Best Waterproof Meat Thermometer in 2021

When we are done with our BBQ and meat grilling session, the next step is to clean the utensils, including the tools that we used in the food preparation process.

But this is not always the best experience! It is even more disgusting if you have to hand wash the smallest gadget in the kitchen. And that’s a meat thermometer.

Having a waterproof meat thermometer means a lot to you. You can throw the tool in a dishwasher or even dip it in hot water, and it comes out clean!

We have this guide to offer you such thermometers and solutions which make your life easy and comfortable.

Our five best waterproof meat thermometers give you top-rated tools that are not only water-resistant but also reliable and durable.

Have a look!

List of 5 Best Waterproof Meat Thermometer

1.   Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer (Best for grilling)

2.  Yatnchan Digital Meat Thermometer (Best for oven)

3.  Kizen Digital Meat Thermometers (Overall best waterproof)

4.  Inkbird Instant Read Meat Thermometer (Best for cooking)

5.  Bosszi Meat Thermometer (Best for BBQ)

The 5 Best Waterproof Meat Thermometers

Our team embarked on a mission to fish out waterproof meat thermometers from a pool of thousands of devices. Have a glance at our top picks for the best waterproof thermometers;

1. Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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What we like
  • Quick readings.
  • Large dials with backlight.
  • Compact storage.
  • High accuracy.
  • Superfast.
  • It is highly recommended.
  • High-temperature ranges
What we don’t like
  • Misleading lifetime warranty


After intense testing of over 25 waterproof thermometers, we settled on our first pick as Alpha Grillers Instant read meat thermometer. The reason for picking the tool as our number one is to give you an option for its instant-read thermometer top-rated features.

This temperature probe comes with advanced and highly accurate technology that responds within 2-3 seconds. 

Besides the response time, you have a pre-calibrated thermometer for your convenience. The gadget is a multi-use thermometer meaning that you can grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, deep-fry, and make candy.

Alpha meat thermometer’s use is not limited to only what we mentioned above. Test any food temperature in your kitchen with the instant-read thermometer.

All the testing processes are easy. Thanks to this easy-read digital thermometer. It comes with a large dial backed with a bright blue backlight. That makes it easier to read even in the dark.  

But this thermometer is also water-resistant.  Another top reason for our pick. You can use it on any food, rated IP66, a top rate for water-resistant gadgets. You can wash and clean the thermometer under running water or soak it in a basin.

Once you finish washing the tool, you will hand it by its hole or stick it on the side of your grill or fridge.

Other features

  • Size: (6.3 x 1.97 x 1.57)”
  • Weight: 2.4 Oz
  • Temperature range:  -58F to 572F / -50C to 300C 
  • Battery operated

Why buy Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer?

Improve your kitchen with a digital meat thermometer that is waterproof and useful in all types of cooking. The temperature ranges are high, meaning that you can do many food recipes, including deep-frying, grilling, candy making, and many more.

2. Yatnchan Digital Meat Thermometer

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What we like
  • Superfast
  • Accurate
  • Large bright display with backlight
  • Convenient storage
  • Multi-use
What we don’t like
  • No dishwashin


If you are looking for a multi-use waterproof thermometer, the Yatnchan Digital meat thermometer is the perfect solution. You can roast your meat, grill, cook, and wash this thermometer without getting worried about damages from moisture.

Yatnchan is an instant-read thermometer that is ultra-fast and Accurate. It will take the gadget 2-3 moments to take your food temperature. And this is with an accuracy of ±1℉.

In addition, the gauge offers you a wide temperature range of -58℉-572℉. That means you don’t have to limit yourself to a  few recipes in your kitchen!

The tool is also perfect for indoor and outdoor types of cooking, including grilling, smoking, BBQ, and many more. It is easy to use and works right with a perfect foldable 4.2″ stainless steel probe. Yatnchan’s material composition is food grade, so no worries about food poisoning.

You also have an auto-on/off function on this tool. The feature opens the stainless-steel probe to turn on and then folds the part to turn off.  With its large and bright backlit display, you can read the dials even in a dim kitchen. It is also easy to read the digits outdoors.

After cleaning, use the built-in magnet or the hanging hole to store or carry your tool safely. With an IP67 waterproof certification, you have a guarantee that water doesn’t spoil yours too. You can wipe it with a soapy sponge or rinse it, but do not leave it in water. Neither should you dishwasher Yatnchan.


  • IP67 level waterproof
  • Accuracy:  ±1°F
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Foldable stainless-steel probe
  • Calibration: 0℃ / 32℉.
  • Size: (7 x 2 x 0.7) inches
  • Weight: 4.06 Oz
  • Upper temperatures: 572℉

 Why buy Yatnchan Digital Meat Thermometer?

