10 Common Dash Air Fryer Problems Solutions (Troubleshooting Guide)

Dash air fryer models are an assurance of the perfect piece of equipment for exploring your culinary knowledge. And even if you are a tyro, you still find cooking with the oven a breeze. 

But one setback will always pull you behind: Dash air fryer troubleshooting issues. Anyone can have a teary eye because of these. Luckily, they are resolvable. Throw in a little effort with a few tips and get your air fryer operative.  

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Why Does My Dash Air Fryer Keep On Turning Off?

This problem may be the first hitch to encounter with your Dash air fryer. Watching your air fryer turn off repeatedly mid-cooking can be disappointing. But this snag is not uncommon with these new technology ovens. Some Dash air fryers have reported the issue, so you are not alone. All you need is to know the genesis of this problem and the means of resolving it.

  1. Electricity Surges

If your power isn’t stable, your Dash air fryer operations won’t be satisfactory. As the power goes off, your machine will also go off, and vice versa. An electricity surge issue is an emergency that requires quickly contacting the suppliers to rectify at their transmission station.

Remember that the error can blow your air fryer and other devices in your house, so don’t hold. Reach out to the emergency support center for attention.  

2. Loose Wires

Wires in your air fryer guts can lose grip, break or blow if they are substandard. Normal wear and tear are possible after several years of service. Any mishap can cause the equipment to keep on turning off. If you have an electrical eye, open your air fryer and access the wires while measuring the continuity.

That way, you can fork out the weary and misbehaving ones and replace them.

3. Incorrect Trigger by the Door Sensor

A false trigger by the Dash air fryer door sensor can cause it to keep on turning off. The trigger happens when the door keeps on losing grip. The air fryer will record that you are opening and closing your appliance. The main cause for losing grip would be a broken or loose door component like the hinges and the latch.

Inspect your door for any obstructions and defects. For broken components, try a fix or get an exchange.  

4. Dirty Air Fryer

Cause four above detailed an incorrect trigger by the door sensor. A dirty air fryer where heaps of food residues pile at the base of your air fryer can also block the door and make it not latch perfectly. In turn, the half-closed door will trigger the air fryer sensor or microswitch not to set the oven in operative mode.

I handled this point individually because cleaning your air fryer is unhygienic and prevents many snags like fan obstruction and smoking. Keep your dash air fryer clean!

5. Missing Components

A thorough inspection of your air fryer can point out a missing component. Follow the manual directions to be sure what fits where. That way, you will have a smooth meal preparation. 

6. Broken Timer

The timer function tells the air fryer how long a cooking cycle will take. Turning off and on may mean the function keeps resetting itself. Access the timer for defects. You must take apart the machine to access the controls and the broken timer terminal. You could also try a reset. A bug attack can cause your timer to lose track. 

7. Overheating

Blocking your Dash air fryer venting space is dangerous. It causes your machine to overheat and keep on turning off.  

Another cause of an extreme rise in temperature is overloading. When you fill more than the maximum requirements, expect your oven temperature to go up to 500 F. Cooking fatty foods or adding excess oil to your crisper basket raises internal temperature. 

Cool down your air fryer by disconnecting it from the electric source. Remove excess oil and minimize the amount of food in the basket. Connect after 10-20 minutes. Your air fryer will have cooled down perfectly. If this was the cause of turning on and off, your machine should function well after the fix.

8. Failing mechanisms

When a machine fails, one of the red alerts turns off abruptly. The failure could be due to old age or some components requiring servicing. If you have taken all the above fixes and nothing is forthcoming, take your equipment to an authorized Dash air fryer service/repair center.  

How to turn on Dash air fryer?

Turning on your Dash air fryer should be a breeze with this air fryer guide. The first process will be to place your appliance in a free space on your countertop, horizontal and stable, to avoid sliding. Ensure no obstruction on the vents for optimal air circulation. 

Once the ingredients are ready in the crisper basket, fit it in its tray and slide the door into the oven’s cooking compartment. The tray handle will face up, and once the door is in its right position, it will latch in.

