How To Clean Ninja Blender | Read These 6 Tips

Cleaning or washing ninja blender is always an annoying and time-wasting matter for most blender users. In most cases, it is a more exhausting and time-wasting matter for those who do not know how to clean ninja blender?

We all like to make smoothies, soups, sauces, purees, hummus, frozen drinks, different types of juice, and more food recipes using our ninja blender. That is why we use our ninja blender a lot every day for making our related favourite food recipes and drinks. And then we feel the necessity to clean our blender before and after every use.

But are we give sufficient time to clean it? Not!

I have used a few models and series of ninja blenders in my life, and I am still using a high-quality ninja blender. That is why I have a lot of practice expectance about ninja blenders. But when I used a Ninja blender for the first time, I had faced a lot of hesitation to clean the blender because I did not know how to clean it?

After trying a lot, finally, I found the easiest ways to clean my ninja blender. And the simple and most straightforward ways of keeping it free from smell, stains, foggy, or germs.

Anyway, you are probably a ninja blender user, and you are searching for the simple and quickest way to clean ninja blenders? If I am right, you are in the right place.

In this article, I have shared my own particle experience about cleaning a ninja blender? Learning and applying these tips and tricks, you can clean your ninja blender easily, comfortably, and relatively quickly. No matter which model or series ninja blender you are going to clean. My given these simple tips and tricks are appropriate for all models and series ninja blenders.

So keep your reading until the end to learn practical tips and tricks about cleaning ninja blenders. Here I have also given some frequently asked and vital questions answer about ninja blenders.

Requirement Equipment for Cleaning Ninja Blender!

  • Warm water
  • Soapy water
  • Sponge or towel
  • A dishrag or wipe
  • Coarsely chopped lemon
  • Detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda [not compulsory]
  • Mild dish soap cleanser
  • Dishwashing brush
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How To Clean Ninja Blender?

A ninja blender has a cup, blades, gasket, motor base, seal, lid, power base, and more parts to clean. Before cleaning the blender, you have to separate each part from the other with care, following the ninja blender instructions manual appropriately.

Below I have explained how to clean every part of a ninja blender. And I have explained some separate ways to clean a ninja blender step by step. So please read all the tips step by step, and apply them while cleaning your favourite ninja blender.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Blades?

How to clean ninja blender blades? It is the most frequently asked question from almost all the ninja blender users.

Cleaning ninja blender blades are not secure entirely and a bit hard than all other parts of it because the blades are very sharp. So you should wear hand protection gloves and keep a safe distance from the blades until completing the task.

First, you have to take them apart from the blender base following the ninja blender instructions manual to clean the blades.

For cleaning ninja blender blades, take a dishwashing brush and soak the brush in white vinegar or soapy water. Then brush the blades thoroughly with the brush. Continue this process until the blades become completely clean and then risen the blades under freshwater for a few seconds to thoroughly clean the blades.

You can also clean the blades in the dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe, but according to the ninja blender user, manual handwash is recommended.

If the blender becomes extremely dirty then separate the blades from the blender. And soak the blades into two polident tablets mixed water for half an hour.

You can stay doubtless about the clearing of blender’s blades because the polident tablets can clean any tough stains.

Note: Please, don’t try to clean the ninja blender’s blades quickly. Because the blender’s blades are very sharp and you can cut your hand with blades.

It is not better to sharpen the blades if they become dull. If blade assemblies are damaged, never try to use them. Without attaching the blender’s cup, never put blade assemblies on the blender’s base.

Always try to follow the ninja blender use manual strictly while assembling and disassembling the blades.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Power Base?

Though ninja blender power base cleaning instructions is in the ninja blender user manual, everything can be celery understand from there. That is why how to clean ninja blender power base is a frequently asked question from all most all new ninja blender users.

Anyway, the power base is the most important part of a ninja blender. It is also called a motor base or simple base. It is an electric component and a bit high in weight but very easy to clean like the other parts of a ninja blender.

There are a few ways of cleaning the ninja blender base. You can clean the power base using the water or liquid substance or in the dishwasher and, you can also clean the base by just simple wiping with a clean kitchen towel cloth.

