What Would Happen If I Microwave A Rat?

If your kitchen is located on the ground floor, chances are higher you cannot miss a moving rat. These creatures can be stubborn and irritating. For instance, they can hide anywhere during the day. And at night, you will hear them move from one place to another. Especially where they smell food.

Besides the gas cookers and the floor where your food might have fallen, a microwave is another place where a rat can hide. Yes! If you leave the microwave oven door open, a rat will pop inside and find its rest there. But what would happen if I microwaved a rat? I am sure you are curious about what would happen. Stay here with me.

It is even disheartening to imagine yourself microwaving a living animal. But it happens. If you choose to run the microwave first before putting your food in, the rat is going to be cooked accidently.

This means it will heat up to a point its bodily functions will not function. In the end, it will die because of the effects of Microwave radiation and become very hot.

Remember, a microwave is one of the quickest and most efficient kitchen appliances you can own. This is because it channels heat energy directly to the tiny food that is inside the food.

What causes a rat to die in a running microwave?

When you power the microwave to run, the rat’s water will heat up due to the adverse effect of the molecular resonance with the microwave’s wave.

When the rat’s skin burns and the internal fat is rendered, it begins to scream in agonizing pain. At this moment, the eyeballs might explode due to the build-up pressure as the water in them turns to steam and has nowhere to escape.

After a few seconds, the heat penetrates its body, making the internal organs, not function. That way, this small animal will be considered dead.

This is an excruciating death. Right? You don’t want to imagine it is you who has passed through this. I am sure you do not want it to undergo this pain, even if this is a stubborn creature. Hence, it can be wise to make sure you always check what is inside your microwave before running it.

Remember, besides the rat undergoing this trouble, you will also be required to wash the microwave entirely before use. Save yourself this electromagnetic radiation energy by checking the inside of your microwave before use. At times, you might even need to clean the plate to ensure your food is away from dust.