De Buyer Carbon Steel Vs De Buyer Mineral B Vs Carbone Plus: What’s The Difference?

Modern cooking utensils add glamour to your kitchen and inspire you to explore different culinary arts. It is even more exciting when you have a variety of pieces. The different pieces help you to achieve more remarkable results in meal preparations. 

That includes the pans. Pans have existed in kitchens from time immemorial, but you cannot compare the medieval pan with the modern-day wok.

A pan has camouflaged from heavy crafted iron pans to light carbon steel in the kitchen today. But the purpose has never changed; frying, searing, browning, scrambling, flipping, tossing, stirring, name them all. 

De Buyer carbon steel, De Buyer Mineral, and Carbone Plus pans will form a perfect kitchen collection for all the above culinary arts. But you may want to know the difference between these three pans.

We have a comparison chart for you, and we will also tell you the benefits of owning each of these De Buyer pans. 

At A Glance!

First, we begin with the comparison chart;

Comparison Chart: De Buyer carbon steel Vs De Buyer Mineral Vs and Carbone Plus

ModelDe Buyer Carbon SteelDe Buyer Mineral BCarbone Plus
material99% iron 1% carbon99% iron, 1% other metals100% iron
colorMetallic GrayGrayStainless steel
PriceAffordable More expensiveCheaper
CoatingxBeeswax Beeswax  
Heat tolerance

De Buyer Carbon steel Vs De Buyer Mineral B Vs Carbon Plus: What are they?

The common denominator with these three pans is the De Buyer brand. The pan company has its roots in France, Fairmont-Val d’Ajol, and has been ruling the pan cookware for over 180 years.

De buyer makes superior quality pans that are iron 100% natural mineral element. Others are 99% iron and 1% other metals like carbon. Unlike many pans in the industry, the trio doesn’t have PTFE and PFOA coatings or chemical additions.  

  • De Buyer Steel Carbon

Having a closer look at De Buyer Carbon Steel will tell you the difference from the Mineral B pan. Carbon steel is a recycled metal composite consisting of 99% pure iron and 1% other metals. 

  • De Buyer Mineral B

When you embark on your shopping, you will find some pans denoted by a B at the center of the pan. That’s the De Buyer B Mineral. This pan has 99% recycled iron mineral material and comes with an organic beeswax finish that protects the pan against oxidation and rusting. The remaining 1% comes from other metals. 

De Buyer B mineral resembles cast iron, thus thick and heavier. Its organic beeswax coating helps you season the pan effectively and improves its non-stick quality. When you observe De Buyer Mineral B keenly, it is lighter in weight and color.  

Mineral B Pans features resemble cast iron but are lighter in color and weight. The carbon steel’s sister pan is also like cast iron but made with 99% iron and 1% carbon. It is lighter by weight than B Mineral.

  • De Buyer Carbone Plus

What about the De Buyer Carbone Plus? This pan is 100% iron, meaning it has natural mineral elements without any mixture with other metals.

Carbone Plus is a heavy-duty iron frying pan perfect for grilling, searing, and browning eggs, fish, and steak, among other foods. Its Lyonnaise skirt facilitates an easy slide of your food onto a plate. 

De Buyer Carbon steel, De Buyer mineral B, and Carbone Plus are PTFE and PFOA-free. They have got no chemicals added, thus an environmental safety production guarantee.

In a sum up, these three pans have a superior quality, and authentic design and get better with regular seasoning and use.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Benefits

De Buyer Carbon steel is 99% iron and 1% carbon. When you compare the pan with the Mineral B pan, it is lighter and does not have a beeswax coating. That means you will have to throw in extra effort to accomplish an excellent seasoning.

Carbon steel can be annoyingly rusty, spotty, and discolored. If you do not season it over time or improperly season it, it will react with acidic foods, tomatoes, citrus, wine, and vinegar. So, you may have to do away with these foods if you want your pan to serve you better.

But several benefits stand out with the De Buyer carbon steel pan;

1. Lightweight

De Buyer Carbon steel pans are lightweight to your hand hence effortless to handle.  

2. Versatile

When buying a pan, this is a significant factor to consider. It should not limit you to only a few cooking methods. With a De Buyer carbon steel pan, you can stir fry, braise, sauté, sear, brown, bake, and many more.

Experiment with scrambled eggs, baked apple pie, deep-dish pizza, egg-fried rice, pancakes, vegetables, and more.

3. Compatibility with Different Heat Sources

The De Buyer carbon steel pan is compatible with gas, ovens, induction, and other heat sources. You can even try over the grill, stovetop, and even in a broiler. The outcome will be excellent.

4. Highly Durable

This pan is solid with an iron composition of 99% iron and 1% carbon. During the manufacturing, De Buyer molds steel into pans without breaking.

If dropped, you will never worry about warping due to high heat or breaking. You can have this pan in your kitchen for over 30 years with proper care and maintenance.

5. Safe And Healthy To Use

In cookware, carbon and steel composition is safe and non-toxic. More so if made with no coatings. De Buyer ensures that its carbon steel pan does not have a PTFE coating that peels over time and slowly poison your food.

The pan relies on seasoning with vegetable oil or lard. The process is simple, but the results are not instant. The layers that build over time make the pan non-stick.

You will also notice that a seasoned carbon steel pan requires little oil when cooking, which equates to a healthy diet. 

6. High Heat Tolerance

You will love the ability of this pan to tolerate high heat for lengthy periods. De Buyer Steel Carbon will not show any sign of warping or burning even at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Some pans withstand up to 1200 Fahrenheit! That makes it excellent for grilling steak and burgers, among other cooking methods. For this reason, seasoned Gourmets have continuously enjoyed exploring their culinary arts without any worry.

