Cuisinart Smartpower Blender Review| Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt Blender

In 1973, Carl Sontheimer established the Cuisinart Brand. It is an innovative Kitchen appliance Brand.

The best kitchen appliances manufacturer brand has produced many kitchen appliances both for a simple and ultra-modern kitchens. By keeping Cuisinart products in your kitchen, you can give an ultra-modern look to your kitchen.

Also, Cuisinart products will provide you with a much better service than other brands’ kitchen appliances. Using these brands’ products, you can boost your cooking speed easily and rapidly.

Some Cuisinart products are blenders, cookware, tea kettles, food processor, dinnerware, kitchen tools, gadgets, coffee makers, slow cookers, glassware, microwave ovens, hand mixer, countertop cooking appliances, hand blenders, openers, air fryers, etc.

From a lot of Cuisinart kitchen appliances, here I have reviewed Cuisinart smart power blender CPB-300. So, continue your reading this Cuisinart Smartpower blender review until the end if you want to know and discover something new about this blender.

Cuisinart Smartpower Blender review

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If you are looking for a super durable, affordable, effective, and good blender, the Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt blender can be your one of the best choices.

This Cuisinart Smartpower blender comes with some effective, tremendous features and specifications that will make you astonished.

Large capacity, BPA-free simple-grip blending jar, chopping cup, travel cup with lid, high-quality blade assemble, and more features made this blender very popular to people worldwide.

Also, its powerful motor with stainless steel accent, 3-function touchpad control with LED indicator lights, slip-proof feet, durable cord, and more features make this blender exceptional from other brands’ blenders.

This Cuisinart blender also features easy cleaning, lightweight, standby mode, auto stop, safety interlock, shatter-resistant, and dishwasher-safe parts.

This portable blender comes with a 3-year warranty that ensures the durability and quality of this blender. A recipe book also comes with this blender that will give you different types of recipe ideas.

Pros and cons


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Takes up small space on any kitchen countertop or table
  • Dishwasher-safe & shatter-resistant
  • 32-oz blending jar, 8-oz chopping cup, and 16-oz travel cup
  • Simple-grip blending containers, travel cups, and chopping cups are BPA-free
  • 3-function touchpad control with LED lights
  • Slip-proof feet restrain movement and damage marks during use
  • Cord storage keeps the countertop safe
  • The blending blade and chopping blade are interchangeable
  • Three years warranty
  • 350-watt powerful motor with safety interlock feature
  • LED lights indicate the speed
  • Perfect for making smoothies, icy drinks, diet drinks, and more
  • The compact blending/chopping system delivers big-blender performance
  • The recipe book gives a lot of recipe ideas
  • Interlock, standby, and auto-stop features work well
  • Low, high, and pulse controls
  • ABA housing
  • Beautiful design
  • Slip-proof feet


  • Noisy.
  • Before selecting a speed, need to press a button.
  • Not good at making Margaritas.

Cuisinart Smartpower Blender Parts and Benefits:

The blender’s 32-oz BPA-free, dishwasher safe, shatter-resistant, simple-grip blending container with cover & pour lid has an incomparable, strong design for all your desired blending needs. The lid perfectly fits on the top with a 1-ounce measured pour lid.

8-oz dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, shatter-resistant chopper cup with lid manages different types of food preparation works, including chopping, whipping, and grinding.

Four 16-oz dishwasher-safe, shatter-resistant travel cups with lids are BPA-free. Using 4-travel cups, you can make your favorite drinks like smoothies, health & diet drinks, protein, and more.

The sturdy, high-quality stainless steel blade assembly is perfect for blending, chopping, and grinding different types of food ingredients.

They are self-aligning so that the cups easily and comfortably fit on the base. The Blades are interchangeable for your desired tasks.

The motor base with stainless steel accent is durable & stable, housing a compact 350-watt motor with a safety interlock feature.

Three-function touchpad control with LED indicator lights is easy to use, read & clean. Blue color LED lights clearly indicate what speed you are using.

The Slip-proof feet restrain the movement of the blender during use. Also, it prevents damaging marks on tables or countertops. The Cord storage keeps tables or countertops safe & neat by conveniently storing excess cords.


Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Base MaterialStainless Steel
Blender pitcher Capacity (ounce)32
Chopper Cup Capacity (ounce)8
Travel Cup Capacity (ounce)16
Blender TypeGlass Jar Blender
Color/Finish Family———
Dishwasher Safe Partsyes
FeaturesDetachable Base, Touchpad Controls Pulse control,
IncludesA recipe Book
Number Of SpeedThree
Preset Blending FunctionsPulse
Returnable180 days
StyleModern, Transnational
Item Model NumberCPB-300P1
Certifications and ListingsUL Listed
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Product Height

10 Inches

Product Length

10.12 Inches

Product Width

15.75 Inches

Product Weight

4 Pounds

Set includes:

  • one 32-oz blender jar with lid
  • one 8-oz chopping cup with lid
  • Four 16-oz travel cups with lids
  • 2 blending blades.
  • 2 chopping blades.
  • Motor Housing.
  • A recipe book.


