Ninja SS400 Vs SS401 Foodi Blender! The Biggest Differences

A hunt for the most suitable appliance can be bumpy, especially if the items have close-contending features. That’s also likely to happen when buying a blender. For example, the Ninja SS400 vs. SS401 are close-featured models. They belong to the Ninja brand and consist of a power crusher, food processor, and nutrient extractor, among other functions.

If you are lost between the two Ninja Foodi blenders, it is crucial to note the significant differences in this write-up. They include the program options, (six in the SS400 and seven in the SS401). In addition, the SS400 is heavier. Their speed adjustments also differ and are six in the SS400 and seven in the 401. Note that one appliance is older in the market than the other. SS400 was available in December 2023 as a product, while SS401 came in October 2021. The appliances share other features, including the size, color, and material.   

Comparison Chart Between Ninja SS400 Vs. SS401

FeaturesNinja SS400Ninja SS401
Capacity LargeLarge
Color Silver Silver 
Dimensions 8.7″ x 8.3″ x 16.14″ (DxWxH)8.7″x 8.3″x 16.14″ (DxWxH)
Material PlasticPlastic
Wattage 1200W1200W
Programs6 – bowls, extracts, smoothies, chop, disc, and dough7-  smoothies, extractions, bowls, spreads, chopping, food processing, and dough.
Multiple attachmentsYes Yes 
Dishwasher safe partsYesYes
Blade materialStainless steelStainless steel
Weight 15.22 lbs12.1lbs
Speeds 67
Available dateDecember 11, 2023October 19, 2021
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

Ninja SS400 Review

Key Features

  • Countdown timer
  • 72-oz main jar
  • 1200W
  • Smoothie bowl maker
  • Six programs
  • Six speeds
  • 100-recipe book
  • Nutrient extractor
  • Suction bottom
  • Plastic material
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Strong blades.
  • High blending power.
  • Multiple attachments for versatility.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.
  • The suction base holds firm on the countertop.


  • Noisy.
  • Less superior to SS401.

The Ninja SS400 is a full-size blender that can do different kitchen tasks. It comes with several accessories for accomplishing different recipes. These range from Smoothie Bowl Maker to an assembly of blades, discs, mills, and more. All the components are essential for making your favorite smoothie, blending your meals, and mixing doughs of various textures to precision. 

Unlike many blenders, this model comes with a nutrient extractor to make it easy to extract drinks full of nutrients. The tiny, robust component processes thick ingredients, including nuts and frozen fruits, without stalling and in seconds.

The best part about this unit is that it has a suction bottom that keeps it intact without moving. The feature also prevents violent vibrations, so you can make your dishes without worrying about falls.  

About power? This is a 1200-watt unit and has a powerful motor. The high-power design gives it the ability to blend a range of tough ingredients, including nuts. Again, no stalling at all.

I love the blender’s main jar capacity. It is 72-ounce, and one of the biggest. Also, the jar has a dough blade and a clear indication of the maximum capacity for the dough. There are extra jars and other attachments, which include slicing and grating blades.

The XL Smoothie Bowl Maker comes with a built-in tamper for pushing the ingredients down the blades. The bowl works with the Nutrient Extractor to strain the pulp from the juices, soups, and smoothies without a need for manual straining. If you are short of recipes, you can use the 100-recipe book that comes with the blender.   

Other features include the smart finish, 6-in-1 functionality, and presets that allow pulses. The cycles have a count-down timer to prevent guesswork that results in lumps in juices and smoothies.

Ninja Foodi SS401 Review

Key Features

  • Seven auto iQ programs
  • SmartTORQUE motor
  • 1600W motor
  • Smoothie Bowl Maker
  • Nutrient extraction cup
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Variable speed control


  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher.
  • Smoother blending without lumps and chunks.
  • Powerful motor
  • Large capacity blender. 
  • Many attachments and multiple functions in one appliance.
  • The suction bottom prevents trembling and slipping. 


  • It is noisy.
  • The Blender is not compact and occupies more counter space.


The Ninja SS401 is another decent and powerful crusher worth your effort. Its many accessories and attachments make shredding, crushing, blending, and mixing easy. The blades can crush and blend the thickest foods within seconds. This is the ideal unit if you dread making dough with bare hands. 

The first attachment that caught my attention was the enhanced lid, which has a feed chute and unique discs for select-cut processing. These shreds, grate, and slice veggies, cheese, and other foods evenly so that there are no imprecise sizes for salads and garnishes.  

