10 common Crux Air Fryer problems (Troubleshooting)

The Crux air fryer is an American design that offers a modern high-performance oven. This new brand is powerful and attractive and comes in various models. It has a friendly UI that includes a display and a touch screen that’s effortless to key in information.

The air fryer cooks through heat circulation technology that grills, roasts, bakes, broils, and dehydrates your food to excellence. It doesn’t require oil and cooks faster than an ordinary stove.

Crux 3QT Digital Air Fryer, Faster Pre-Heat,...40
  • EASY TO USE: Digital control with 30 min auto shut-off and audible...
  • 5-IN-1 MULTI-COOKER: Air Fry, Broil, Bake, Roast or Dehydrate foods...
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  • EASY TO CLEAN: Its PFOA-free Non-Stick cooking pan and crisping tray,...

Like any other gadget, the model requires problem-solving due to malfunctions. Some of the processes are simple, while others require experts. That’s why we have Crux air fryer troubleshooting guide. We will offer you all the solutions that may arise while using your newly-acquired oven.

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Crux Air Fryer Reset Button

The crux air fryer is an excellent investment in your kitchen. It cooks meals that you have never realized with your regular stove. With modern features like the touch screen and displays, your machine will experience a dull moment.

That includes delays when executing commands, irresponsive buttons, and failure to turn on. Whereas such indicators may signify technical issues, you can try out a reset before engaging an expert.

Technical experts advise frequent reset of electrical appliances to clear glitches they may experience when their software updates.

Some air fryer brands have the reset button. That’s easy to maneuver as you must touch the button and set the machine to a reset mode. That is, factory default. Every application, including the buttons and display, starts afresh. Resetting an appliance rejuvenates all the programs, making it superfast to respond when you key in a command.

But Crux doesn’t have the reset button! It is not a design flaw. Like other gadgets without a reset button, rebooting is easy. When you realize the glitch, pull the plug off the power source and hold for a couple of minutes before reconnecting.

The short process reboots your appliance and enhances performance. So don’t struggle to look for a reset button on your Crux air fryer.

Crux Air Fryer Not Turning On

When your new Crux air fryer is not turning on, it may be running into complications that require attention. But that’s not always the case. It could be a simple error like failure to connect the machine to the power source. Before concluding, go through several steps.

We begin with the most obvious, which requires a little effort to resolve and finish with the costliest, which requires a replacement. Have a look at the steps for fixing your Crux air fryer if it is not turning on;

Step One: Check The Power Source

Inspecting your sockets and the main circuitry will be the initial step to resolving your problems with your Crux air fryer not turning on. Did you connect the plug and switch on the electric socket?

There could be no power in your house due to an electrical failure or outage. Call your power provider for connectivity. If you have a faulty circuit system, you must recall your electrician to resolve it. They will inspect the junction box and pick out the problem from there. 

Step Two: Check The Plug And Cable

Next on the inspection list is the plug. It is the part that connects your appliance to the power source. If the plug is faulty, your Crux air fryer will not power up. Here is what to check on the plug and its cable;

Prongs: Air fryer plugs come with three prongs. These insert into the electric outlet to power your device. If any of the three prongs is loose or broken, expect some disconnection. A touch with your fingers can tell a loose pin. It will fall on a slight shake if any of them is broken. 

Fuse: The plug has a fuse for protecting 120V circuits. When the excessive current flow from the socket, the fuse regulates it to a safe level. And when there is an overload, the fuse will respond by heating up and melting. That is why you will hear a blow or a bang. The current flow gets interrupted and cut off. That’s why your Crux air fryer is not turning on.

Cable: the cable that conducts electric power from the plug to the main appliance could be defective. Besides frequent usage that causes twists and bends, rodents love chewing cable insulation.

When the wires get exposed, they contact each other and cause a short circuit. Any physical damage to your air fryer cable is a potential danger. Do a replacement immediately. 

Step Three: Check The Basket And Door

These two works as a combo. The basket sits in the tray with your food ready for cooking. If it tilts or unbalances, the door won’t shut rightly. You may get an error on display, but some air fryers will not just turn on.

If you don’t get a door or basket error, it is still wise to try inserting the basket properly. Lock it in and slide the drawer into the cooking compartment. Does the crux air fryer door click to alert you when it shuts correctly—not yet turning on? Move to the controls.

