Can You Use A Meat Thermometer To Take Your Temperature?

Nowadays, a conventional oral thermometer is a gem. It is common to miss the device on store shelves. The wake and spread of COVID-19 in 2019 caused panic that sent everyone to the stores to own this crucial device.  

With medics advising everyone to keep a close look at their body temperature, a thermometer is now a necessity. What if, for obvious reasons, you cannot get or replace your old device? Can you use a meat thermometer for fever?

Luckily, a meat thermometer can be your best option to track your body temperature

The device may not give you the most accurate measurements as an oral thermometer, but the device will check your fever and help you keep a good track. 

Your digital meat thermometer is not different from the oral one. It uses sensors that help detect your food. Meaning it can also detect your body temperature. Use the device in this tough coronavirus pandemic.   

Using a meat thermometer to check the human temperature is a debatable topic. Still, we will delve deeper into several questions that arise from using the meat device to check our body temperature.

Our experts have researched in-depth on this controversial subject to help you erase your doubts. We will even direct you on how to use the gadget to take your body temperature.

These and more details are right here in this guide. Find out the authenticity of using your kitchen meat thermometer to take your temperature here!

Can You Use A Digital Meat Thermometer To Take Your Temperature?

Yes! You can use a digital meat thermometer to take your temperature.

Taking body temperature by using a digital meat thermometer is very easy. You just have to know the right process for it. Below we have shown how you can take your temperature using a digital meat thermometer.

How To Use A Digital Meat Thermometer To Track Your Body Temperature?

First of all, you should not have any guilt or doubts when using your meat thermometer to track your body temperature. You are doing the perfect thing by staying watchful of this deadly virus.

The fact that you couldn’t procure an oral thermometer from the stores due to scarcity is reason enough to use your meat thermometer. Use your meat thermometer to monitor your temperature and that of your loved ones.

Though you view the gadget differently, it is perfectly safe and authentic to use your food thermometer. The only drawback would be the awful feeling of having a food device in your mouth. But you are keeping your health on top, so no more embarrassment in doing this.

How do you go about taking your body temperature with a digital meat thermometer? It is a two-step, uncomplicated process.

Step One:

Before using any thermometer, whether oral or meat thermometer, the first step is calibrating the device. Use the boiling point or freezing point method according to the instructions in your user’s manual. Calibrating a thermometer helps to give you the most accurate readouts.

Step two:

Like the oral thermometer, you have to place the device under your tongue. Position the thermometer under your tongue, wait for a few moments and take the readouts.

Make use of your meat thermometer to monitor your temperature at abnormal pandemic times, and stay safe!

Tip On Taking Your Temperature Accurately With A Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is specific to your meat temperature measurements. But you can solve a desperate situation with the kitchen tool. Do not shy of using your digital meat thermometer to take temperature measurements for yourself or your loved ones.

There are several tips for you to watch out for to ensure correct measurements;

How to use a meat thermometer to take your temperature?

1. Disinfect Your Thermometer

Meat thermometers can carry germs from the meat you lastly grilled. You may have cleaned it appropriately, but disinfecting the device won’t take you minutes. It is no harm in wiping the device with alcohol to eliminate germs. Clorox will do the trick.

2. Place The Thermometer Carefully And Correctly In Your Mouth

A meat thermometer does not have the regular length that you are used to in the emergency room. It is longer and also has a sharp metal nip. Positioning it in your mouth should be a gentle process.

In addition, hold the thermometer in place for a few moments. Be careful, as a slight mistake could puncture your mouth and create an emergency.

3. Calibrating Your Thermometer

Before checking for fever, the first step is calibrating your cooking thermometer for fever. The simple process gives you a perfect readout of your temperature.

In case you are new to the process, follow these steps to calibrate your thermometer accurately;

How to calibrate a meat thermometer?

  • Boil water and fill it in a cup. 
  • Get a few ice cubes and put them in a bowl.
  • Pour the ice cubes with hot water. Be patient for about four minutes.  
  • Position your thermometer in the water, making sure that the tip contacts the ice. 
  • Your thermometer will read 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If there are no readings, your thermometer is faulty. An inaccurate thermometer means ordering a new one.

Note that a digital model will not have adjustment issues. That is why we recommend a digital meat thermometer for monitoring body temperatures.

4. Repeat The Process Severally

Acquiring accuracy is possible after repeating the process severally. Take your temperatures at intervals to reach an informed decision.

