Why Breville Blender Blade Stuck? 5 Major Reasons And Solutions

Working with special appliances is my priority. Breville products are all the way to go! This is one of the brands you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen. For a good reason, this blender model is very versatile. A budget blender that works wonders when chopping vegetables and making smoothies is a concern.

However, sometimes you would realize your Breville blender blades are stuck. Why then? The situation can seem annoying, especially when making your smoothie. This can be time-consuming, frustrating, and dangerous if you are not careful.

What is the way to go? I know this is your big question.

There are common reasons why your Breville blender blade stuck. Some of them include accumulation of residue and wearing blade assembly if not lubricated. Besides, cavitation and blending ingredients without water can be among the other causes of the blade to stuck.

Keep reading to understand all the significant reasons and how you can fix them to ensure your powerful blender is functioning well.

5 Issues Why Your Breville Blender Blade Stuck And The Solution

There are many causes for stuck blender blades. We will look at them one by one and discuss how you can troubleshoot them. Keep up.

  1. More Residue On the Blender Blade

Taking more time before cleaning your machine can cause the blade to accumulate residue. This will cause it to stuck while blending your ingredients.

Improper washing can cause the piling of stubborn residue. Finally, there will be too much for the blade to function well. Then it will get stuck.

How to fix the issue

A machine blade being stuck because of excess residue is a common situation. Mostly the problem occurs because of a lack of proper cleaning and negligence over a long period.

To fix this issue, disassemble the entire blender unit and thoroughly clean the blade. Be careful since the blades are sharp and can cause more harm when not handled well.

  1. Blender Not Lubricated Well

The Breville blender starts to wear with time. Also, the bearings that help the blade assembly to rotate still wear off. But the blender bearings can lose lubrication. If this is the case, you will realize a weird noise is coming. The blades will become stuck and stop rotating. Therefore, the digital blender blades will not work when the bearings are no longer working.

How to fix the issue

Listening to how your blender works is the easiest method to tell if it requires lubrication. If you hear some weird noises, it is a better time to lubricate the blender blade assembly.

Remove the blender jar where it is attached to the blender, and then turn it upside down. After removing the cup covering the bearing, the next step is adding lubricant. Nonetheless, you can replace the blender shaft if the blender is not well-greased.

  1. Cavitation in Blender

These are simply the air pockets in the blender. This comes about after ingredients are arranged wrongly. For instance, when you need to make a smoothie and add ice cubes, adding them first will create an air pocket.

The blender blade can still move in the presence of air pockets though no action will occur on the ingredient. The shaft can also keep moving, but other ingredients, like seeds, could stick to the blade.

How to fix the issue

Make sure, therefore, to remove these air pockets to enable your blender to function properly. Shake the blender well to make sure the ingredients are well-settled. Also, ensure the blender is not overloaded to avoid creating air pockets.

  1. Blending Ingredients Without Liquid

Different blenders need liquid to blend hard foods. Nonetheless, the machine that blends dry ingredients needs small quantities to prevent the blades from getting stuck.

Overloading your Breville blender with various seeds will cause the blade to stuck. These seeds will occupy the space, so the blender blade will not rotate. Some will even be stuck on the blades and won’t turn at all.

How to fix the issue

Unloading your blender is the first thing you need to do to remove the stuck ingredients. Again, to avoid such issues, you must blend smaller ingredients to ensure the problem does not reoccur.

  1. Blown Fuse

All electrical appliances have a fuse. This protects different parts of the gadget, like the bearing and motor, from damage.

You will mostly notice the fuse burning when there is a power surge. This will affect the power circulation and therefore protect your blender. When making your smoothie and suddenly realizing the blades are not working, check the motor. If it is not running, then it is a blown fuse.

How to fix the issue

A blown fuse is not repairable. The way out is having it replaced. A professional expert can assist you in doing so.

Above are some of the causes of the blade stuck and how to fix them. It is good to note that this problem occurs more often. Make sure, therefore, to adhere to the above best preventative measures.