Step Four: Check The Controls

Your Crux air fryer controls are right behind the dashboard. When you press any button, information gets to the controls in a flash prompting the device to function as you desire. Connecting to the socket is the first step to turning on your air fryer. The power button will show a light so that you proceed with the preheating button and other prompts like selecting a preset.

Your controls could fail if you didn’t go beyond the power button. You must access the guts and inspect every detail, including a test for continuity, among other functionalities. Opening your air fryer guts requires prior experience. Call your tech person or take your device to a repair center if you are clueless. That will save your air fryer from further damage.

Step Five: Call The Support Team

Your technician or the repair center is not able to establish the issue. Call your manufacturer and explain the problem. The crux Kitchen team is ready to receive any complaints regarding their appliances. They will advise you on the next move.

Step Six: Dispose Of Obsolete Air Fryer

The above step may not work, especially if your air fryer’s lapsed warranty. Your appliance could be several years old. If its performance is diminishing, it is time to let it go. Replace your appliance with a new Crux air fryer. You will have the privilege of cooking with an ultra-modern device without major setbacks. While disposing of your old air fryer, ensure that you adhere to your state’s standards.  

Crux Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off

When your Crux air fryer keeps turning off, it will cause worry. The first impression is that your machine is failing. That could be true but let’s look at the possible causes for this annoying error.

Door Sensor

When the door latch is faulty, or the sensor is on and off, you will respond where the appliance keeps turning on and off. The reason is that the air fryer cannot function when the door is open. Turning it on is impossible if the sensor doesn’t relay the info to the microswitch that the cooking compartment is ready for cooking. An on and off sensor means an on and off gadget. 

Your Power Keeps Turning Off

If our power connectivity keeps going off, your air fryer will behave the same way. Other appliances like the microwave and refrigerator will beep as power comes back. Your air fryer may also beep when power is back. Power on and off is dangerous to your appliances.

Pull them off the socket to prevent excessive current into your air devices. Keep in touch with your power supplier and explain the power issue so they can resolve it. They will treat the issue as an emergency.

Loose Cable 

Your cables could be loosening up. Check the connection between the plug and your machine. Tighten the loose wires and replace the cable if it is worn out. 

Faulty Internals

The internal wiring network could be faulty. If you are good at electronics, inspect your equipment’s terminals and general wiring network. Some wires could be loose or burnt and require tightening or replacement. While inspecting the guts, check whether the motherboard, thermal fuse, and other components are intact. Any defects can cause your appliance to turn off and eventually stop working.

Old Appliance

An old air fryer may begin turning off while cooking. Eventually, it will stop. Even as you consider repairs and parts replacement, keep an account of the money you will be spending. If it is almost the same amount as buying a new air fryer, go for it. There are newer models of Crux air fryers if you do not want to forego the brand.  

Crux Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Touch screens have replaced knobs and protruding keypads in modern devices. The features are easy to use and enable you to interact directly with the controls. They are speedy to navigate through, sophisticated, and attractive.

The latest Crux air fryers have a touch screen for sleekness and easy operations. And like other devices with the features, you can wake up to an unresponsive touchpad. You will be locked out of your air fryer. While that may call for tech, there are a few things you can do to solve the issue. But first, find out the cause and then how to solve the problem;

Operating System

The touch screen may have registered an error during the operation or updates making its system unresponsive. What happens in many touch screen devices may worsen with age. The calibration begins to fade, and the response time becomes slower. You may notice input that you had not pressed.

When such a problem occurs, refresh the system by rebooting your appliance. Reset by disconnecting and reconnecting after several minutes. Your touch screen will get a recalibration and begin to work again.

Wet Or Oily Touch Screen

If your screen is wet or oily, expect a lack of response. One of the care instructions for touch screens is to wipe them dry—no washing under running water. Your air fryer may not get damaged by oil on the surface, but the responses will fail you. Keep the touch screen dry and clean by wiping it with a kitchen towel after use.


Food residues, soups, dust, and lint may accumulate on your air fryer’s touch screen. Clean-up is necessary after every cooking session. Use a lint-free cloth or kitchen towel to clean your air fryer’s touch screen and make it work again.