7. Heats Up Quickly

A slow pan can disappoint you, especially if you have serving orders for your guests. You need one that heats quickly and saves you time.

The carbon steel pans heat up quicker than the De Buyer Mineral B pan, which behaves like cast iron. This pan’s slim design allows fast heat conduction from the heat source to its surface. But it also cools down rapidly. That means if you are cooking delicate ingredients that are subject to overcooking, this plan takes care of that.

8. Affordable

De Buyer Carbon Steel Pans are not as expensive as their counterparts. They cost less but still give you a long service. It is a high-quality pan on a limited budget!

9. Superior Design

De Buyer carbon steel design comes with a slopy wall which is excellent for sautéing dishes. Food flips and slides on your place quickly.

Besides, it’s lightweight thus easy to maneuver on your stovetop. The handle is usually long, cooler than the pan, and easy to lift. 

De Buyer Mineral B Benefits

De Buyer Mineral B pan is a classy and attractive pan with a glossy finish similar to stainless steel. The flossy finish is the beeswax coating, but you shouldn’t mistake the pan with stainless steel.

This pan’s body and the handle comprise carbon steel, but the handle has an extra protective epoxy layer. De Buyer Mineral B is quite heavy, which makes it hang downwards due to its heavy body, but besides this con and several others, this pan comes with loads of benefits;

1. Mineral B Does Not Warp

Ever tried cooking with a pan that has lost its shape? You will not like the outcome of a defaced pan. Its results are unevenly cooked edges and burned parts. 

But that’s different with De Buyer Mineral B. This pan is thick and heavy, thus less prone to warping. It will maintain its shape even in very high temperatures and achieve your desired outcome.

2. Withstands High Temperatures

As mentioned earlier, Mineral B frying pans will hold high temperatures and not wink. De Buyer Mineral B is a versatile pan that will let you cook on gas, induction, electric, ceramic, and even in the oven without losing its shape.

All you need to be watchful of is the handle. High heat can damage its handle. And that is its design; to help you sear, brown, and grill your ingredients without burning your food.

3. Durable

Thick and heavy in one sentence means durability. This iron pan is durable and gets better with seasoning and prolonged usage. The natural seasoning layer that builds over time gives Mineral B a long life in your kitchen.

4. Versatility

You will find Mineral B versatile as you can cook all types of foods without limitation. Use your pan for skillet, searing, frying, grilling, browning, and more cooking designs.

You can cook scrabble eggs, fry spinach, cook pan pizza, Spanish tortilla, Dutch baby pancakes, vegetables, chicken, fish, and many more mouth-watering foods.

5. Safe And Healthy To Use

Mineral B pan is safe and non-toxic as it does not contain a PTFE coating. PTFE peels over time and in most instances when you are stirring or scrambling food.

Slowly, the Teflon material gets into your food. That’s disastrous to your health, but this cookware relies on seasoning to build up a non-stick coat. The pan also requires little oil when cooking, hence healthier dishes.

De Buyer Carbone Plus Benefits

Carbone Plus is a heavy quality frying pan whose application ranges from searing to browning to grilling. The pan is thick and heats up effectively and uniformly.

Let’s see its benefits;

1. Heats Quickly And Uniformly

Carbone Plus pans heat up quickly and uniformly. This heating process enables the Maillard reaction and caramelization. Carbon Plus can also withstand high temperatures, thus enabling the Maillard reaction or the browning of food that gives it a distinctive flavor.

Whether it is Seared steaks, cookies, fried dumplings, marshmallows, or other kinds of food, you get the perfect caramelization.

2. Natural Non-Stick Properties

Gradual seasoning of Carbone Plus gives it a perfect non-stick layer for cooking all your delicacies.

3. Durability

De Buyer Carbone Plus comes with an unbreakable design from the body to the handle. The handle holds any weight that you place on the pan comfortably. In addition to a sturdy handle, it is riveted to the body to ensure that it doesn’t disintegrate.

4. Simple Care

Maintaining Carbone Plus pan is easy. It requires you to deglaze and wash it in warm water with no soap. Pat-dry your pan oil, and keep it in a dry place. You should never put your Carbone Plus pan in a dishwasher.

5. Does Not Warp

Carbone Plus pans do not warp. Heat or dropping can never damage this pan’s thick and heavy characteristics. After many years of usage, you may only see a few dents, if any; otherwise, the pan is sturdy.

6. Safe And Healthy To Use

This pan is not like the ordinary cookware that comes with Teflon and other utensil coatings. Such coverings peel off and contaminate your food, but Carbon Plus is unique.

The only coating the pan will have over time is the seasoning layers that build over time. The pan is safe to use and doesn’t require lots of oil to cook your food.

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The Sum Up

De Buyer range of pans are sturdy, versatile, safe, and healthy to use. You will sear, brown, fry, and cook many dishes with Carbon Steel, Mineral B, and Carbone Plus.

While you can choose to have the trio in your kitchen, the most important is to know their differences. Carbon steel is 99% iron and 1% Carbon Steel, while Mineral B is a composition of 99% iron and 1% other metals. The Carbon Plus is 100% iron.

Carbon steel is lightweight, while Mineral B and Carbon Plus are heavy like cast iron. But that does not comprise their performances on your stovetops.

You will find that each pan is unique to cooking different meals, but in general, the cookware is simple to care for and become non-stick effect over time after regular and effective seasoning.

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