GE Profile Microwave Dial Not Working! 5 Quick Fixes

Your GE microwave had a selector dial for setting or adjusting cooking time. If it isn’t functioning, it will be difficult to change the time, which operates at a 15-second increment. Many issues can cause the dial to stop working. 

The knob could be stripped or the oven’s control board defective. Also, debris buildup, electric issues, sensor malfunction, or general wear and tear due to old age. Feel welcome to learn how to solve this issue.

Debris Build-Up

Food debris, dust, grease, lint, and other residues can form at the base of its knob. When this happens, the knob cannot rotate as it should. Its mechanisms are affected, so the dial skips the selection. Even if you clean your GE appliance after every use, residues and lint will still gather at the base of its dial. The good news is that you can clean the rotary dial and remove the accumulation.   

You can clean your microwave’s dial with a wet, lint-free cloth, a soft toothbrush, and a few drops of dishwashing soap.  Unplug the GE unit from the wall source and find out from the user manual if its selector dial is detachable. If so, remove it and clean the area with a brush. Repeat the process with a soft cloth to ensure that all the lint and any other residue clear from the base of the dial. Once dry, return the knob and test it to see if it works. 

Electrical Malfunctions

These errors are common in power-driven appliances. They range from power disconnection to wiring issues and blown fuses. If the interior wiring has a cut or is experiencing a short circuit, all the functions, including the knob, will not function. The selector may rotate, but no selection occurs. The reason is that the power cut has disrupted the knob’s functionality.

Sometimes, detecting a short circuit is easy as the unit emits a burning plastic odor. Other times, the smell may not be present. You need an electrical expert to handle your appliance. Begin by checking if your wall source is functional before contacting a tech.

Sensor Malfunction

A sensor malfunction could be another issue affecting your ge Profile microwave dial. The mechanism reads the dial when rotating to ensure no skipped selections. Repairing or replacing the sensor requires expertise. Call the nearest GE appliances agency to get a proper diagnosis. The techs have special equipment and detectors to analyze sensor issues. 

Factory Defect

When an appliance is new, you shouldn’t experience breakdowns, especially on the dials. If that happens, it could be defects straight from the factory. The knob is either too stiff to rotate or too loose that it spins abnormally fast. The right thing to do is to get in touch with GE Appliances. They have a welcoming customer care desk that takes care of such issues.

Also, the warranty for the microwave is still intact. After analyzing the issue, they can rectify it or replace your GE Profile microwave with a new one. However, ensure you haven’t interfered with your appliance’s functionality by attempting repairs or mishandling it.

General Wear And Tear 

Appliances do not last for years without experiencing wear and tear; they break down when they become outdated. When the former happens, you have to replace the torn components, in this case, the dial. Get the original selector from GE Appliances to ensure it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

The symptoms of an outdated GE Profile microwave will be more than the dial not working. It may not heat or cook your food as the functionality has dwindled. To gauge whether your appliance is obsolete, consider its age and performance. A new one will serve you effectively.

Parting Shot

There you go! A short and precise answer to why your GE Profile microwave dial is not working. The causes range from lack of power to a damaged knob to factory defects. Resolving the selector issue depends on the cause. Narrow down the cause by following the above guide. If it is too complex for you, call an expert.  

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