What Would It Feel To Be Inside Of A Giant Microwave?

When the weather is cold, especially in winter, you may do anything possible to keep yourself warm. I thought this was funny, not until I found a friend looking for giant microwave ovens to help him fight cold. Unfortunately, he could not find one.

At this time, my mind kept wondering what it would feel like to be inside a giant microwave. I am sure you are here to understand the same. Keep reading to learn more.

Imagine being microwaved inside a hot pocket. It even sounds terrible. The truth is that you will feel suffocated if you are prone to that sort of thing. Unless you are in a giant microwave, chances are higher you are going to die.

Adverse effects when inside a giant microwave for a long time

You will have a tingling sensation that begins with your arms and face. At this moment, your body may not be feeling afraid. But because you know what this can lead to, you will start panicking.

Afterward, there is a possibility you will fall to the ground. Remember, all this is happening inside a microwave. At this time, you are likely to cover your head while curling yourself like a ball. This is because the tingling will begin to turn into actual pain.

What follows is your body beginning to sweat automatically. You will take shallow, fast breaths to help cool your blood from the increased temperature. Remember, your flesh is cooking.

Still in the microwave and the negative effects not being reduced, your lower arms tend to lose feeling. And because your vision is already blurred, you will stagger and bury your head into a corner. The body’s arteries at this moment are still strong. On the other hand, the chest and thighs are shielded from the punishing enthusiasm striking your arms and back.

For a minute, you will wallow in misery. Then, you will feel a lancing pain shooting through your back. This will roll over in pain unwillingly. Besides, you will likely pound on the door, looking for free oxygen. You will collapse inside the microwave ground if no free air is available. It is at this moment you will be cooked to death.

Your body function will twitch beyond your control. However, you will not notice when voiding your bowels. Also, as you gasp out in pain, your lips will spittle fleck. While your eyes boil out of the skull, blackness is likely to consume you. On the other hand, the mind will fail wildly due to questing for free oxygen to no avail.

The last thing that proves you are no more is a bloody mess on the ground. If not noted immediately, the blood will be baked on the floor.

In short, this is a painful death you would not like to go through. Therefore, please do not try this risk at all.

Effects of being in a giant microwave for a short time

I told you how long you spend in the microwave determines the impact it will have on your body. Following are some of the things that happen when you are exposed to microwaves for a short time.

  1. Your hands and feet might end up with third-degree radiation burns.
  2. Your eyes are likely to explode as a result of the heat pressure. The liquid water molecules available in the eyes will vibrate, and heat will spread fast.
  3. Your internal organs may remain okay. And also, the body’s skin plays a crucial role in body protection. Truth be told. If you microwave your food for a shorter time, chances are higher; the inside will not be hot enough. The same applies to the body. The internal organs might be lucky not to be reached by microwave heat. Hence, they will not experience any negative issues.
  4. If you are a man, you will not be sterile. When the testes are exposed to concentrated microwaves, the sperm count will likely reduce temporarily. Therefore, do not be anxious. After a while, you will be okay.
  5. You may suffer from nerve damage. While the hands and arms are burning, you may suffer sympathetic nerve damage.
  6. Your skin may suffer from blisters and burns.
  7. You may poop and pee blood for years. If you are exposed to intense electromagnetic radiation, you may feel okay at the moment. But, the following day, you realize you are pooping and peeing blood. Typically, this is an issue that comes as a result of massive bowel adhesions.
  8. Become hypersensitive to heat after sticking your hands in a running microwave.