Yatnchan’s digital meat probe is not only highly accurate but also durable. Its foldable stainless steel makes it easy to store and carry around. Besides, it’s waterproof, so no worries about moisture destroying the interiors.

3. Bosszi Meat Thermometer

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What we like
  • Sturdy design
  • Bottle opener
  • Waterproof capsule
  • High accuracy
  • Foldable probe
What we don’t like
  • Not easy to read the display if you are left-handed.


This food-grade dual-purpose probe thermometer is both waterproof and heat resistant. It comes with a foldable 5.1″ probe to allow you to measure your food with the gauge outside the machine.

Bosszi meat probe is also curved and foldable and is a 6.4″ long wire. This length allows you to insert the probe into the meat while in the oven, smoker, or grill.

You also have an accurate that reads out temperatures quite fast. It works within 2-3 seconds and with a range of -58℉-572℉ or -50°C~300°C. Its accuracy is +/-1°C (+/-2℉. With this range of accuracy, Bosszi ensures that you cook food safely without undercooking or overcooking.

Whether you are deep-frying, baking, grilling, or making candy, you do not need guesswork. The thermometer is suitable for lamb, beef, chicken, pork, poultry, fish, and any other meat in your kitchen. 

You have an alarm set for the temperature setups to program meat and its doneness level recommendations easily. The alarm eliminates the need to check the temperature constant. Once you choose the food you want to cook, the gadget checks your desired degree of readiness.

Boss is easy to use, carry and store. The foldable short probe has a hanging hole for hooking the device on a peg and a magnetic back cover to stick on your grill or any metallic surface. This thermometer’s compact and comfortable handle is easy to hold and check temperatures without applying much effort.

The instant probe has a legible dial with a backlight for visibility in both dark and bright environments. Bosszi’s handle is very comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate. Need a bottle opener? There is no need to get a separate one as this thermometer includes a unique design that works as a bottle opener!

Other features

  • waterproof IP67 
  • Temperature range: -58℉-572℉
  • Accuracy: +/-1°C (+/-2℉)
  • Size: (6.69 x 2.56 x 0.94
  • Weight: 4.97 Oz

Why buy a Bosszi meat thermometer?

If you are looking for a waterproof meat thermometer for multi-use, go for Boss. The gadget comes with a waterproof shell, IP6 certified, plus you can use it for many recipes.

4. Inkbird Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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What we like
  • Highly accurate
  • Stable backlight
  • High-temperature gauge
  • Ultra-fast
  • Easy to use and clean
What we don’t like
  • Inkbird’s charging port is not waterproof.
  • Incomprehensible calibration manual


Cook your favorite meat meals with this ultra-fast instant-read food thermometer. The response time is 3-5 Seconds, plus this instant-read probe supports lock readouts when you pluck out the probe from the meat.

The cooking thermometer calibrations for this tool include -5℉~5℉ with comes with high accuracy of ± 1℃/±2℉. In addition, Inkbird’s temperature ranges of -58℉ ~ 572℉ ensure high precision during all your cooking.  

You do not need the traditional triple-A batteries as this thermometer comes with a 250mAH rechargeable lithium battery. Once fully charged, these last you up to 11 hours with a stable backlight.

Save your money and time by getting this eco-friendly, durable thermometer. No damages by water as you can wash it directly under your tap without fearing damages. Although the charging port is not waterproof, you can cover it or ensure moisture doesn’t get in when cleaning. 

Another fantastic design is the magnetic strip that allows you to securely stick the gadget on the oven side when you are not using it. The calibrations are easy, which makes the device easy to operate. With the calibration manual, everything is easy!

Inkbird rotates at 180°. That makes it easy to handle the probe at any angle. The thermometer auto-on when you open the fold and auto-offs when you fold it. 

Other features

  • Size: (7.48 x 3.07 x 1.5) inches
  • Weight: 6.35 Oz
  • Temperature Range: -50℃ to 300℃ or -58℉~572℉
  • Accuracy: ±1℃/±2℉
  • Power:‎ 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Waterproof Grade: IPx5

Why buy an Inkbird meat thermometer?

Buying Ink bird means you have a waterproof gadget in your kitchen for easy cleaning and checking various temperatures for liquid foods. The IPx5 waterproof rating is a guarantee that this thermometer will function as required.

5.  Meat Thermometer Extra Large Dial 2.4-Inch Meat & Poultry Thermometer

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What we like
  • No batteries
  • Large dials
  • Large temperature range
  • Multi-use tool
  • Leave in feature
  • Dishwasher safe
What we don’t like
  • Has only Fahrenheit measurements.
  • Low-temperature range


Order this stainless-steel meat thermometer and eliminate guesswork when grilling, roasting, broiling, or smoking meat. This device is easy to use and doesn’t use any batteries.

