. Don’t move from your location. Stand there and observe the drying process. It would be best if you kept checking the crocs after every 2 minutes.

So why should you stand next to the dryer?  See, you will need to control the heat. This is because the dryer might emit high heat that can damage the crocs completely.

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Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this guide. However, if you were keen on this article, we believe you understand the process of drying crocs in a machine.

Nonetheless, the final verdict is that it is okay to put crocs in a dryer. However, it would help to remember that crocs are made from a polymer material that a drying machine can easily damage.

Therefore, when you decide to dry your crocs in a dryer, make sure you don’t overdo the process, or else you will damage your crocs. Good luck as you dry your crocs!

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