Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Popping Open?

It sucks to have an air fryer that runs for a few moments and pops open. Popping open may eject all your delicacies on the countertop and across the floor. Your appliance is not haunted! And though you feel like slamming the door to close it forcefully, please don’t do it. Banging your air fryer door will do more harm. Besides the hinges and screws falling off, the force can break the latching mechanism. You need a gentler approach.

If your air fryer door keeps popping open, look at the basket placement, door seal, and closure mechanisms. Obstruction, pressure buildup, and an overfull machine may force the air fryer to pop open. Please learn more about this air fryer issue and how to fix it. I will also tell you what happens if you open your air fryer while cooking. 

1. Basket Placement

Air fryer designs include baskets for holding food when roasting, air frying, or baking. Although basket placement does not directly affect the latching mechanism, a tilted component can prevent the lid from closing. The latching mechanism will fail to activate and release the door, hence the popping during the cooking process. 

A perfect basket position ensures that the lid closes and the latching mechanism activates hence starting the oven. Your food will cook to the end without the air fryer popping open. Besides the door error, the right basket placement ensures proper airflow and better cooking performance. You can optimize the basket placement and prevent popping open through these steps:

  •  Place the basket properly at its designated slot.
  • Alight the basket with the guides in the tray.
  • Do not overcrowd or overload your air fryer basket to prevent obstruction and popping open.
  • Allow the recommended space in the air fryer to ensure no overload and hot air circulation.
  • Please keep track of your food’s cooking process at intervals to note unprecedented increase, swelling, or pressure that may eject the basket from its position. You can toss your food depending on your recipe and cooking time to facilitate an even cooking process.

2. Defective Seal

A defective seal in an air fryer oven door is a looming danger. It can cause repeated pops and eject your food from the basket or oven. The defective seal cannot maintain an airtight closure. And even if it closes, the air fryer pops open after a few minutes. There are key things that are making your air fryer door keep opening;   

  • Inadequate sealing: An air fryer that does not seal will not create a tight closure in the cooking chamber. It cannot hold pressure buildup inside the compartment hence the unexpected popping open.   
  • Inside Pressure imbalance: When you close your air fryer door and start it, the unit begins pressurizing. Pressurized air is crucial in cooking your food as it enables heat circulation. If there is an imbalance due to a defective seal, the internal pressure cannot hold any longer and will cause the door to pop open.
  • Steam: Hot food generates steam in the cooking compartment. The steam must stay within the chamber to facilitate efficient cooking, whether in the oven or basket-type air fryer. A proper seal contains the steam without an escape route. And if there is a loophole due to a defective seal, the steam will have to force its way out, hence the popping open.  

Fixing A Defective Seal

  • Align an out-of-place seal.
  • Inspect the air fryer seal for defects and replace it if broken.  
  • Keep your air fryer seal free from debris and food particles to maintain its effectiveness.
  • Contact the air fryer customer service if none of the above tricks work.   

3. Pressure buildup

When there is excessive pressure buildup, your air fryer will smoke white or pop open. The pressure may be due to excess water in the food or a defective seal. The popping open isn’t a normal function of the appliance. So, you must check what is happening before all your goodies fly into your kitchen space.

  • Excess water: Air fryers do not need excess water to cook. At least, not like your regular pot. Your food will cook with minimal moisture. Vegetables and frozen foods might produce excess water. When you notice white smoke, vapor, or steam, turn off your air fryer and reduce the water from the tray. Failure to do that might send your door popping open and causing a bad scene.
  • Excess cooking oil: Like excess water, too much oil causes pressure buildup in your air fryer. If the buildup is in excess, it must look for an exit. Your air fryer can steam white or black. In addition, your door will open unexpectedly. To resolve this issue, you must drain the oil. Open the door and empty your food in a bowl. You can drain the oil and then use a paper towel to pat your food to absorb the oil. When cooking extra fatty dishes, trim off the fat or drain it a few minutes into the cooking process.
  • Defective seal: A door seal that does not lock in pressure in the cooking compartment will cause the door to pop open. It could be worn out or stuffed by food debris. Open your air fryer and check the seal. You can ask the company or an appliance store nearby to replace it. 

