How to Find Oster Blender Model Number & Replacement Parts?

If you are an Oster blender user, you can forget your blender model number, or your blender model number can be deleted due to excessive use or long-term use. It is a true and usual matter.

But finding out the Oster blender model number is very simple. Following some perfect tips and tricks, you will be able to find out your Oster blender model number easily and quickly.

I have been using my favorite Oster blender for the last 15 years. Unfortunately, due to overuse and excessive use, my blender model number was deleted. And also, I was forgotten the model number. The model number was deleted in such a way that I could not identify it.

So I have tried a lot to find my Oster blender model number back, and finally, I have been able to find my Oster blender model number.

Here, I have shared my own experience about how to find the Oster blender model number. Using these tips and tricks, you can find your Oster blender model number.

Here, I have also enlisted Oster blender replacement parts for different models and series Oster blenders. So continue your reading until the end to learn how to find Oster blender model number? and find the best replacement parts for Oster blenders.

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How to Find Oster Blender Model Number?

You should first check the bottom of the blender. Generally, the model number is always at the bottom of the blender.

If you don’t find your Oster blender model number in this way then you should go to the Oster website and try to match your blender with the Oster website blender’s picture.

There are a lot of blender reviews and blender pictures on the Oster website. Your blender must match with anyone. Applying this trick, you can find the model number of your Oster blender relatively easily.

There are also many Oster blender reviews and pictures on the online market. By matching your blender’s picture & features with those blenders’ pictures, reviews, and features you can identify your Oster blender model number.

You can also communicate with the Oster customer service team for more details about how to find the Oster blender model number? They will surely give a solution to solve your problem. You will find the Oster Customer service team contact number on the Oster website.

If your blender is too old, maybe there is a service number on the bottom of the base instead of the model number. But the service number may not help you find your Oster blender model number. Because using this service number you will not able to find your Oster blender model number.

If you are able to find your Oster blender model number applying the above-described tips and tricks, then throw your Oster blenders damaged, useless or broken parts in the dustbin. And replace them by buying new Oster blender replacement parts.

Read the below’s Oster blender replacement parts reviews and buy your required Oster blender replacement parts according to your blender model and series.


How to find Oster Blender Model Number

Oster Blender Replacement Parts Reviews

There is no doubt Oster is one of the best household and commercial quality blender manufacturing companies in the current market. And the company’s all models, and series blenders are appreciated worldwide for their effectiveness, durability, and price.

However, due to excessive or long-term, or careless use, any parts of an Oster blender may require replacing or can become useless, damaged, or broken; even can be lost.

It is true for not only these brand blenders, but it is also true for Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Blendtec, Ninja, NutriBullet, and all other brand’s blenders in the present market.

The good news is all Oster blender replacement parts available in the current market, especially in the online marketplaces. That is why all Oster blender users can replace their Oster blender’s older, broken, ineffective, or damaged parts instead of buying a new blender.

But it is a matter of regret that replacing an Oster blender’s damaged, broken, or useless parts are challenging, according to the blender models and series. 

Because all models and series Oster blenders can buy from the local market, supermarket, and online marketplaces, however, Oster blender replacement parts may not find in the local market or supermarket according to their model or series.

The only easiest way to find and buy the Oster blender replacement parts according to models and series is the online marketplaces.

Below I have enlisted different models and series Oster blenders replacement parts and their short reviews for you. Choose your required Oster blender replacement parts for your blender from below’s Oster blender replacement parts list. And replace them in your blender and make your Oster blender like-new.

Note: These Oster blender replacement parts are considered the best replacement parts. They are nicely compatible with different models and series of Oster blenders in the present market.

And each of these genuine Oster blender parts comes with lots of useful features that will force you to appreciate them after use. Each of these products is very reasonable in price and has huge positive customer reviews and ratings.

