How to Remove Ninja 1000w Blender from Base? 7 quick and easy ways.

One of the best pieces of equipment is a Ninja blender. After using this gadget several times for making fruit smoothies or coffee shakes, you will need to clean and maintain the product regularly for better results.

However, cleaning the pitcher now and then will not be enough. Thus essential to have the whole unit disassembled. With that in mind, you might have a question on how to remove your ninja 1000w blender from the base quickly.

Don’t worry. Sit back and relax. We will show you some important steps that will help you to remove your Ninja blender base without much effort. Some who have tried them have experienced the best performance of their blender. Why not your case? Anyway, it is crucial to note that the blender warrant can be nullified if you do not do it right. Watch out!

Why Ninja Blender Stuck at the Base

Before going to our main point, I can take you further to help you understand why your blender base is stuck. This is an essential step because it will assist you in knowing the challenges deeply. Also, you can think of the best solution after understanding your blender problem.

If your blender components are dirty or you assemble your equipment when damp, you will find that its base is stuck. So cleaning is necessary for blenders, even every kitchen appliance, after every usage.

Another challenge with ninja blenders is cavitation. This mostly happens when you allow the air bubble to stuck to the blender when assembling it. This as well can cause the base to jam.

Why Your Ninja Blender Blade Stuck on the Base

The blade can become stuck when you use your gadget to prepare creamy meals like hummus, whip cream, or butternut and when this equipment blends some rounded items, including apples. Although ninja blenders are toughly built to shred chunky items, it is important to lubricate their blades now and then to ensure they are spinning smoothly. In doing so, it will release any stuck blades.

However, when you realize the blade’s movement is not normal after making some drinks for your occasion, the chances are that the blade assembly is interfered with or has sticky liquids. This can be another reason why removing your blender from the base is not possible or challenging.

After understanding the reason why your blender is stuck at the base, now it is high time you learn how you can remove the blender from the base.

Step-by-Step Process to Remove Ninja 1000w Blender from Base:

Follow these different effective steps to fix the problem and feel comfortable reusing your Ninja 1000W blender again.

Step 1(Twisting Jug solution)

Here you require to place your equipment above the housing the way you use it. Use one of your hands to hold the base of your blender. With the other hand, twist your jug in an anticlockwise movement. The housing teeth are useful to hold the blender base. Therefore, the twisting can assist you in coming out quickly.

Step 2 (Flipping, taping, or using Screwdriver solution)

There are some unavoidable steps you need to follow at this point to ensure your blender base is removed without trouble.

Flipping Over the Blender Unit

Here you require to turn the jar of your blender upside down. This is important when you need to remove the cup of your blender from the stuck position.

Taping the Bottom Gently

After positioning your blender jar upside down, the next step is to tap the cup at the bottom lightly on your kitchen counter. That motion will assist your blender to release any debris or particles hindering the removal of the blender base.

Twisting the Blender Cup Counter-clockwise

This is another crucial step of twisting the cup of your blender anticlockwise to detach its base faster.

You can consider a simple hack if the blender cup is jamming underneath its actuator.

Use of a flat screwdriver

A flat screwdriver can be useful to turn around the blender cup to ensure the cup’s lips are well positioned on the actuator. The next thing is to raise the lip away after placing the screwdriver near the actuator. This will help you draw up the cup far from the base.

Step 3 (Warm water solution)

In this phase, you must pour warm water into the pitcher and wait for a few minutes. Make sure the water is not at boiling point to prevent pot damage. After that, you can shake the blender cup forth and back and lift it off. The heat can add the power of losing a struck part. This method works effectively, and I hope it will work on your side too.

Step 4 (Applying Oil solution)

The main reason the blender is attached to the base is due to the accumulation of dirt. In this step, you can find the right solution to help you remove them.

First, apply a small amount of coconut or cooking oil to the glass exterior. Allow it to move to the threads of the blender base. Then you need to drop some diluted liquid from the dishwasher. This should be in the blender jar inside and placement of back in the unit of power. To stimulate the dishwashing liquid, you need to turn on the blender for a little while.

Also, you can leave it for a few hours and can detach the equipment jar at this moment from the bottom. After rehydration of the portion, you will find the loosening of the accumulated dirt. This method will therefore assist you to unscrew the blender base without challenges.

Step 5 (Using rubber strap)

In this step, a wrench or rubber strap is used. This is mostly sold in a set of two, one small and the other large. Before you consider using this tool, you must ensure the surfaces are oil-free and dry to prevent a mishap.

You can begin inserting the base and dishwasher jug and have a cycle of full dry wash on both. With the twisting method, you can use the rubber strap after it dries to open it.

Moreover, when you find it impossible, you can consider soaking the entire assembly in warm water and keep on repeatedly soaking until the water cools. After making sure everything is dry, you can try once more the strap wrench.

Step 6 (Unscrew the entire blade)

It is important to be more technical in this step. The first step is to unscrew the entire blade and take it out. Use of rags is needed to grab the blender blade to avoid cuts. After that, you can turn a piece of external rubber counterclockwise.This will easily separate the base of your blender.

More to that, you need to investigate the blade’s corrosion. If there is any, you can do the spraying using a powerful lubricant to smoothen this corrosion. Afterward, you can have some additional grease, wash down other blender parts, and dry them. Give it some time, and then you will resemble everything.

Step 7 (Use of electric wires)

This method requires you to have prior experience in handling electronics like blenders. The reason is that you will interfere with electric wires during this process. In that processing time, you need to use a professional to handle your kitchen gadget.

Nonetheless, when you are perfect with handling electronics, you can use some steps below.

Phase 1: Remove the plug from the socket to prevent electrocution.

Phase 2: Remove the screws for the plate cover, base, and motor shield.

Phase 3: Remove the white motor from the binding clip.

Phase 4: Make sure to have a plastic sleeve with a fusible link.

Phase 5: Detach the sleeve to check if the spots on both sides are continuous.

Phase 6: When you realize there is no continuity in the spots, you can take a step of clipping out 

the link with fuses and then solder together the white wire.

Phase 7: You need to tape your strip over the entire area.

Phase 8: Have reconnection of extra wires

Phase 9: Change the blender bottom and then check.

After disassembling the parts, the next step is to separate the blender base. You can also find out whether there are any issues and reassemble everything after that.

It is very convenient to use a Ninja blender in your kitchen. The parts are free to wash and assemble. Now the above points will assist you to understand how you can open its base and wash the blender thoroughly. More so, you will know how to replace any damaged part easily. 

Following the above-described steps, you will get an answer to your pressing questions about your lovely blender. Also, follow the user manual to understand how to keep your Ninja blender performing at its best. This will help you not to borrow your neighbor’s blender since yours is in a mess and you want to have Ninja smoothies or any other creamy juice.

Funny enough, you might get your neighbor having the same challenge as yours. Then, why can’t you take your time to learn some of the mentioned steps and choose the one that is workable for your condition? If the situation worsens, proper servicing is necessary from a qualified technician.

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