How To Use Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor? 7 Simple Steps & FAQs

Cuisinart is one of the best, trusted, and popular kitchen appliances manufacturer brands in the present market.

If you already purchased a Cuisinart 7 cup food processor, then you have made a great choice for making your favorite food recipes for your family and others.

Congratulations on purchasing your new Cuisinart 7 cup food processor. Apart from its outstanding appearance, the machine is versatile.

It can perform many kitchen duties efficiently, such as chopping vegetables, crushing nuts, and kneading dough.

This will enable you to run your kitchen activities smoothly and also save time.

Now that you have purchased the food processor, you need to use it correctly. This article will direct you on using the 7 cup Cuisinart processor and guide you on when to use it.

Before we start, we kindly ask that you read the entire article and adhere to the guidelines. Allow us to begin with the seven steps to follow when using the appliance.

How To Use A Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor?

Step 1: Lock The Bowl Into The Right Position

For a Cuisinart food processor to function efficiently, you need to lock the 7-cup work bowl in place. First, place the base on a flat surface, pick the bowl, and put it on the bottom at a 7 o’clock angle. Next, ensure that you turn the bowl until it locks.

Step 2: Place The Metal Blade To Match Outline

The stainless steel blade is an essential part of a Cuisinart. The blade perfectly tackles chopping and mixing tasks and acts as a dough blade. Without it, the processor cannot function. Now, place the blade on top of the shaft to match the layout.

Then lower the blade until it is almost to touch the base of the bowl. In that position, the blade can process all the food content.

Step 3: Insert Feed Tube

After the metal blade is in the right place, insert the feed tube on the bowl and ensure it turns at a 7 o’clock angle. Once the tube is in place, you are free to add the food contents to the appliance.

Step 4: Lock The Pusher And Feed Tube

Before switching on the processor, you need to ensure that the feed tube and pusher also lock into place. To achieve this, hold the pusher and fit it into the feed tube. Keep pushing until the two parts lock. 

After, inspect the machine to ensure that all components are locked in place. Then, you can lift the appliance to see if any component is hanging.

Step 5: Plug-In The Machine

Last but not least, plug the machine into a power outlet and switch on the powerful motor. However, if the processor fails to start, you can inspect it to ensure that every component is positioned correctly.

If the machine is functioning well, allow it to run until all the food is processed. Once all the food is processed, switch off the control process.

Step 6: Remove The Cover

Now it is time to remove the cover.  Hold the pusher with your thumb, turn it, and then lift it. Once you lift the cover, serve your food.  

Step 7: Care For The Food Processor

Once you finish using the food processor, disconnect it from the power source.  Then you can detach the parts and put them in a dishwasher. Remember that the motor base is very sensitive. Therefore don’t place it in a dishwasher.

After all the components are clean, place them on the counter upside down until they dry thoroughly. Also, store the discs and blades away from children.

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 What Can You Do With A 7 Cup Food Processor?

As we have mentioned above, the Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor is versatile. It can chop fruits and vegetables, crush nuts, and even need the dough.

With this processor, you can save on time and energy. Below, we have highlighted some of the leading roles of the Cuisinart 7 food processor.

To Chop Fruits And Vegetables

Everyone enjoys well-chopped fruits and vegetables. Nonetheless, cutting them into even shapes can be tiresome. To avoid bad experiences when chopping fruits and vegetables, we recommend purchasing the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor.

It is easy to use. All you need to do is chop the fruits or vegetables into 1-inch pieces. Then put the pieces in a bowl. After all the contents are in place, lock the pusher and cover in position.

Now press the lever down. Keep repeating the process until the fruits or vegetables are evenly chopped.

If you are looking to make soup, you will need to use cooked vegetables. Don’t add any liquid to the bowl, just the vegetables.

Also, drain out all the fluid. After you drain all the fluid, add the vegetables to the bowl and press the lever down. Stir once in a while until you crush all the content.

Don’t worry if a piece of the vegetable sticks in the bowl. If it does, lift the blade and remove it. Then you can reinstate the appliance and continue crushing the vegetables. As soon as you finish the process, serve the vegetables in a bowl.

To Chop Meat

Before you chop the meat, you need to ensure that it is cold. Then, cut the meat into 1-inch long pieces. After that, add at least 2 cups of the meat into a processor bowl. Later, press the lever and release it.

Repeat the process several times until you chop the desired results. We recommend that you use a spatula to check if the meat is well processed.

To Make Peanut Butter

A Cuisinart processor can crush one to two cups of peanut. To start the process, add 2 cups of nuts to a machine and run it continuously. After a while, the nuts will create a ball that can naturally smoothen.

After two to three minutes, scrape off the sides of the bowl until you see some oil. Repeat the process severally until all the contents are smooth enough.

 Moreover, you can make some cashew butter by adding vegetable oil into the mixture. Once you finish processing the oil, store it in the refrigerator.

To Knead Dough

The best thing about a processor is that it can knead dough in less time compared to hands. To start the process, place flour in a bowl together with other ingredients. Then turn on the machine and allow it to process the contents for 30 seconds.

Then add liquids to the feed tube as the machine is running. Do it in a slow and steady process. If the liquid splatters, you can stop adding it but don’t switch off the device. Wait until all the ingredients in the bowl mix up.

Note that the temperatures of the liquid used in the mixture should range between 105 degrees and 120 degrees. Any temperature below 105 degrees can’t activate dough, while temperatures above 120 degrees will kill the yeast.

Process the dough for 60 seconds until you knead it into a ball. Test to see if the ball is well kneaded. You can test the dough with your hands. If it feels uneven, continue running the processor until everything is uniform.

Next, please take out the dough from the processor and place it in a plastic bag. Then allow it to rise in a warm place. Finally, shape the dough into proper shapes and subject it to heat. 

To Beat Eggs White

Before you start beating the eggs, ensure that you clean the bowl thoroughly. Then add two egg whites and switch on the processor.  Later add one tbs of vinegar or lemon juice.

The best thing about vinegar is that it is hardly detectable and produces stiffer whites. Continue processing the mixture until all egg whites form a proper shape.

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Final Thoughts

Compared to other processers, the Cuisinart 7 processor has many advantages. First, it is powerful; secondly, it has several accessories that perform multiple roles.

For example, the Cuisinart kitchen appliance can chop vegetables, crush peanuts, beat eggs whites, and knead the bread dough, pizza dough, cookie dough, and more.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean and operate. Although it requires a Cuisinart 7 cup food processor manual to run, you will only need a few seconds to learn everything.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you were careful with the sharp blades to prevent any injuries from occurring.

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