Oster Blender Replacement Parts List And Their Short Reviews

Oster Blender 6-Cup Glass Jar, Lid, Black and...40
  • REFRESH YOUR BLENDER: 3-piece blender jar refresher kit gives you the...
  • INCLUDES: One 6-cup glass jar, 1 lid, and 1 filler cap
  • DURABLE GLASS DESIGN: Dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant Boroclass...
  • REMOVABLE FILLER CAP: Removable filler cap for easy and convienent...
  • FITS MOST OSTER BLENDERS: Compatible with the following models:...
Blendin Complete 6-Piece 48 Ounce Replacement...40
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Oster Blenders with a motor base...
  • DURABILITY & QUALITY: This product serves as a suitable replacement...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning the Blendin replacement glass jar blender...
  • PERFORMANCE: Having a high quality and outstanding performance parts...
  • GREAT VALUE: This package set includes one extra large 48 ounce...
Replacement Parts Ice Blades,5 Cup Square Top...40
  • Square Top plastic Jar Set. Compatible with Oster BlenderModels that...
  • Stainless Steel Blade and Gasket
  • MODEL:004096-009-NP0 006629-BG3-NP0 006629-BK0-NP0 006641-000-NP0...
  • Compatible Blenders: 006684-000-NP0 006694-015-RNP 006694-B00-RNP...
  • Does NOT fit Pro, Master, or Versa Models. It fits models that the...
Blender Blade for Oster Osterizer, 6 Point Fusion...40
  • ★【Package Included】:ONE 6-point blade+ONE blender jar base+ONE...
  • ★【Great Function】:Stainless Steel "ice crusher" blade adopt...
  • ★【6-Point Design】:6-point design to pulverize and chop with...
  • ★【Material Upgrade And Fit For Blenders】:All blender replacement...
  • ★【After-Sales Service】:support returns, you can contact us if...
8 Pieces Replacement Part Ice Blades 4961 4980 Jar...40
  • RELIABLE QUALITY: All replacement parts are made of BPA-free plastic...
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Stainless steel "Ice Crusher" blade adopts reversing...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Fits Oster 5 & 6 cup glass or plastic jars, fits all...
  • PACKING INCLUDES: 1x Crusher 4 blade, 1x Crusher Pro 6 blade, 1x...
  • Please check all pictures carefully for compatibility before buy.
Anbige 2 pieces Oster Blender Replacement Parts...
494 Reviews
Anbige 2 pieces Oster Blender Replacement Parts...40
  • Compatible with Oster Classic Series blenders. Compatible with Oster...
  • Fits 06629-BG3-NP0; 006629-BG3-R01; 006629-BK0-NP0, BLSTMP-B15-NP0;...
  • Compatible Blenders: 006803-000-NP0; 006803-000-N01; 006811-C00-NP0;...
  • Not dishwasher safe,Do not use after freezing!
  • Package include: 2 cups with lids
Oster Blender Square Lid With Cap, White40
  • Fits square blender jars
  • 2-Ounce capacity center cap
  • Package contents: cover with pour lid

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Final Verdict:

If this article helps you to find out the Oster blender model number, and Oster blender replacement parts, please share it with others so that can also be beneficial.

Let me know if you have any questions on your mind about the Oster blender model number, and Oster blender replacement parts by leaving a comment. I will answer your comment with great care and quickly.

4 thoughts on “How to Find Oster Blender Model Number & Replacement Parts?”

  1. I have a BLSTPB2-WBL-000 its spinning but not turning the the container that holds the smoothie. I believe its one of the rubber attachment that spin on the blender or container are they replaceable.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment.
      Yes! They are replaceable.
      Take apart all parts of your blender by following the user manual of your blender. Then check the condition of the rubbers of your blender.
      Use the rubber if the rubber is still workable and replace the rubber as soon as possible If you see the rubber has become worthless.
      For any problem’s solutions of your favourite Oster blender, you can contact with Oster Customer Service Team.
      Call 1-800-334-0759. It is the Oster Customer Service Team number.
      You can also contact with Oster Customer Service Team through Email but try to contact them through the phone for a quick response.

  2. I have 6 osterizer blenders. All of them have problems with the bottom parts like cupling, gaskets, blade etc with leaking. No model any of them, except service no. Very hard to find parts without the model no. All my blenders worked for 5,6 yrs before quitting. They are 20, or 30 yrs old. Didn’t want to throw them since they are so well made. Help to find out to get parts. Thanks, Sue.

    • Hopefully, you have found the model number of your Oster blenders after reading the article.
      Now, search the replacement parts on online marketplaces, especially on Amazon writing the blender’s model number. Hopefully, you will find the replacement parts for all your Osterizer blenders.

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