Air Fryers Without Prop 65 Warning?

You’ve probably heard of the famous prop 65 warning, primarily if you have used an air fryer or any other kitchen appliance before.

Could you wonder what it is and why some kitchen appliances such as the air fryer have it? We have compiled all the information you need to understand what this warning is and why some air fryers don’t have it.

Well, prop 65 is a Californian law that mandates all businesses to indicate warnings of potentially harmful or carcinogenic chemicals on their appliances. An air fryer does not contain carcinogenic chemicals.

The bad news is that using it to cook plant-based foods at high temperatures can form acrylamide, a toxic chemical that can cause birth defects and cancer.

Cooking plant-based foods such as potato chips, French fries, breakfast cereals, bread, and crackers increase the risk of the formation of acrylamide. It specifically forms when free amino acids in plant-based foods react with sugars such as fructose and glucose.

Therefore, the p65 warning on the air fryer simply notifies the consumer of the possible formation of this toxic chemical.

Alongside this warning, some manufacturers also give recommendations on how to use the air fryer to minimize the chances of acrylamide formation. However, not all air fryers have this warning.

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Do All Air Fryers Have Proposition 65 Warning?

The short answer is no. As earlier mentioned, the prop 65 warning is entirely a Californian thing. If you purchase an air fryer that doesn’t originate from California, it will likely not have the p65 warning.

Also, the Ninja air fryer is one of the kitchen appliances famous for containing the p65 warning. Other brands may not have it, especially if they don’t operate in California.

Note that you can also find an air fryer containing the prop 5 warning, yet it does not originate from California. Also, not having a p65 warning is not a guarantee of safety.

This is because, provided you use an air fryer for cooking some plant-based foods at certain temperatures, you still risk forming acrylamide and other harmful chemicals.

Therefore, the absence of the prop 65 warning should not give you the go-ahead to ignore cooking recommendations from the manufacturer.

Here is the list of Best Air Fryers Without Prop 65 Warning

Why Do Air Fryers Have Prop 65 Warning?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), acrylamide is a potential carcinogen. However, more research is ongoing to ascertain how much acrylamide can expose someone to cancer.

In the meantime, the government has mandated all California-based businesses to put labels on potentially harmful or carcinogenic products.

Acrylamide is a chemical that can increase the risk of cancer, congenital disabilities, and nerve damage, among other health conditions. This chemical can form if you cook some plant-based foods under temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although most foods can cook at temperatures lower than this, an air fryer is capable of heating up to higher temperatures.

Keeping this in mind, air fryers have the prop 65 warning since they can form carcinogenic chemicals when used at high temperatures. Therefore, it is prudent to observe temperature limits and follow the manufacturer’s advice, particularly when cooking plant-based foods.

Why Does My Air Fryer Have a P65 Warning?

Tens of millions of new cancer cases arise each year, with nearly half of the patients succumbing to the disease. As such, governments, through research centers, are continually researching potential carcinogens and ways of minimizing the occurrence of this disease.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) concluded that acrylamide is a carcinogenic chemical through research. Since this chemical can result if you cook food at very high temperatures, the government has taken responsibility to inform members of the public about it.

One way of creating cancer awareness is by sensitizing consumers to the potential carcinogens surrounding them.

Given that an air fryer is a popular kitchen appliance that can form acrylamide at high temperatures, a p65 warning enables consumers to take the necessary precautions.

For instance, they will be sure to cook plant-based foods at temperatures that do not exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that alongside the prop 5 warning, manufacturers should also recommend the proper cooking temperature for plant-based foods.

What Should I Do If I See A Proposition 65 Warning?

If you have a Ninja air fryer, you’ve likely spotted a prop 65 warning on it. However, this should not be a reason to raise the alarm. If you live in California, your air fryer is actually supposed to have this warning. It is an indication that the seller or manufacturer has complied with the regulations.

Also, a prop 65 warning is only there to caution you that you could be interacting with a potentially carcinogenic chemical in using the appliance. Considering air fryers have been around for some years now, you can keep using your machine provided you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you want to fry plant-based foods, make sure your air fryer temperature does not go beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your air fryer does not have a prop 65 warning, you still need to take precautions. This is because lacking this warning does not mean that your appliance is 100 percent safe to use at all temperatures.

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Final Words

If you ever want to cook food that feels crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, then you need an air fryer in your kitchen. This appliance also lets you fry food with very little oil.

Even so, cooking plant-based foods at very high temperatures can form acrylamide, a toxic chemical that may cause diseases in the body. The p65 warning is there to caution you on the potential of this chemical and hence, prompt you to use the appliance correctly.

However, this mainly applies to California-based businesses. If your air fryer does not have a p65 warning, you should still follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and avoid cooking plant-based foods at temperatures that exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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