Every product in the world comes with some effective features. In this case, Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt Blender is also not exceptional. This blender has some effective features that you should know before buying this blender.


This blender comes with two interchangeable stainless steel blades assemble. They are chopping blades and blending blades.

The blades are very sharp, strong, and durable. Using this blade, you can blend, chop, and grind different types of food ingredients. The blades are self-aligning as the cups easily fit on the base.

The Base unit and motor power:

This Cuisinart Smartpower Blender comes with a heavy-duty motor base with stainless steel accent. It is very sturdy and stable. It houses a compact 350-watt motor with a safety interlock feature.

With the 350-watt motor power help, you can do all of your blending tasks. 350-watt motor power, chopping blade, and blending blade combined works well to chop, grind, and blend any food ingredients.

Blending Jar, Chopping Cup, and Travel Cups:

The blending jar, travel cups, & chopping cup all are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, Shatter-resistant, and easy to clean.

The blending jar is 32-oz, the chopping cup is 8-oz, and the four travel cups are 16-oz. The blending jar, chopping cup, and travel cups all come with a sturdy measured pour lid.

With the help of this jar and cups, you can handle different types of food preparation works, including whipping, grinding, and chopping.

You can also make your favorite drinks like smoothies, health, and diet drinks, protein, and more with the help of this Cuisinart Smart power blender.

Seep Setting and Programs:

This Cuisinart blender comes with 3 variable speed settings. They are high, low, and pulse controls. Using these 3 variable speed settings, you will be able to complete all your blending tasks easily and comfortably. The operating system of this Cuisinart Smart power Blender is very easy.

You only need to press a button to turn on the blender. This blender has an auto-stop feature. With the help of this feature, after completing work, the blender stops automatically.

LED Indicator Lights:

The Cuisinart Smart power Blender comes with 3-function touchpad control and LED indicator lights feature. It is easy to read and clean. At the time of working, the blue color LED light will indicate to you what speed you are using.

Slip-proof feet and Cord Storage:

This blender comes with the slip-proof feet feature. The slip-proof feet restrain the movement of the blender during use. It also prevents damaging marks on tables or countertops. 

The cord storage of this blender keeps tables or countertops safe & neat by conveniently storing excess cord.

Recipe Book:

There are many brands’ blenders in the market that did not come with a recipe book, but the Cuisinart Smartpower Blender comes with a recipe book.

This recipe book helps you find some unique recipe ideas. Taking cooking tips from the book, you can boost your cooking speed.

With the help of this book cooking tips, you can cook make a lot of drinks and food recipes within a short time.

Warranty and Customer Service:

This blender comes with a 3-year satisfaction warranty. The warranty guarantees the durability and quality of the blender.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this blender, you can also return the blender within 180-days. This is an exceptional feature of this Cuisinart Smart power blender.


Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt Blender comes with easy cleaning features. Following the Cuisinart smartpower blender manual and below’s given steps, you can easily clean this Cuisinart Smartpower blender parts of the blender.

To clean the blender pitcher or cups, first, you have to squirt a small amount of dishwashing liquid into the blender jar or cups.

Then, fill the jar or cups halfway with hot water and attach the blade assembly. Then, run on for 15-20 seconds.

Then, clean the jar or cups using clean tap water. You have to disassemble all parts & the vacant blender jar or cups with great care.

Then, you have to rinse & dry all the blender parts in detail. At last, you have to wipe the motor base fresh with a clean damp cloth for removing any residue and drying it thoroughly.

Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt Blender Customer Reviews & Ratings

The customer reviews and ratings of this Cuisinart Smartpower blender CPB-300 both are very positive.

Most of the users high-appreciate this blender. Most of the users said they are pleased with this blender service.

They also said they never found so much durable and affordable blender before like this blender.

Most of the customers appreciate this blender for its effectiveness, durability, and price. They also recommend others purchase this blender.

Though this blender creates a tolerable noise when blending, a few customers did not appreciate this blender for its noise.


Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt Blender price always fluctuates. The cost of this blender is under your buying limit. Also, the customer opinion about this Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt blender is positive.

At such a low price, you may not find a durable, affordable, and effective blender like this Cuisinart CPB 300 350-watt blender.

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Final Verdict:

If you want to purchase such a blender that is well branded, affordable, durable, and has a lot of useful features, in this case, I highly recommend you buy this Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt Blender.

This blender has some more mentionable features, but I didn’t mention all features in the review for saving the readers’ valuable time and shorting my review.

If you think this Cuisinart Smartpower Blender review is helpful for you, share this review with your friends, and let me know by leaving a comment if you have any questions about this blender. I am ready to answer your asking question.

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