Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer Calorie Comparison Chart!

One common debate I encounter in kitchen appliances research is the air fryer vs. deep fryer. This discussion is not ending soon as many individuals seek calorie-conscious approaches to their culinary choices. The debate is healthy but can never be concluded without a calorie comparison chart, hence the reason for this guide. 

While buyers consider features and prices in most scenarios, the caloric guide is crucial. The chart provides more insights into health implications. It contrasts the submission of different foods in a deep fryer against an air fryer. For instance, they have deep-fried French fries vs air-fried French fries. Understanding the caloric implications allows you to make informed decisions aligning with their dietary preferences and health goals.

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer Calorie Comparison Chart Table

IngredientsAir Fryer Calories Per 100g ServingDeep Fryer Calories Per 100g Serving
Fries (hot chips)140 kcal326 kcal
Chicken wings220 kcal290 kcal
Fish and chips200 kcal320 kcal
Onion rings150 kcal317 kcal
Fried chicken220 kcal320 kcal
Chicken nuggets190 kcal280 kcal
Mozzarella sticks200 kcal290 kcal
Falafel200 kcal320 kcal
Sweet potatoes fries140 kcal400 kcal
Coconut prawns190 kcal275 kcal
Corn dogs200 kcal250 kcal
Calamari 150 kcal215 kcal
Tempura prawns190 kcal285 kcal
Zucchini fries130 kcal275 kcal
Potato crisps430 kcal536 kcal
Fried Calamari150 kcal215 kcal
Doughnuts 290 kcal377 kcal
Tempura vegetables170 kcal250 kcal
Fried prawns140 kcal200 kcal
Fried chicken tenders190 kcal306 kcal
Fried catfish150 kcal220 kcal
Egg rolls 200 kcal250 kcal
Fried pickles190 kcal280 kcal
Fried cheese curds240 kcal310 kcal
Tempura vegetables170 kcal250 kcal
Chicken tenders200 kcal280 kcal
Fried mushrooms220 kcal300 kcal

Here are three links to top air fryer and deep fryer models, including one that I personally recommend as my favorite.

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Final Word

Ultimately, you have a comparison chart between air and deep-fried food. The air fryer delivers much healthier food than the deep fryer. The reason is obvious. Deep fryers use more oil during cooking, while air fryers use a fraction of it. The lesser the fat content, the healthier the food.

Also, the calories are less dense. With an air fryer, you can even choose to use no oil at all. The options are not as limited as in a deep fryer, where you must submerge your food in oil to cook. Choose wisely. 

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