How To Reboot The Air Fryer? (Try THIS Fix First!)

If you’re having issues with your air fryer, a reboot can help. The machine may have stuck controls, or you just want to customize its settings. There is a quicker way to reboot or restart your air fryer. The process will get the air fryer back in working order.

Discover a straightforward process to bring back your air fryer to work. The steps involve unplugging your air fryer and holding on for several minutes. Plug it back and enjoy the rest of the procedures. After the procedure, we will remind you of reasons that may prompt you to reboot your air fryer.

Steps To Reboot Air Fryer

Generally, there isn’t a universal rebooting process for air fryers. Just like the models vary, so is the process. Some air fryer ovens come with a reset button, while others require a combination of controls to reboot.

The most important way to handle your air fryer is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation in the instruction manual. This document has precise directions on how to reboot your air fryer model.

If you do not get any instructions, follow this short process;

  1. Unplug your air fryer: You will begin by unplugging our air fryer to disconnect it from the power flow.   
  2. Wait for the Power down process: This process will take about 5 minutes. Follow the procedure in your direction manual as this time varies. Some gadgets have a power-down period of up to 30 minutes.

The idea is to switch off all the programs running the gadget and reset them. Any selections that you had previously made, including the temperature, time, and cooking time, will clear. That allows new settings when you reconnect the machine.

3. Plug your air fryer: After the five-minute waiting period, all the programs in the control panel are off. You can re-plug the air fryer into the power socket to allow power flow. Switch on the power source.

4. Reprogram: Your air fryer’s programs have been sent to factory default. You have to reprogram the gadget. Your model will determine the process. For example, some air fryers have a “Reset” button that clears all the settings even after doing the steps above. It is crucial to refer to your air fryer instruction manual for specific guidance on this process.

5. Set up the controls: Once you have reset the air fryer, you can go on with the temperature/time and other settings to match your requirements.

6. Start cooking: You did it well! Get down to your recipe and enjoy your delicacies. 

Reasons To Reboot Air Fryer

  • Malfunctioning controls: unresponsive controls will not allow you to select any option. The air fryer may not be faulty but just experiencing a snag. You can clear this unexpected malfunction by rebooting the oven.  
  • Error messages: Error messages appear on your air fryer display due to system glitches: though the problem may be complex, you can try a reboot. The process clears temporary system glitches.  
  • Settings customization: If you want to customize settings, you can try a reboot. Rebooting your gadget is a simple way to adjust the default temperature, time, and cooking times to your preference.
  • Return the air fryer to factory settings: Rebooting appliances return them to default settings. It is a helpful process that allows you to clear an incorrect setting. That way, you can select a specific setting corresponding to your recipe. When you reboot your air fryer, you will start the settings afresh.  
  • To troubleshoot your air fryer: Rebooting machines is a common troubleshooting step. Manufacturers recommend the process when experiencing unexplainable hitches in your air fryer. The exercise can resolve minor issues and restore your air fryer to its original functioning, thus giving it new life.

Dos And Don’t When Rebooting Air Fryer

  • Before the exercise, read your air fryer user manual for specific instructions on your model. That avoids mishaps and wrong procedures. 
  • Use the reset button or other combo buttons, if available. Depending on the model, follow the appropriate procedures, including using a reset function or other options.  
  • Do not reboot the air fryer while on the wall source. The first step is to unplug to avoid shock and other electrical mishaps. 
  • Do not use force to manipulate the air fryer controls. Forcefully pressing or tapping buttons may damage the control panel. When doing the task, ensure that you handle the oven with care.
  • Don’t skip any step more, so the waiting period: Doing a reboot in a hurry doesn’t help. Hold on to the recommended time after unplugging your air fryer. Some air fryers have a waiting period of 5 minutes, while others have 10-30 minutes. It depends on your model. This period gives the internal components time to switch off entirely and begin a reset process before re-plugging.  
  • Take caution of all safety precautions: safety precautions are a priority when conducting your air fryer reboot. Dry your hands before the exercise and avoid touching the oven’s hot surfaces.

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