How To Use Air Fryer Liners?

Not sure how to use air fryer liners? No worries, as you already have our back! Read on to get the procedure right. 

What is an air fryer liner? 

We have a pack of them in our kitchens! These are the perforated sheets that lie in our cabinets and do myriad tasks.  Air fryer liners range from the most common in our kitchens, the aluminum foil. We have perforated parchment paper, perforated silicon pads, bamboo mats, and many other upcoming innovations.

The liners come with holes to help cook food effectively. Air fryer liner holes prevent blockage of airflow, which is a requirement in the smooth cooking with the appliance.

But you have to grasp the basics first and the right way to use air fryers as the frying experience can turn nasty!

Air fryer liners are safe and easy to use if you follow the manufacturer’s precepts. Some people have reported burning and blowing their air fryer element or being severely injured for wrongly using the liners. 

Why use air fryer liners?

Before you learn how to use air fryer liners, you must acknowledge their use. Air fryer liners prevent your cookies, fries, and bakes from burning. You can cook your pastries to your favorite brown on the bottoms without them charring, thanks to air fryer liners.  

With air fryer basket liners, you safe yourself from messy and sticky surfaces. Although spills and sticking depend on the type of food, it will be quite easier to clean up a steamer or basket that you used with a liner. Scrubbing a messed-up basket mesh or tray is one of the tasks that you will not like. 

When you spread a liner on your air fryer, your food comes out intact. Your chicken, fish, and cakes will not tear up, making your delicacies appealing and presentable. So next time you air fry your thanksgiving turkey, line up your basket to get your meat out intact.

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How to use air fryer liners


The first step is to buy your preferred air fryer liner;

  • Bamboo mats
  • Parchment paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Silicon pads

Step 1

  • Whichever air fryer liner you choose, the method is the same. Connect your appliance to the power source and switch it on to preheat.

Step 2

  • Be alert on the preheating and temperatures to match your ingredients. 

Step 3

Step 4

  • Spread the liner on the bottom surface. Be careful not to use unperforated liners to allow airflow in your air fryer. 

Step 5

  • Place your food and get the unit back into the machine.

Easy! But follow the guidelines below for the best outcome;

  1. Read and follow your Air fryer manual as different models have varied specifications. 
  2. Use perforated liners in your air fryer. The holes support hot air circulation in your basket. 
  3. Place the liner to cover the bottom of the air fryer basket and not beneath.
  4. Preheat your air fryer before spreading the liner, especially when using parchment paper. Air fryers use powerful fans which can send your paper flying high. If the paper catches fire, that’s disastrous.
  5. Always use a liner with food on it to weigh it down. 
  6. Get good liners for your air fryer. 
  7. Do substitute parchment paper with paper towels as they cannot withstand the heat. Paper towels are also unperforated thus can block airflow in your basket.

How Do You Use Air Fryer Filter Paper?

Air fryer filter paper is similar to parchment paper. It is a perforated piece of paper, usually sold in packs of 10, 50, 100, or more, lining your air fryer. You can choose between different colors and shapes, but the papers are heat resistant, non-stick, and made of food-grade material. 

As demonstrated above, using an air fryer filter paper is easy. Follow the above 1-2-3 steps to use the paper effectively. Your delicacies will not stick or spill on the basket. It will also be trouble-free to clean and maintain your appliance if you use filter paper. 

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Can You Put A Paper Towel In Air Fryer?

When you acquire a new air fryer, you may be tempted to use paper towels as liners. But bear in mind that certain materials are extremely hazardous in an air fryer. Paper towels are some of the most helpful elements in your cooking zone, yet one fire causes if used incorrectly. 

But can you put this important sheet of paper in an air fryer? Our team determined whether paper towels work effectively in an air fryer. Yes, but not in every application.

If you were seasoning food, you could line your air fryer basket with a paper towel, but no more than that. And not when you are baking or frying.

We do not recommend lining your air fryer with paper towels when cooking. It is not a safe idea because paper towels are not heat resistant. If your appliance heats up, the sheets of paper combust and cause a fire. 

If you tried to line your air fryer with paper towels, and by luck, your appliance doesn’t catch fire, you will have unevenly cooked food. Paper towels are not perforated, thus obstructing hot air from flowing in your fryer basket.

Now you know, get the right paper for your air fryer; parchment, bamboo mats, or silicon pads. 

Should I line my air fryer with foil?

Although it is all right to line your air fryer with a foil, it depends on the appliance’s manufacturer guidelines. Generally, air fryers work effectively with a foil as a liner, but you have to leave sufficient space for air circulation.