Grab your plug and ensure that you connect your air fryer to a good power source. If it is not a direct socket, put it on but be sure not to use extension cables. The voltage may differ and deliver unfavorable power to your appliance.

Now it’s time to adjust the temperature and the timer on the control dial. You will match these two with your recipe. Once you turn the timer on, the heater and power will turn on.


Dash Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

Like many air fryers, your dash air fryer fan will be adjacent to and at the back of the heater element. The reason for this proximity is to blow the hot air from the heater to the cooking compartment.

When your Dash air fryer fan is not working, your food will take a long time to yield good results or may have some portions not well-cooked. So, what would you check out for if your air fryer fan stalls?

  • Open Door Or Mini-Closure

An open drawer won’t let your air fryer operate. Closing the component is the step that gets the air fryer into operation. When you lock it in your drawer, its detector tells the microswitch to put your air fryer in an operating state.

Closing should be smooth unless your air fryer has a drawer issue or an obstruction. Establish the reason you are struggling to close your air fryer. Resolve it first before moving to the interlock switch.

  • The Fan Switch Is Off

Some models may come with a fan switch. It’s usually to keep the appliance’s fan inactive when not in operation. When in the showroom, the fan will be off. To activate the switch, turn it on and ensure the arrow faces ON. 

  • Inactive Safety Interlock

After you ensure your air fryer drawer/door is fitting properly, inspect the safety interlock. The interlock links with the door and may remain inactive when your appliance remains inactive for some time.

Also, when you purchase your Dash air fryer, you can activate the interlock if the fan is not working. It’s trouble-free to get this lock on; 

You will need an old gift or credit card. While the drawer is still in the cooking compartment, use the card to slip it through the gap. That will trigger the switch and bypass your oven’s safety interlock. Next, you need to remove the fan for inspection if you are unsuccessful with steps one, two, and three above.

  • Shattered Fan Base 

Like other air fryer components, the fan can damage and lose its clasp. When there are breakages, you may get a shattering or rattling noise. That means a shaky base or broken blades.

Open the fan box and inspect for any cracks and loose components. Reinforce loose parts in place and remove any debris that may be blocking the fan from rotating.

  • Motor

This one drives the fan! The motor has connectivity to electricity and may stall if it is not getting enough power. Firstly, check if the continuity or the wires delivering the power are damaged.

Even the motor can break down. You can get an air fryer motor in many hardware shops. Most home appliances like microwaves and grills share the component.

  • Dirt

You may not believe it, but your dash air fryer fan may stop working because of a clogged base. Sticky food substances mixed with dirt and oil accumulate at the base of your air fryer, making it difficult to rotate. For hygiene and maintenance purposes, clean up your air fryer.

  • Faulty Machine

Generally, a faulty machine will have several complications, including a fan that won’t rotate for a second. The faults could be due to old age or lack of servicing your air fryer.

Deeply access your air fryer with a checklist of the failing parts. If it is expensive to replace the elements, consider a new air fryer. 

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Dash Air Fryer Not Heating!

When your new Dash air fryer stopped heating, the first presumption was that the company delivered faulty equipment. Or, Dash air fryers are not long-lasting.

That’s all wrong. Dash air fryers are hard-wearing and all round. Their sound and sleek design are a must-have in modern and healthy living. An issue with the heater could be;

  • The Air Fryer Door Is Open

Close your air fryer to set your appliance for cooking. The door sensor allows the microswitch to start. The heater will start after you punch the start button. Obstructions, including broken components and food residues, can make your door not latch. Clean up your air fryer and season the rails to prevent getting stuck. 

  • Lack Of Power

Power failure disconnects all your gadgets, including the air fryer, microwave, TV, etc. Your heater won’t get power, and the food in the oven will remain cold. Power issues include a disconnect from your supplier, a bad wall socket, a broken plug, and a blown plug fuse.

Check each of these elements, from electricity flow in your house to changing a broken fuse. This way, your equipment will have a good power flow and produce heat to roast, broil, and fry your food.

  • Shattered Heating Element

The heating element in your Dash air fryer could be shattered. You may not know, but the material composition for the heater is delicate. When you scrub it rough when doing deep cleaning, you can break it accidentally.

