Quick Guide: Turning Off the Vent Fan on Your GE Microwave

Your GE Microwave has a fan vent as a protective feature to cool it when there is excess heating. The automatic feature will turn on whenever the unit gets too hot and off when the oven has cooled. These two actions are automatic, so you don’t need to control them manually.

But there are times you need to turn on the feature manually.

The reasons could be to stop excess noise or food steam, smoke, and odors from circulating in your kitchen. Also, a vent fan that won’t shut off automatically requires a manual turn-off. So, you need to know how to turn off vent fan on GE microwave. Turn your fan off on the control panel or pull out your appliance from the wall source. Easy! But you need the steps for the above two methods.

Method 1

This method is straightforward. It allows you to turn off the GE microwave’s vent fan and all the other operations, including the heating, baking, toasting, and other cooking processes.


  1. Head straight to the wall socket, turn it off, and pull out your appliance’s plug.

2. Leave your microwave door open to allow cool air into the cooking chamber.

3. While the door is open, wait 10 to 15 minutes for your oven to cool down.

4. Plug your GE microwave back into the power source and resume cooking.

Besides turning off your oven’s vent fan, this process also resets the microwave. It clears technical glitches and resolves other underlying issues. Resetting your oven can enhance its functionality and make it easy to operate. It is a major and vital troubleshooting step.

But there are setbacks with this method.

  • Your GE microwave oven returns to default settings, thus clearing all the selections and settings you made.
  • You must begin all the procedures from scratch, setting the time and selecting the cooking process, among other settings.
  • It can be an absolute waste of time and effort, especially if you must go through a series of steps to get your meal where it was. Undoubtedly, that can mess up your recipe, especially baking, which requires minimal interruption.
  • Some chefs have also experienced electrical issues with their microwaves, especially if the reset happens when there is a power surge. The counter-effects include reducing the oven’s functionalities or crashing the internal functions. 

Fortunately, there is a non-intrusive method for turning off the vent fan on your GE microwave oven.

Method 2

This method includes following several steps that do not include a hard reset.


  • Locate the fan button on the microwave’s control panel. This panel is on the front of the oven and hosts many knobs or an icon on a touchpad. If you are still looking for the button, refer to your GE microwave user hard copy manual or visit their site for an online PDF manual.
  • The button or icon representing the vent fan may have the label “Vent Fan” or “Exhaust” on display. Some GE microwaves have a fan symbol. Located it? Congratulations. Press the icon, button, or the label.
  • Once you press, your icon may change color to show that the fan vent is off. Your model may show a red-light indicator. Again, this indicator depends on your GE appliance. Of importance is to verify that the fan is off.
  • If there is no signal that the fan is off, you can use your sense of hearing to determine if you turned off the feature. Your appliance will be super quiet when the fan vent shuts off. The greatest benefit of this method is that it does not interfere with your GE microwave’s cooking process. So you will not need to return to add the time and cooking settings. But it also comes with a disadvantage.

What if you forget to turn on the van vent? Your electric appliance will overheat if it isn’t or has a mechanical fault. That would require an expert to handle it. But you need not worry if your microwave is not faulty. The internal mechanism will automatically turn on the oven to enhance cooling.

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