Ninja Blender Won’t Lock Into Base? Troubleshooting Guide

Ninja blenders are all to go! This blender model is a powerful and convenient kitchen appliance in the kitchen. You will not regret this type of food processor when you think of blending delicious smoothies or crushing ice cubes.

Like any other blender, they can have some issues. One of the problems is that the Ninja blender lid won’t lock into base. This situation can be an irritant but can be solved to ensure your appliance is functioning well. Here we will look at some of the reasons your Ninja Blender is not locking into the blender base.

A Ninja blender can fail to lock into the base simply because of the wrong installation blade assembly. Besides, the blade assembly can be worn out or cracked down. Other possible reasons could be bent blades or a jar being dirty. Keep reading to learn more about these issues and how to fix them.

5 Reasons Why Your Ninja Blender Won’t Lock into the Base and Solution

1. Wrong Installation of a Blade Assembly

If your Ninja blender has been functioning without problems, its blade assembly is wrongly installed.

How to fix the improper assembly problem

  • To insert the blender blades correctly, you need to use your forefinger and thumb to encircle around the rubber gasket. Press down the blade assembly to ensure it is in its position.
  • In a clockwise motion, rotate the blade assembly. This will help it to lock into place, pointing downward from the pitcher inside.

2. Worn or Cracked Blade Assembly

Sometimes a blender’s rubber gasket can become worn down. This problem can prevent it from fitting well for the lid to close perfectly.

How to fix the problem

  • It is good to try using the rubber band around where its cap locks and the lip of the blender jar.
  • Replace the blade with a new kit. Make sure it is fitting securely to avoid damage to your blender.

3. Dirty Jar

This is a very common issue, especially when you are through with blending and leave the jar or blender pitcher unclean.

How to fix the problem

  • Scrub the jar thoroughly after use.
  • Also, avoid leaving any traces of leftovers by rinsing with warm water. After that, place it on the base and lock position.

4. Bent Blades

If your ninja blender seems to function well, but the locking is not possible, the blades may be bent or distorted from impact.

How to fix the problem

  • First, you can work out the blade assembly again and bend them back using your hands.
  • Another thing is trimming off the bent part using small priers and scissors to make them straight again.
  • Then, when you find you have worn-out blades, consider replacing them with a new assembly.

5. Blenders Parts Out of Place

This is a complicated problem to fix when the Ninja blender lid is not closing. Though following some guide, you will work it out perfectly.

How to fix the problem

First, you must disassemble the ninja blender to its base components. Reading the manual will help you understand how to do it yourself.

  • The next thing will be to empty and remove the jar.
  • Before prying the plastic covers off, unscrew the visible screws at the base.
  • Use a cloth underneath your blender to cater for any loose parts falling to avoid damage.
  • After removing all the parts under the hood, check the broken or bent parts.
  • Replace the parts on your blender Ninja machine when it fails to lock into the base.

These are the crucial steps you should follow when you notice your Ninja blender is not locking into the base. Understanding the problems and figuring out how to solve them is crucial. You can replace the whole unit when you find nothing is showing up after going through the steps in the above guide.

The good news is that many have tried following the guide and are never disappointed with the result. What are you waiting for? Please read them carefully for better functioning of your Ninja blender.