How To Turn Off Pampered Chef Air Fryer: 3 Simple Ways

Pampered Chef air fryer is one of the most valuable appliance items you will ever own in your kitchen. The gadget has a dehydrator, rotisserie, baking oven, air fryer, and more features for making easy and delicious meals. But you need to understand your Pampered Chef air fryer functionality.

Though air fryers turn off automatically, sometimes they may fail. Or you are not being patient. Whatever the reason, you must know how to turn off Pampered Chef air fryer. The most straightforward process is pressing the off button on the air fryer’s panel or unplugging g the air fryer from the power source. You can then allow the unit to cool before a cleaning session. You can take several routes to turn off your pampered chef air fryer. Learn here;

3 Simple Ways To Turn Off Pampered Chef air fryer!

1. Using The On/Off Button

The easiest way to turn off your Pampered Chef air fryer will be to push the On/Off button on your air fryer. Some models have the button as Start/Pause. This action immediately turns off your air fryer and can pause for you to flip over your food.

When you press the button, the cooking process will stop, and you must set the timer and temperature again. The reason is your air fryer cleared all of the settings when you turned it off the fryer. 

So, locate the button “On/Off” on the panel and push it to turn off the unit. The action helps when you notice your food is burning, but the timer is faulty and is not counting down. 

When using this function, there are several dos and don’ts;

  • Ensure your hands are not wet or oily.  
  • Learn your Pampered Chef air fryer user interface to get the best out of the machine and avoid errors. For instance, some models require you to push the button once or twice to turn off the gadget. 
  • Take note of the Pause button (if it is there) and use it appropriately. The button allows you to continue cooking with the same settings without beginning afresh. That saves you from errors and other inconveniences. 
  • Do not be too rough with your air fryer. Over-pressing can damage the button or cause errors. 
  • Once you turn off your appliance, allow a cooling time of about 1 minute to avoid scalds from hot steam. 
  • Depending on the model, failure to unpause your Pampered Chef air fryer after 5 minutes clears all your settings. It also shuts off the unit.

2. Using The Timer

You can use the timer dial to turn off your Pampered Chef air fryer. The simple process involves dialing 0 on the timer button. This action works if you have already set the timer. How does this work?

Logically, your Pampered Chef air fryer timer stops cooking when the timer countdown is 0.00. So, if you interfere with the set time and dial it to 0, the cooking time will end, and your air fryer will stop. When the countdown ends, there will be three long beeps. The display will read End, and your air fryer will turn off.

Give your air fryer 30 seconds for the fan to stop, then you can pull the cord out of the wall and disconnect your unit from the power floor. Please leave it to cool down before cleaning and storage. 

3. Disconnecting Pampered Chef Air Fryer From Power

If your Pampered Chef air fryer’s buttons are stuck, or the touch screen is frozen, you can pull the cord out of the socket. That disconnects the air fryer from the power source. 

The process can reset your gadget and clear any bugs that may invade your air fryer’s operating program. Once you reconnect your air fryer, the technical hitch will have cleared, and your gadget will be back in action. When unplugging your air fryer, there are a few things to watch out for;

  • Do not be rough with the cord, as you can damage it.
  • Do not use wet or oily hands. Ensure that you wipe your hands before operating the unit. The appliance is already hot. Leave it to cool down before cleaning.
  • Use the right troubleshooting processes to avoid further damage to your appliance.
  • If the air fryer light is on but doesn’t turn off, the door may not latch well. Ensure that the door closes well. Also, the heating element turns off.

Read your Pampered Chef air fryer user manual or Call the Pampered Chef Solution Center at (800) 342-2433 (Canada) or (888) 687-2433 (United States) for any complex issue that you may experience with your new air fryer. Some signs are failure to turn off automatically, loud noise, and stopping to work. Good luck.

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