How to Fix E1 Error Air Fryer: A Quick Guide

If you are new to air fryers, always take caution whenever you experience an error code on the gadget. It can never occur out of nowhere. The codes signify several malfunctions, including overheating and other sensors. One such error is the E1. 

The causes for this code vary. It can be due to internal malfunctioning, faulty temperature sensors, electric issues, and other issues that I will expound on in this expose. To solve th error, you must correct the above faults.

Since the indicator happens due to various problems, you may not know the correct route. First, disconnect your unit from power and then engage an expert. Let me explain how to fix the E1 error on your air fryer.


1.    Overheating

An E1 error on your air fryer should send you to access if your air fryer is overheating. How to go about it? There are several ways to determine that your air fryer is overheating. One of those is a hot exterior. It shouldn’t be hot when you touch your air fryer’s surface.

If so, then the temperatures are high. Also, if you know that your air fryer is overheating, your food will smoke to indicate burning. A burning smell from the unit should tell you that there is overheating. Other indicators include odd noises and automatic shut-off.

If everything above is happening, your air fryer is overheating. Turn it off by pulling it out of the socket. An expert can help analyze the sensor and the thermostat to determine why your device is overheating. 

2.    Electric Malfunction

Besides overheating, your air fryer can display E1 due to an internal electric malfunction. The power current may be circulating, but if there is a leakage, the error will indicate that everything is not working well.

Pay attention to the code; it can save you from expensive repairs or replacements. In addition, an electrical malfunction requires an expert to handle. Unless you know, it is prudent to call an electrician.

3.    Non-Original Assembly

When appliances’ parts break down, you do not throw them away. You will rush to get the part’s replacement to save on purchase costs. You may get a mismatch if you aren’t keen or do not purchase from the manufacturer or a licensed dealer.

Though the component fits, your unit may display an E1 error after installation. That indicates the replacement is not original or belongs to a different model. To ensure this doesn’t happen or correct the mistake, get back to the manufacturer with your air fryer’s model number for matching parts.

4.    Software Faults

Software or firmware is the program that operates electronic gadgets. If the system is faulty, it can cause malfunctions that represent themselves as an E1 error. These faults are not disastrous unless on obsolete devices. By that, I mean an air fryer feeding you for almost a decade.

The operating program no longer exists or has ceased to update. Such a unit will show software faults that are not easy to resolve. Eventually, the gadget has multiple failures, such as time and temperature, and may eventually stop working.  

 For a newer air fryer, software faults are easy to overcome. A simple procedure known as resetting or rebooting will solve the issue in seconds. It renews the unit and clears E1.

Pull out your air fryer’s plug from the electric socket and leave it for a few minutes to turn off its programs. Once you reconnect, the error will clear. If not, there could be more trouble.

Final Words

You will no longer get scared when an E1 error appears on your air fryer’s display. It is an alert that your air fryer is malfunctioning and that you should not continue cooking.

The four steps above will help you to troubleshoot the gadget appropriately. If you feel uneasy handling your air fryer, speak to an expert’s service. Good luck.

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