Lower Voltage

Lower power than your air fryer requires can make your touch screen not work. The less voltage cannot operate your device. Measure with a multimeter to determine if that’s the case. If so, you need to get an electrician or the power supply guys to resolve a low voltage input in your house.

High Voltage

A higher voltage than the standard requirement is not safe for your device. It will overwhelm the system and cause overheating. The fuse may also blow, and the control board fails to transform the voltage to safer levels. Your touch screen cannot function when the internals is overheating, so you will get an E3 on display. Unless you resolve the current issue, you will remain with a frozen screen.


Touching a scratched or broken touchpad is not comfortable. In addition, you press the wrong inputs and get the wrong response. You do not have to cook with a scratched device—order for a replacement. Be sure to get the right replacement from a trusted dealer. That way, the screen is compatible with the Crux air fryer.

Loose Door

A loose or open-door signals that your air fryer isn’t cooking. Check the screws, tighten them, and replace broken components. Without loose components and basket error, the door will close perfectly and give your touch screen a chance to respond. 

Defective Membrane

Beneath the touch screen is the membrane, a component of Mylar plastic. It enhances the communication between the touch screen and the controls. If the membrane is missing or worn out, the touch screen will remain irresponsive even if it is intact. 

Old Touch Screen

An old touch screen that stops working requires a replacement by a qualified tech. Ensure that you get a compatible replacement, so the error doesn’t repeat itself. For old appliances, there is always the upgraded version. If it is beyond repair, order a new Crux air fryer. You will get the latest, with better specs.

Counterfeit Appliance

With so many counterfeit appliances around the globe, you cannot rule out a fake Crux air fryer. The indicators show up when you least expect them. One of those is the screen not working.

Unfortunately, such appliances are in circulation and sold out to unsuspecting buyers. But you have a role to play in curbing counterfeit; Purchase your appliances from credible stores or outlets. That way, you have a valid guarantee of safety.

We don’t mean to scare you but if you aren’t sure about your Crux air fryer, call customer support. Explain the problem and enquire more about your appliance. They will ask you to read out or scan and send the bar code number of your appliance. The good news is that you are in the right hands and will get the best help possible.

Crux Air Fryer Error Codes

If you are unfamiliar with Crux air fryer’s error codes, don’t worry. We will elaborate on those for you. But first things first! What are machine error codes, and what do they signify?

Error codes are numbers that will show on your air fryer to alert you when there is a malfunction. The errors may not be as bad as they sound, as knowing what to do helps clear them. Whenever you experience the table below will help you solve the error code puzzle;

Error CodeProblemHow to resolve
E1Temperature sensor Internal short circuit problem    Check temperature sensors and replace them. Fix the control panel. Straighten cord. Ensure power connectivity
E2Thermal fuse problemUnclog the exhaust port.Give your air fryer free space on the countertop.
E3Overheating Circuit board connection error  Unplug the air fryer to cool down. Resolve circuit board connection issue.
Firmware is updatingHold on for the update to complete.

Crux Air Fryer E1 Code

As in the table above, the E1 code will signify two things;

  • Temperature sensor
  • Internal short circuit problem

To clear the error, you will have to resolve the two issues. These are detailed electrical parts of your air fryer. If you have no adequate knowledge, get an electrician to assist you.

Crux Air Fryer E10

After an in-depth on all Crux air fryer models, we didn’t get the meaning of E10. We recommend that if the error shows on your air fryer display, keep in touch with your dealer or directly with the Crux Kitchen support team. They will advise on what to do to resolve this puzzle.

Crux Air Fryer Power Button Not Working

Like other buttons on your air fryer, a nonfunctional power button will not let you go past plugging in and placing your food in the cooking compartment. So how do you resolve;

  • Plug In Your Air Fryer

You can’t be a dummy to have plugged in your air fryer but failed to switch on the socket. But mistakes do happen. It is effortless to recheck the plug and ensure that it fits perfectly into the outlet and you have the socket on. That way, you will proceed to the next suggestion to ensure your power button is working. 

  • Straighten Or Replace A Damaged Power Cable 

Examine your air fryer’s power cable to be sure it doesn’t have a tear or a bend. Straighten the wires while the machine is not connected and make a replacement if there are cuts on your cable. Try other cords with similar ratings in the house as most kitchen appliances share electric power cords and ports.