Food cannot cook evenly when air obstruction happens in your air fryer. Spread your foil keenly not to cover all the mesh on your air fryer basket. 

Besides blocking airflow, aluminum hastens the food’s cooking process because of its heat conducting properties. Keep checking, or you will end up with overcooked drumsticks!

But if you have an alternative like perforated silicon pads, bamboo mats, or parchment paper, refrain from using aluminum foil as a lining for your air fryer or any other oven cooking procedure.

Will Baking Paper Burn Air Fryer?

Baking paper is safe for use in our air fryer. It will not burn unless you exceed higher temperatures than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking paper, also parchment paper, has a temperature rating of 420-450 degrees Fahrenheit but you can go higher by 50 degrees. Higher temperature will not burn a baking paper, neither will it release toxins into your food. 

How Long Do I Cook Things In An Air Fryer?

Air fryer transforms your recipes into healthier finger-licking dishes with fewer calories. The appliance uses little or no oil to produce better results for your family. 

One rule applies when using an air fryer for cooking frozen foods; always check the dish a few minutes before the packaged directions, precisely 3 to 5 minutes. For instance, if you had a packet of frozen French fries with cooking suggestions as 450ºF (oven) for 18 minutes, air-fry them at 400ºF and begin checking them at 15 minutes. That will be 3 minutes earlier.

Here’s the take; your air fryer heat is higher than that of an oven. Reduce the cooking time by 20% to be on the safe side. 

Another factor that can affect cook time using an air fryer is the size and wattage of your appliance. The larger the size and the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking process. But you have to observe another golden rule here to enhance your air frying recipes; never overfill your air fryer basket.

Overfilling your basket will slow down your frying process and give you marshy results. If you have a larger family, say from four adults, a larger air fryer will make your life a little easier because its basket is larger. You will cook larger portions without repeating several batches.   

There is no general duration for cooking all meals, but this chart below can guide you cook your food to your favorite doneness;

RecipeAir fryer temperatureCooking Time
Potato Fries400°F    10-20 minutes
Bacon400°F    5-10 minutes
Meatballs           400°F    7-10 minutes
Pasta (Tortellini, Ravioli)350°F    8 minutes
Chicken Tenders             400°F    14-16 minutes
Shrimp 375°F    8 minutes
Chicken wings375°F10-12 minutes
Cauliflower400°F    10-12 minutes
Chicken Thighs 400°F    25 minutes
Salmon400°F    5-7 minutes
Burgers               350°F    8-10 minutes
Chicken Breast 375°F    22-23 minutes
Pork Chops        375°F    12-15 minutes
Steak    400°F    7-14 minutes
Potato Chips     360°F    15-17 minutes
Zucchini                               400°F12 minutes

Is It Ok To Use Parchment Paper In Air Fryer?

Perforated Parchment papers are the best materials for use in air fryers. They come as food grade and can withstand high heat up 218°C or 425°F. And even above 425°F a parchment paper will not burn or damage your food.

The top rule with parchment paper sheets in your air fryer is to use the perforated models. If you have access to the non-perforated parchment papers, you can use a punch to make holes in a pattern. The holes come in handy when your delicacy is cooking as they allow hot air circulation, thus smooth and even cooking your food.

Another rule you will remember is to get the perfect measure of paper for your air fryer basket. The right size ensures an exact fit for the bottom surface to facilitate the cooking process. And lastly, never use paper towels in the place of parchment paper.

Can I Use Foil Tray In Air Fryer?

Foil in air fryers is very specific, only in the basket. An alternative like baking paper or bamboo mats is better than aluminum overheating, thus overcooking your food.

If you have no other option, use the foil keenly by checking your food a few minutes before the recommended cooking time is over. 

It is not a tale that acidic foods like citrus and tomatoes react with aluminum. Use a foil sparingly in your air fryer to avoid mishaps in your recipes. Parchment papers are readily available in stores and will not cause chemical reactions or interfere with your food’s cooking process.

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Final thoughts

For many new air fryer users, the instructions may not be elaborative enough to guide them using basket liners. A cut above air fryer liners will not only prevent your food from charring but also protect your basket from scoring.

Your pork chops and zucchini will come out without any rip-up, plus you will spend less time cleaning your appliance after a frying session.

Use the right air fryer liners correctly to achieve a presentable meal and stay safe in your kitchen. If you still have more burning questions, don’t fret. Hit our Contact Us button to engage with our air fryer experts.

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