To clean the ninja blender power base, first, disconnect the blender from the electric source with your dry hand. And take apart the power base from the blender following your ninja blender user manual.

Then take a clean towel or cloth and soak it in the warm water until it becomes damp. Then wipe those places of your blender base where food and liquid are stuck. But it will be better if you can wipe the whole base thoroughly using the towel.

Always try to wipe your ninja blender base slowly because if you want to do it quickly, food and liquid stuck could stay. And hurriedness could call dangers for your blender’s base.

Note: Always avoid cleaning the ninja blender base using water or any other liquid substance or in the dishwasher because it is not water or liquids or dishwasher safe as it is an electric component.
According to the ninja blender user manual, if you clean the base of the ninja blender in the dishwasher or using water or other liquids regularly, the base can be damaged.

It is not only true for this blender’s motor base but also it is true for Vitamix blender, KitchenAid blender, Blendtec blender, Oster blender, Hamilton Beach blender, NutriBullet blender, and all other brands blender in the current market.

So thinking about your ninja blender’s durability and finding the best service from it, always try to clean ninja blender wiping with a towel or cloth. As it is the safest way of cleaning nina blender.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Handle?

Cleaning ninja blender handle is secure and extremely easy like the above-mentioned ninja parts. For cleaning the ninja blender handle, first, take some warm water and mixed it with some liquid soap. Then wash the handle of the blender with the mixture(warm soapy water).

Finally, wash the handle under the running water thoroughly and then dry it using a clean towel. You can keep it in the air or under a running fan in the kitchen to dry it.

You can also clean your ninja blender handle in the dishwasher because it is dishwasher safe. However, you have to dry it by using a towel or keeping it under a running fan after every wash.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Lid?

Cleaning ninja blender lid is also easy, like the handle.

For cleaning Ninja blender lid, take some warm, soapy water and a toothbrush. Then, soak the lid into the water for a few minutes. Then rub the lid top-to-bottom and inside-outside with the toothbrush. After then rinse the lid under running water and dry it in the air or wipe it thoroughly with a clean kitchen towel to dry.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Cups?

How to clean ninja blender cups? It is also the most frequently asked questions from the almost every ninja blender users.

For cleaning your favourite ninja blender cusp, first, fill the blender cup with halfway warm water. Then add 4-5 drops of liquid detergent in it and blend it until the cup is thoroughly clean. Then rinse it with water until pouring out the mixture.

You can clean your ninja blender cup another way. Take half a cup of water, a few drops of dish soap, some coarsely chopped lemon (or a few drops of vinegar). And make a mixture.

Then pour the mixture into the blender cup. And blend the mixture for 30 seconds to a minute. If any stains stay, then take a toothbrush, some water and dish soap into the blender’s cup. Then rub the cup inside-outside by the toothbrush until disappearing all the stains away from the cup.

Another way, make a mixture of vinegar, liquid dish soap, and half a cup of baking soda. Then put the mixture into the cup and blend the mixture. Let the mixture for a few hours.

After then, rinse the cup with dish soap and water until it is neat and clean. Dish soap and water will remove the smell of the vinegar, baking soda.

How to Clean Ninja Blender gasket?

For cleaning ninja blender gasket, you don’t need to pay much attention. You can usually and easily clean your loved blender rubber gasket. There is one more way to clean ninja blender gasket. But cleaning it with hand-wash is always the best and suitable.

You know ninja blender gasket should always remain flexible. So, for making sure your ninja blender gasket’s flexibility, pour some vegetable oil, or a tablespoon of olive oil over the gasket of the blender.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Seal?

You can clean your ninja blender seal easily. For cleaning ninja blender seal, you don’t need to pay much attention. Usually, you can wash it with water.

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How to Clean Ninja Blender Using Vinegar?

Cleaning ninja blender using vinegar is very easy. But it may smell bad. For a deeper clean, or a naturally clean, mix 2 cups of warm water with a half-cup of white vinegar.

Then, blend the mixture for a minute. After blending, put the blender under the running water and rinse them entirely.

You must know, vinegar is one kind of chemical material. It is advantageous to clean kitchen appliances. But it has some disadvantages.

How to Clean Ninja Blender By Mixing Detergent with Coarsely Chopped Lemon?