For smoothie lovers, I know you love them thick. But without a good machine, you will end up with a disappointing milk-like consistency. The Ninja SS401 has a Smoothie Bowl Maker where you do not need to keep on adding things for the right consistency. This precise appliance gives you the smoothest consistency. 

The unit is potent and can never stall at work. It features a powerful, dense motor with a 1600-peak wattage. The motor is also embedded with modern technology known as smartTORQUE, so all your tough ingredients, including nuts and dough, blend and mix without interruptions. Its variable speed control is easy to adjust to get your preferred texture and taste.  

Sometimes, you need to extract nutrients, but you aren’t sure how to. The nutrient extraction cup will come in handy. It breaks down food and extracts maximum nutrients to ensure that your juices and soups have essential vitamins and nutrients for boosting your health.

Make use of the seven auto-iQ programs on this blender, which include smoothie, extraction, bowl, spread, chops, food processing, and dough. All the preset programs are automatic and require a simple dial and selection to achieve your preferred results.

Differences Between The Ninja SS400 And SS401 Foodi Blender

When I came across the SS400 and SS401 on the store shelves, I was skeptical that I was seeing the same thing with different model numbers or that the SS401 was an upgrade of 400. I was wrong! Have a look at these differences;

  1. Release date

Though the SS400 and 401 have many similar features, their release date is distinct, meaning that one model is older than the other. In this case, the SS400 came into the market in October 2021, contrary to what I thought. The SS401 is older by two years (December 2023).

2. Programs 

The programs in the blenders do not tie as one has more. The SS401 has seven options, including smoothies, extractions, bowls, spreads, chopping, food processing, and dough. On the other hand, the SS400 has six programs, namely bowls, extracts, smoothies, chop, disc, and dough. So, if you are looking for more features, go for the SS401.

3. Speed

Like the programs on the two blenders, the speed too differs. One has more speed adjustments than the other. The SS400 has six, while the SS401 has seven.

4. Weight

Lightweight and compatibility are significant factors when buying any kitchen appliance.  The lighter the unit, the better. A lightweight blender is easy to carry during travels and in an RV. The Ninja SS400 weighs 15.22 pounds, while the SS401 weighs 12 pounds. If you are considering a lightweight appliance, then the SS401 is a suitable blender for you.

Similarities Between The Ninja SS400 And SS401 Foodi Blender

It is a norm that when comparing two close appliances, you will come across many features that are alike. Do not let that confuse you, as the differences matter more when buying. Nevertheless, it is crucial to examine the similar traits below;

  • Color

The silver color on these two ninja blenders is the first trait that will make an impression on your eyes. It is sleek and fits in any kitchen setting, from the countertops to existing fixtures and decor. The color is easy to maintain and clean and doesn’t fade away.

  • Dimensions 

At first it was unbelievable that these two blenders measure the same. They measure 8.7″x 8.3″x 16.14″ (DxWxH). 

  • Material 

The units come in stainless steel and plastic materials. Its body and jugs consist of decent plastic material, while the blades are stainless steel. The best part about these two materials is that they do not rust and are long-lasting. 

  • Wattage 

These Ninja SS blender series come with 1200W power. Compared to many blenders around, these two are powerful and can blend even the toughest and thickest ingredients.

  • Multiple Attachments

A blender that limits you on what to prepare isn’t worth your pennies. These two units have multiple attachments for making juices, soups, doughs, smoothies, and many more foods. Once you purchase, you do not require other standalone appliances for blending, mixing, slicing, grating, food processing, and more.

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

The most boring and tiring part of using a blender is cleaning up after meal preparation. You have to deal with tiny attachments, including jugs, blades, pushers, lids, etc. Dishwashing makes the process tear-free. Both appliances have dishwasher-safe components. However, never wash the motor on running water or in a dishwasher. Its electric parts will get damaged. Wipe the element with a clean cloth and store it away from water or any other liquids. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you will have a complete guide and a comparison between the Ninja SS400 and SS401 Foodi blenders. You will no longer confuse the two. The two units are close and share similar features. These include the attachments, cleaning procedures, material, color, wattage, and dimensions.

However, there are significant differences to note, including the age in the market, programs, weight, and speed. If you are looking for a blender with more programs, speed, and lightweight, the SS401 is the ideal unit. The SS400 looks inferior as it has fewer options and speed. It is newer in the market, but not high performing as the 401.