Why is Cuisinart Blender Blade Not Spinning? (7 Reasons and solutions)

A Cuisinart blender is a crucial kitchen appliance you can’t miss in your kitchen. At a time, you can have a special occasion and try to use your blender. Surprisingly, the blades are not spinning. So this can make the easiest work tedious.

There are many reasons not to spin the blade suddenly. For example, the common issue is not fitting a jar properly on the base. Fortunately, there are great methods you can consider to fix a blade that is not spinning.

7 Important Reasons For Not Cuisinart Blender Blade Spinning:

  • Blades not attached
  • Wiring problem
  • Loose attachment of the motor base
  • Problem with jar movement
  • Damaged  blade motor
  • Overfilled container
  • Insufficient liquid

Now that you understand why the Cuisinart blades are not spinning, you probably ask yourself how you can solve every problem. Relax! I am going to explain how you can fix each error. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

It is important to ensure the machine blades are well attached. Otherwise, the blender motor will have spinning issues when the blade is detached.

Spinning issues can arise from excess cuts or wiring damage from the motor base. So ensure the blender dial is turned off. Consider switching your on and off your Cuisinart blender for it to work correctly. Doing this daily while using it will be beneficial to your machine. Nonetheless, this will depend on whether you are using a dry or wet blender for your smoothies.

How to fix the Issues:

  1. Attach the Blender Base Properly to the Motor

The base or Cuisinart blender needs to be attached well to the motor base. This is necessary when you need to make sure it is turning on for smooth blending.

  1. Monitoring the Bottom of the Jar

Another thing is to ensure the jar bottom is freely moving around the base plate. However, you must tighten all the screws on the jar bottom when loose. It is also vital to note that each side has two screws and on the back of it four screws.

  1. Checking the Motor

Checking your Cuisinart blender motor is necessary to make sure there is no damage. You can check all sides and remove broken or cracked pieces from the inside. If your motor housing is cracked, replacement is needed immediately to ensure your blender is working effectively.

  1. Check Whether the Container Is Overfilled 

The common reason your Cuisinart blender blade might stop spinning is overfilled food in the container. The blender blades do not have room to spin overfilled containers. To fix this problem, you must remove some and ensure it is at the right level.

  1. Check the Water Levels

It is not advisable to add some water to the food blender. Nonetheless, some food is very dry. So cutting them through is very difficult for the blade. For this to be easier, you need to add liquid or a little bit of water to enable the blades to spin easily.

Why Cuisinart hand blender blade not spinning?

Hand blenders are crucial tools in many kitchens. The machine eases food preparation as well as saves time. Anytime you need to mix liquids and food and blend them well, you can do so with a hand blender.

After using, your hand blender can show some signs of problems or faults. This is a common issue for many who are not using it correctly.

I will enlighten you with some of the problems that can make your hand blender stop spinning and how to fix them. Keep reading.

  • Switch problems
  • Jamming of the blade shaft
  • The blender is not operating well
  • Motor body problem

How to fix the problems:

Issue of Switches

Hand blenders often develop blender switch problems. When using a switch on your Cuisinart hand blender and finding it is not working well, check it is necessary using a volt-ohm meter.

After setting your meter on the scale, a low-ready result should come over. However, when you find the reading being infinity, repair of the switch or replacement is needed to fix this problem.

Jammed Blade Shaft

Jamming of the blade shaft is another common problem with Cuisinart hand blenders. When this is the case with your blender, you must dissemble this model to gain access. Then consider cleaning the food particles or debris, if any.

White grease is useful as well to lubricate any rough areas. Mostly when dust, food particles, and debris block the rotation pathway. Ensure to clear them for easier blender spinning.

Blender Not Working Properly

The major problem with hand blenders is poor functioning. This can be due to a fuse issue. Checking the fuse, for that matter, can sort out the problem. Thus, good to dissemble the whole unit to reach its inner body where the fuse is located.

Remove the connector wiring that is joining the lead box. This contains the power cord and fuses box of your blender. A voltmeter is useful here to clip its probes. Then scale setting is necessary to check the reading. Replacement of the fuse should be done when the reading is too high.

Checking and Cleaning the Motor Body

Different problems can arise with Cuisinart hand blenders. After following the above repair methods, you can also try other options. Open the motor body to clean over the contacts. Wipe them properly and consider spraying all the openings.

If cleaning alone is not solving the issue of the hand blender not spinning, you can contact a qualified professional for help.