The no batteries feature a number one indicator that you can clean up your tool with running water as there are no electric parts to get damaged.

With its long pointed stainless-steel probe, you can quickly insert the tool into the food without pricking large holes. The extra-large dial of 2.4″ is easy to read and doesn’t need a battery to operate.

Meat Thermometer Extra Dial will give you accurate meat temperature measurements with a double range of 54℃-88℃ / 130℉-190℉. The tool does not limit you to meat only; you can precisely take readings for other kinds of foods.  

Stainless steel food-grade meat thermometers Keep your food safe and healthy as they have no rusts. Roast, grill, BBQ, smoke, and experiment with all the delicious meat recipes with this full range waterproof thermometer.

After a roasting experience, throw your thermometer in your dishwasher for a wash-up and sanitizing session. When the cycle is over, you can conveniently store your tool by hanging it on your kitchen hook for quick access next time!

Other features

  • Size: (9.17 x 5.71 x 2.72) inches
  • Weight: 2.4 Oz
  • Material: stainless steel and glass
  • Leave in thermometer
  • Temperature range: 130℉-190℉

Why buy Meat Thermometer Extra Large Dial 2.4-Inch Meat & Poultry Thermometer?

This device is a waterproof and dishwasher-safe meat thermometer. Its material guarantees durability; besides, it is battery-free and safe to dip in the water.

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Considerations When Buying A Waterproof Meat Thermometer

A waterproof meat thermometer assures you a long-lasting tool in your kitchen. Neither water nor liquid foods damage the device. But what do you consider to ensure you get these specifications in a waterproof thermometer?

  • Material composition

When considering a waterproof meat thermometer, you have to check the material composition. This factor determines the durability of the tool with stainless steel probes with glass dials taking the lead. Cheap plastic is likely to wear away because of hot temperatures in the ovens and grills.

  • Accuracy

An inaccurate meat thermometer is not valuable for your cooking. It will always give you false readings and expose your family to undercooked meat. Overcooked food is not delicious and healthy either.

  • Temperature range

A waterproof thermometer with all other features working well but lacking an acceptable temperature range is not helpful in your cooking. When cooking dishes that require high temperatures, this will be a shortcoming.

  • Multi-use tool

Are you only cooking meat in your kitchen? Of course not! Look for a thermometer that is waterproof but also can measure a variety of foods. Check out for one that can measure deep-frying oil, candies, and other types of foods.

  • Dial display

It is not cool to squint on thermometer dials. Firstly, the tools are small and compact. If they come with small digits, that makes it more challenging to read.

An extra-large dial with a backlight is easy to read even when inside the oven or in dark kitchens. When you are BBQ or grilling outdoors, it will also be easy to read in bright lights.

Final Thoughts

A waterproof meat thermometer is an excellent device to have in your kitchen. It makes cooking easy and eliminates the guesswork. Washing a waterproof tool is not only easy, but also it saves you time. You can maintain hygiene by thoroughly cleaning your thermometer and storing it for subsequent use.

It is even more convenient when the waterproof thermometer is dishwasher safe. Our list combines the top-rated waterproof meat thermometers. Pick your choice from the instant to the leave-in meat thermometers and remove the guesswork from your ovens, grills, and BBQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterproof meat thermometers dishwasher safe?

Not all waterproof meat thermometers are dishwasher safe. If you want a safe dishwasher thermometer, check out the specifications.

Also, read our guide on Dishwasher safe meat thermometers for a comprehensive list of the top-rated gadgets that are moisture-proof and safe to dishwashers.

Can I leave a waterproof meat thermometer in the oven?

You can leave a waterproof meat thermometer in the oven if it is oven safe. The meat thermometers that you can go in the oven are called leave-in meat or food thermometers.

Some waterproof meat thermometers are instant-read and cannot be left in the oven. Again, read the thermometer specification to make sure that it is oven safe before use.

What happens if water goes into a thermometer?

If your thermometer is waterproof, you have no reasons to worry, but if it happens, your gadget is likely to malfunction. For electronic display thermometers, a short circuit can occur, whereas the pointers can also stop working perfectly for the dial ones. You need to get the water out, but how?

Turn off your digital meat thermometer and place it in a casserole dish. Cover and put it to bake in a preheated 250-degree for about 35 to 40 minutes. The condensation will disappear. For the dial thermometers, unless the lens breaks, it’s not easy for water to get in and damage your thermometer.

Are meat thermometers waterproof?

Meat thermometers come in different makes. We have waterproof ones like the ones we listed in this guide and others that are not waterproof. The waterproof meat thermometers are easy to clean, and we have some that are even dishwasher safe for utmost convenience. Choose wisely!

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