4. Faulty Door/Closure Mechanism

A faulty door /closure mechanism can cause multiple problems in your air fryer. Your gadget may not start, and heating will not happen. If it starts and the latching mechanism fails mid-cooking or soon after closing the drawer, the door pops open. That can happen repeatedly, especially if you do not have any tips to resolve it. You need to know why your air fryer keeps popping open. And if it is a broken closure mechanism, find substantive ways of resolving this vexing issue here.

  • Warped door: A warped door won’t latch well and will repeatedly leave the oven popping open. The warp may be due to impact or factory fault. Get an exchange from a genuine outlet to ensure a perfect match.
  • Broken hinges: Like a warped door, the air fryer’s broken hinges make the door crook. The drawer will hang and will not seal or latch well. There is no need to acquire a new air fryer due to a broken hinge (unless you want an upgrade). You can resolve this error by getting a replacement.
  • Clogged or damaged seal: Have you examined and cleaned your air fryer lately? If not, debris is stuffing your kitchen appliance and causing a non-closure. Clean the rubber seal to ensure full closure.
  • Broken latch: If your air fryer door doesn’t lock, then the latch may be faulty. This feature needs an expert to diagnose. They may repair or order a replacement.

5. Overfilling The Tray

Overfilling your air fryer tray is a major cause of popping open. Air fryers have maximum-level indicators to guide you when stacking your food for ultimate performance. Your air fryer will keep popping open if you fill beyond the level. Also, your food might cook to a different crispiness and browning. The excess food causes obstruction and can force the door to pop open. Observe the limit to give room for shutting your air fryer door until cooking time is over.

6. Obstruction

You could be forcing your air fryer door to close, yet there are obstructions. Objects you left beneath the tray or meat pieces that fell over are causing a blockage. The door will keep on popping open. Also, large chunks of food on the rotisserie will keep kicking the door open whenever the larger side contacts the door. 

Cleaning your air fryer is a fulfilling experience. The exercise assures you of top-notch hygiene. It allows you to inspect and remove pieces of food and other objects that fell on your air fryer floor. And though you have pressure to feed our guests super-fast, do not stuff larger loads of food in your air fryer. It will keep popping open and sabotage your cooking plans.

What Happens If You Open An Air Fryer While It’s Cooking?

One of the mistakes you will make is failing to keep track of your food when cooking with an air fryer. If it isn’t the oven type with a glass door, you must open the drawer, observe, and toss your delicacy. That facilitates an efficient cooking procedure. Even in the oven type, you must open and flip your food. So, you must open the gadget mid-cooking to see what’s happening in your pot. 

Though you know the benefits of opening your air fryer to check your food, you might ask yourself several questions. One of those will be what happens if you open an air fryer while cooking. Here are four things that will happen!

  • Interruption in the cooking process and time: When you open your air fryer while cooking, that interrupts the cooking process and time. Depending on the time you keep your oven open, you will expose it to cold air. The exposure replaces hot air with cold air, which results in uneven and non-crispy food.

Opening your air fryer to toss your food is necessary, but you should not take too long. You can overcome this shortfall by taking a short moment to flip your food, possibly mid-cycle. If you do the flipping more than a minute to flip your food, you may need to add cooking time. This extension can give you good or bad results, so take the shortest time to turn your food.

  • Spills: Depending on the type of food you are cooking, when you open your air fryer, it can spill over. The spills create a mess that may take you time to clear. Besides that, hot oil and food can burn you. 
  • Heat loss: When you open your air fryers, heat escapes, causing a drop in temperature. The cooking compartment becomes cold and may take time to regain the temperature. Avoid opening your air fryer unnecessarily. Opening it once mid-cooking to flip your food is enough.
  • Burns: Burns is a safety concern in air fryers. They occur when you open the machine while it is cooking. The air fryers can be as hot as 400 F. These high temperatures can burn or injure you when you touch a hot surface or the steam gets on your face. Take caution when opening your pot to avoid burns and other safety concerns. If you are adding ingredients midway, use mitts and tongs to avoid direct contact with hot.