A single measurement that is abnormally high should not throw you into a panic mood. Although digital meat thermometers are the best option for an oral thermometer, they sometimes lose accuracy.

5. An Instant-Read Digital Meat Thermometer Is More Accurate.

The different digital meat thermometers in the stores should not confuse you. Choose an instant-read digital thermometer for the best thermometer.

We still insist that the best thermometer for taking your temperature is the oral/clinical model, but if you have no option, go for a digital instant-read thermometer. The model gives you accurate readouts in seconds.  

Can I Use A Food Thermometer To Check My Body Temperature?

Fortunately, using a food thermometer to check your temperature is possible. The device will give you close to perfect results and keep you informed of your health.

Health experts warn that food thermometers are not as accurate as clinical ones, but they step in h when you have the right device within reach.

An example of a food thermometer that you can use is the meat thermometer. The procedure of using the device is similar to the clinical thermometer. Just put the food thermometer under your tongue, wait for a few moments, and take it for the readouts.

The most important point to take is that the traditional dial thermometer isn’t ideal for taking your body temperature. Temperature readings in these thermometers have a five-degree increment. That means you will not read your body temperature accurately.

An example is when your thermometer readout is 100.5° F. Your body temperature could be 97.6 ° F. This inaccurate reading can make you panic.

The best option for a clinical thermometer will be a digital meat thermometer. It will give you exact readings that can guide you to take the next step correctly.

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Is A Meat Thermometer The Same As A Thermometer?

A meat thermometer is the same as a thermometer. It is a unique instrument for taking and indicating temperature. Thermometers comprise of narrow glass stem with calibrations that display measurements.

One end of the device has a bulb with a sensor material, usually alcohol or mercury, extending when the temperature adjusts.

Meat thermometers come in digital and instant types. The digital type is more advanced, with the sensor automatically detecting temperature and recording on the receiver end.

With a digital meat thermometer, you can even set an app on your smartphone to keep you alert once the meat reaches the correct temperature.

Are Meat Thermometers Accurate?

Undoubtedly, meat thermometers are accurate. They give the correct readout for your grilling or smoking meat. The digital meat thermometers are even more accurate. But when it comes to monitoring your body temperatures, a clinical or oral thermometer gives the most accurate readouts.

What if you didn’t have an alternative? You may have walked to many stores, and you haven’t been lucky to get this most sought-after device; the oral/clinical thermometer. Your health safety is primary, especially during these coronavirus times.

A slight variation in your normal body temperature can indicate an infection. That is why keeping track is necessary to take proper measures if you note a temperature rise.

If you have an instant-read digital meat thermometer, use it for your temperature monitoring. The device will give you more accurate insights into whether you should rush to an emergency room or hold on. Using an old-school meat thermometer will not give you accurate temperature readings.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Taking Body Temperature Using A Meat Thermometer?

  • Always try to use an oral thermometer (medical thermometer) to take your body temperature or check your fever because it is better to use an oral thermometer to check your body temperature or check your fever. But, if you don’t have an oral thermometer, then you can use a meat thermometer (cooking thermometer or food thermometer) instead of an oral thermometer.
  • Before using your meat thermometer to take your body temperature, ensure it is okay and shows accurate readings every time.
  • Must calibrate your meat thermometer properly to check your body temperature or fever more accurately before using it. If you fail to calibrate the thermometer properly, it will be very hard for the thermometer to read your body temperature.
  • You must use a meat thermometer very carefully. You must take enough time to place the meat thermometer in your mouth. Your one mistake can send you to the hospital.
  • You have to clean the thermometer very well before placing the meat thermometer in your mouth. You can use both alcohol and warm water to clean it.
  • Keep in mind the normal human body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). If you see your meat thermometer shows your body temperature is more than 98.6 Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), you should go to a Doctor.


With the novel coronavirus pandemic around, taking measures to stay healthy is crucial. The virus robbed away the lives of many people, including our loved ones. It is thus important to keep a daily track of your body temperature. The measure keeps you alert on any possible infection.

It is a possibility that you cannot get hold of a clinical oral thermometer. That is because of the craze of everyone rushing to get theirs. With an instant-read digital meat thermometer, you don’t need to worry.

Follow our guidelines for taking your temperature accurately to keep off your anxiety. Stay safe by tracking your body temperature!

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