For cleaning ninja blender with lemon and detergent, fill your blender with halfway with water and a few detergent drops. Then, add a few pieces of coarsely chopped lemon with it.

Then, blend the mixture for 30 seconds. Now, you can see there are no stains in your blender. Then, wipe the blender with a dry towel or sponge.

Some Extra Tips About Cleaning And Caring Ninja blender:

Now you know how to clean ninja blender motor base, gasket, blades, seal, handle, lid, cups and more easily and quickly. To make your ninja blender more neat and clean and finding the best services from your blender follow the below tips and tricks.

• You will find some special cleaning tips in your owner’s manual. So, check it before cleaning your ninja blender.

 • Always try to clean plastic and glass blender by hand because if you wash it in the dishwasher, it can be damaged by the dishwasher.

Moreover, hand-washing is a more comfortable, safer, and faster way to keep your blender clean and beautiful.

 • Clean every part of the blender separately. Give special attention when you clean your blender. Don’t feel any hesitation or boring to clean blender.

 • As much as possible, refrain from making smelly food by using a blender. Always use detergent or lemon to remove ill-smelling.

I hope following the above tips and tricks you will be able to clean your ninja blender. But due to regular use or excessive use, ninja blender blades can be damaged or dull, or useless. It is usual.

If your ninja blender blades become dull, don’t throw them in the dustbin or you need not buy them newly. Because you can sharpen your ninja blender easily and quickly. To find some unique tips and tricks about how to sharpen ninja blender blades?


1. Is Ninja Blender Dishwasher Safe?

Is ninja blender dishwasher safe? It is a frequently asked question, and also it is a very important question to know for all ninja blender users. For finding the best service from a ninja blender, every ninja blender users have to know this question answer.

A ninja blender all parts are not dishwasher safe. You can clean your ninja blenders’ lid, handle, gasket, seal, and blades in the dishwasher. As these ninja blender parts are dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, the ninja blenders motor base and the power cord are not dishwasher safe. So it would not be better to clean the ninja blender’s motor base and power cord in the dishwasher.

How to clean a ninja blender motor base and power cord? Both questions answer has been given in the above. To find both questions’ answers, please read the above information further.

Read more: Are Ninja Blenders Dishwasher Safe?

2. Why is my Ninja Blender not Turning on?

Why is my ninja blender not turning on? It is also a frequently asked question from ninja blender users, especially from the new users. There can be a few reasons behind not turning on your ninja blender.

Below I have enlisted the most 5 important questions for you. If you can find out these 5 questions answer, your ninja blender will be turned on obviously.

  • 1. Did you plug up your ninja blender?
  • 2. is your ninja blender is operational?
  • 3. Has your ninja blender worked in the past?
  • 4. Is your blender clean perfectly?
  • 5. Is your electric cord  okay?

The above five questions answer your ninja blender will be turned on a hundred percent guaranty. If there are too much sugary substances in your ninja blender, the blender will not turn on if you can confirm.

Visit my article: How to turn on ninja blender and why won’t it turn on?

3. Where to Buy Ninja Blender?

You can buy ninja blender from the supermarket, online marketplace, and local market. If you want to purchase a ninja blender, My recommendation is for you to buy it from the online marketplace.

The online marketplace is the best place to buy a ninja blender. From the online marketplace, always you can buy a ninja blender with great discounts. And all ninja model’s and series blenders remain in huge amounts in stock in the online marketplace.

You can buy ninja blender replacement parts from the online marketplace. Cause ninja blender’s all replacement parts are available there. If your ninja blender’s any parts become damaged or useless and need to replace, you can replace those damaged or useless parts by buying from the online marketplace.

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Final Verdict

Cleaning a ninja blender is an annoying and time-wasting task for almost everyone. But for maintaining a healthy life, every ninja blender user should clean their blender before and after every use. I hope you have already learned how to clean a ninja blender?

By following the ninja blender cleaning instructions, my given above information, and applying your own tactics, you will now be able to clean your ninja blender easily and comfortably.

Have you any questions about cleaning ninja blender? If you have any questions, let me know by leaving a comment. I will reply to your comment with affectionate care and quickly.

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