  • Place The Fryer Basket Right

your appliance won’t start if the air fry food basket hasn’t clicked into place. The tiny sensor on the drawer will not detect the basket’s presence unless you place it correctly.

  • Examine The Control Panel  

Crux models are digital and have touch screens and a display whose entire operations lie beneath the control panel. The panel carries wires, transistors, button controls, diodes, heating elements, computer chips and many more. Your power button will not work if the main control is faulty; therefore, call an expert to fix the problem. 

  • Power Button

It could only be the faulty power button. When your tech opens the internal controls, he will pick where the problem is. You will be lucky if it is the power button that needs troubleshooting. A few maneuvers will get the button on and working.

Crux Air Fryer Not Heating Up

My new Crux air fryer wouldn’t heat up. I tried to check the obvious, the power source and heating element, but both were intact. When I rang the Crux kitchen, they took my technician through several steps, and it was a happy ending.

My chief chef had suffered a damaged solenoid. We got a replacement, and it is now eight months. Cooking is now a breeze. I wish to take you through the steps so that you can reinstall your air fryer. Have a look!

  1. Power Loss

Though my house had a perfect power supply and a sound power source, we cannot rule out that this isn’t happening in your home. So, check the connections before you move to the next possible cause.

  • Temperature Switch Error

If you haven’t dialed the temperature, your appliance won’t heat up. Dialing too low a temperature will also not heat your Crux air fryer. Key-in the right temperature to heat the element.

  • Defective Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse in the guts of your Crux air fryer protects other components from excessive heat. It maintains a safer level that cannot overheat your appliance. When the thermal fuse is defective, you will not get heat from the element. Replace the fuse to keep cooking.

  • Faulty Heating Element

The heating element produces heat that circulates in the cooking compartment. You may have accidentally damaged it while cleaning and maintaining your air fryer. It is brittle, and by scrubbing, you can break it. Once the heater is broken, you cannot repair it. Get a replacement, and be careful when not to break your air fryer’s new heating element. 

  • Damaged Solenoid

If you are an electrician, you will point out the solenoid next to the thermostat. The unit is deliberately placed there to deliver electric power to the heater. It has a switch that no power gets into the thermostat when it is off. It can also blow and malfunction. That means a new solenoid. If you are unsure of the problem, get a qualified tech to do the work for you. 

Defective Appliance

Generally, appliances get damaged or become obsolete. The only two viable options are to get simple repairs or replacements. You will have to weigh the options and work with the most favorable. If you have spent half the cost of your appliances on repairs, it is time to throw in the towel. Get a new air fryer that gives you peace of mind and exciting results.

Crux Air Fryer Noise

Because of the fan mechanism, air fryers are generally noisy. But not that loud noise that wakes up your neighbor’s toddler. When the fan rotates, it is not quiet.

There is a moderate noise with similar decibels to a vacuum cleaner. It only becomes a bother if it is rattling noise and you have to act fast to avoid further damage to your air fryer. So, what’s this excess noise all about?

Broken Fan Components

A noise in your Crux air fryer may mean that its fan has issues. A loose or broken blade or bolt can make scary noises. You have to open the fan box and check for any components. Fix and go ahead with your cooking.

Food Debris In The Fan Compartment  

Food that fell over in the base of your air fryer could be causing the noise. When the fan blows the hot air, it can send the debris flying around the compartment hence the noise. Remove the drawer and clean up the cooking area. 

Faulty Equipment

A faulty piece of equipment, more so,  the motor can make unfamiliar noise. It may also happen when your air fryer is overheating and your fan is overworking. A noisier air fryer than normal should be an alert to ring your technician.


The crux air fryer is a new but leading oven brand in the USA. The brand has an intuitive design, is powerful and cooks your meals exemplarily. Its capacities differ with the model and range from small to medium to large ones to fit your family size.

The latest makes are digital and come with modern features such as touch screen and WIFI connectivity. They are easy to control and maintain.

But Crux air fryer troubleshooting tips are a must-have. Not that the crux appliances are of lesser quality, but because electrical appliances can stall when you least expect it. The appliance not turning on, buttons not working, the heater not functioning, and getting noisier than normal are some of the problems we have detailed in this article.

Master your Crux air fryer operations and the above tips to cook your meals without tears. Cheers!