The heater requires mild wiping to remove food resides and not scouring with a hard brush. Get a new heater replacement for your air fryer to resolve the issue.

  • Problem With Solenoid And Thermal Fuse

The heater doesn’t get direct power from the source. It passes through several constituents to level it and make it safe for your air fryer. From the power source, there is the plug fuse which moderates the voltage. Then power gets to the solenoid and the thermal fuse, again to make it safe for your appliance.

Even if power is in your pocket, but any of these components become disabled, your heater won’t work. Luckily, these parts have replacements in stores near you or online. You can opt to get in touch with the nearest service center to fix the solenoid and thermal fuse.

The repair guys will fix and test the air fryer to ensure it is heating and that other parts are working perfectly. They can also do a quick service to your Dash air fryer.

  • Manufacturer’s Flaws

Some appliances come from the factory with flaws. One such defect is the heater not getting hot. This problem may be because of internal connections that are not easy to deal with unless you ship the oven back to the company for rectification.

  • Short Time And Low-Temperature Dial

When setting your air fryer, you dialed a short time. For example, dialing 3 minutes for a dish that takes 15 – 20 minutes will not give the air fryer time to heat up. Even if you began with a preset of 3 minutes, it is way below 15 – 20 minutes.

The period will not allow your air fryer to heat. That is similar to a low-temperature dial. Setting the correct time but dialing a low temperature, say, 40 F degrees for a meal that requires 250 F, will give you heating errors. 

  • Bad Circuit 

Resolve a bad circuity inside your air fryer to operate the heater. That includes the wires that run from the plug to the heater. If any cables wear off, it breaks the circuit and makes it impossible to heat your appliance.

Dash Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

Your air fryer cooking chart comes with time for your favorite common dishes. For example, you will get Chicken Tenders cooking at 400°F within 14-16 minutes or Cod air frying at 370°F within 8-10 minutes. The timer works differently depending on your brand, with some short and others long.

Either way, the function helps you to cook accurately and will dong when food is ready. With the timer, you can reset it until you achieve your desired texture and doneness. The timer not working will, therefore, interrupt the results.

What to check for;

  • Broken Button: the timer button has various connections beneath the outer case. After opening, you will establish the cause for not responding. The wires to the knob may disconnect hence the interruption.

Sometimes, your tech may notice several buttons not working. That’s common for an aged appliance. Luckily, a replacement is possible. But you should evaluate other breakages in your appliance and make up your mind on whether to buy or repair your air fryer. Consider a cheaper choice.  

  • Open Door: We mentioned earlier that your air fryer design does not allow the pot to cook with an open door. Remove any blockages or dirt, and repair the latch and hinges to ensure the door closes well.
  • Unresponsive Touch Screen: Digital air fryers are now made of a touch screen. Once you touch a function on the pad, it executes the command. A damaged screen will lock you out of the timer function and other buttons. Have a look at the various causes of unresponsive touchscreens;

Overuse: Long usage can cause a frozen screen. Give your appliance a break before you resume cooking.

Greasy/Dirty Screen: Clean the pad with a semi-wet pad.

Damaged Mylar Membrane – Requires replacement by a specialist.

  • Application Update: When your air fryer updates its applications, it will freeze all other operations. It will take only a few minutes to complete the process. Your timer function should begin working immediately when the application is up to date.

Dash Air Fryer E1 Error Code!

Error codes are tip-offs to let you know your air fryer is breaking down. Usually, a short procedure will clear away the glitch. There are several error notification codes that you may experience with yours. Usually, they will present as E1, E2, E3, etc., on your air fryer display. 

Error code E1 is the most common. Four mistakes will bring in this code on your display;

Incompatible material 

Many air fryers will not accent accessories by different manufacturers. These include part replacements too. If you had a recent repair and your dash air fryer shows error code E1, you must have it rechecked. Look for the crisper basket, tray, and other accessories matching your dash air fryer to resolve E1.

Missing component

You probably don’t have all the components in your air fryer. For example, if you misplaced your basket and placed your food directly on the tray, your fryer will record an E1 error code. Ensure that your appliance is complete before cooking.

