Food Processor Lid Won’t Lock? Here’s What To Do!

You can’t deny that a food processor is a must-have in our kitchens. One significant advantage is that it is versatile and comes with different functions such as grating, chopping, slicing, and mixing. 

There are lots of brands’ several types of food processors in the present market. They include the Cuisinart food processor that is fairly priced and does basic activities effectively. We also have the Oster food processor and Hamilton beach food processors with a large capacity to accommodate 10 cups of food.

Did we mention the KitchenAid food processor? Well, this food processor comes with additional attachments to perform multiple roles. Then we also have the black and decker and Kenwood food processors that are budget-friendly.

All the food processors are built to function correctly. However, some glitches may occur as you are using the food processor. For instance, the food processor lid may fail to lock.

So what reasons can lead to this? We recommend that you read our whole article for a better understanding. Let us start with the reasons why your food processor lid won’t lock.

1. Fitting The Lid Inappropriately

Food processor lids come fitted with tall feed chutes that enable you to add food contents. However, if you place the food processor in the wrong place, it will not lock.

For example, all food processors should have the bowl attached with the handle on the right side. It is only in this position that you can lock the lid. If it is on the left side, the lid won’t fit in.  

2. Contraction Of The Food Processor

If you put freezing ingredients in a food processor, it will shrink, making it difficult to lock.

Therefore, if you are slicing cold food in the food processor, always return to neutral temperature. Then try to lock the lid.

3. Wrong Food Processor Assembly

Food processors are meticulously engineered to fit in together without a glitch. If the lid doesn’t lock, you did a wrong fitting somewhere. For example, the bowl fitting might be incorrect, making it difficult to lock the bowl. 

If you use a Cuisinart food processor and don’t know how to assemble a Cuisinart food processor appropriately, then visit this article: How To Assemble Cuisinart Food Processor?

4. Faulty Lid

Some lids may break during delivery, while others break after serving you for an extended time. If the piece locks in the lid and the handle breaks off, the lid won’t lock in place. However, you can use appropriate glue to mix the pieces or call the manufacturer for a replacement.

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How Do You Lock The Lid On A Food Processor?

So what should you do when the food processor fails to lock?

First, you need to relax. We know that this kind of situation can be frustrating. However, if you continue forcing the lid on the processor, it will break! Second, confirm if you are using the proper mechanism to lock the food processor.

If you are on the right track, then do it carefully. We recommend that you also try other debugging mechanisms. Below are some of the means you should consider:

1. Confirm That You Fit The Lid Appropriately

When fixing a lid, slowly twist it in different directions until the bowl locks with the handle on the right side. However, you should only try closing it three times and don’t apply a lot of pressure, or the lid will break.

Also, ensure that you use the correct food capacity. If the food is in excess, the lid won’t close. All manufacturers’ guides highlight the required amount of food in a bowl. If you exceed that, the lid won’t fit.

2. Apply Some Physics Knowledge

As we mentioned earlier, cold food can force a food processor to contract, making it difficult to lock the lid.

To address this problem, fill the bowl with warm water. The warm water will allow the bowl to expand back to its standard shape. Alternatively, allow the food to return to its neutral temperature, then try and lock the lid in position.

3.   Loosen The Lid Using Lubricant

We have several lubricants in the kitchen, for example, oil, butter, and wax. To loosen the lid, lubricate the lid and the seam and then slide it in smoothly. If lubricating the lid works well for you, do it proactively until the lid locks.

4. Fit  The Food Processor Parts Correctly

If the lid doesn’t fit in, take out the other components and fit them back together one by one.

Food processor components work in unison. Therefore, bending and breaking a part of the food processor can lead to a disaster! The whole food processor might just become useless.

When your new processor arrives at home, read through the instructions and adhere to them. After all the parts are fit, the food processor lid will work efficiently.

5. Enhance your gripping power

It may be difficult to lock in a lid, especially when you are dealing with oily foods. To address the problem, put on latex gloves to help you grip the lid well, then twist in the lid.

You can also use a moist towel to hold on to the lid. This will enable you to improve your gripping power as you fit it in.

6. Contact The Manufacturer 

If the above methods fail, then you should contact the manufacturer.  You don’t need to look for your food processor user manual. Instead, log into the manufacturer’s website and contact them directly.

In some instances, your lid might be faulty and needs fixing or replacement. Just confirm if the lid is still under warranty and ask for a repair or a replacement. Most manufacturers will deliver the lid in less than one week, and you can start using the food processor again.

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Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, a food processor is a must-have in our cooking areas. It is versatile and saves a lot of time. However, the food processor can frustrate you when the lid is not locking properly.

In the above article, we have covered why the food processor lid won’t lock and ways to lock the lid. We hope that the article was helpful!

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