Circuit malfunction 

A broken circuit in your machine will also record E1. Test your fryer for continuity on its circuit system and resolve the hitch. It could be a wire wrongly connected after a repair or incomplete wiring that cuts the circuit. 

Extreme temperature

Extreme temperatures lead to overheating of your fryer. The temperature dial may be erroneously high, or you may have overused your machine by frying for hours nonstop. An overfill can cause extreme temperatures and cook extra fatty foods.

Adding more than enough oil to your fryer causes overheating. The first sign that your air fryer is going to be extremely hot is smoking. Extra oil in the food and grime on the base of your air fryer will cause your device to smoke and overheat. Check the causes and fix them appropriately.

Dash Air Fryer Making Rattling Noise!

Any machine making a rattling noise is a cause for alarm. A noisy air fryer gives you an impression of broken components in the interiors or the cooking compartment. So, you will want to check the problem to avoid further complications. Have a look at the following components;


A piece of a broken disintegrated, or loose blade will cause a rattling noise. Open the fan chamber and inspect the problem. A broken blade may need repair, while a loose or disintegrated one requires reinforcement. If you cannot get a stand-alone blade, consider buying the fan, as it may be cheaper.

Fan Base

The base holds the blades and other rotating components. When inspecting a broken or loose blade, be keen on the base to pick up any cracked or broken parts. These may be causing the noise when the air fryer is on. A broken fan base means a new fan installation, as it may be difficult to get the parts replacement.

Dirt In The Basket

Food chips in your basket can make a rattling noise if they hit the fan. That means your heating element is also at risk. Clean up the accessories and your air fryer after cooking will ensure that no loose food chips remain on the basket sides.  

Metal Rack

As your machine spins fast, the tray’s metal rack or crisper basket may shake and cause the rattles. That means you didn’t lock your air fryer appropriately. Prevent air fryer rattling noise by placing the accessories in the air fryer and locking effectively.

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Dash Air Fryer Not Turning On!

Is your dash air fryer not turning on? Two things are possible: either you are using your air fryer inappropriately, or it has a mechanical defect. Take a look!

  • There is no power

Checking your power connectivity will be the first item on the list. It ensures that you make a mistake and that your machine is faulty. With power failure, you have no other course of action other than informing your power supplier or using an alternative source.

Otherwise, refrigerate your ingredients until the power is back.

  • You haven’t turned on the wall switch.

If you gripped your air fryer plug and fixed it on the wall source, you may not have done it right or didn’t turn on the wall switch. It is effortless to check! Please recheck and do the appropriate.

  • Place the basket appropriately.

Misplacing your air fryer basket is similar to not turning on your wall switch or not plugging in your appliance appropriately. None of these will allow your air fryer to power up. Do the inserts correctly, close the door, and ensure the latch grips. Your air fryer will start up if it has no other glitches.

  • Close the door

Placing your dash air fryer basket appropriately in its tray is crucial, and so is closing the door and not merely sliding it in but making sure it clinches. That way, the door detector will send a signal to the micro switch to start up your fryer.

  • Check for electrical component defects.

What’s the status of your air fryer cord, plug head, and other electrical components in the interior? Begin by inspecting the cord for breakages. The head plug is for loose pins, and the plug fuse is for burns. If those are sound, proceed to open your air fryer and test for power progression. Replace blown wires, fuses, thermistors, transformers, etc. 

  • Microswitch 

If the microswitch is not detecting that your air fryer is ready to start, it is faulty and requires an exchange. The device is not costly or rare. Order and replace a new microswitch to turn on your air fryer. 

  • Damaged air fryer

Your air fryer may have reached a dead end, hence the failure to turn it on. You can only reach this conclusion after a thorough examination by a technician. Carry your dash air fryer to a certified center for this kind of diagnosis. A qualified tech will tell you your air fryer’s status, whether it is repairable or not.

Final Words

Dash air fryer troubleshooting is essential to wake up your appliance without first involving the experts. Checking why the fan is not working, your appliance is overheating, or the door won’t close is effortless with these straightforward tips.

Once you have tried the DIYs and haven’t succeeded, get help from the manufacturer or the appliance’s service center near you. Good luck!