Do Hamsters Explode In Microwave? Must Know to Save your Pet?

I want to believe you are here because you own a beloved hamster. Right? This is an amazing pet that is lovable and easy to care for. At times, you realize the pet is shivering, and as a caring hamster owner, you don’t want it to die from the cold; what follows is to look for the perfect method you can use to warm the animal up.

Putting the pet inside a microwave might look like a better solution to the cold. But “do hamsters explode in the microwave?” can be a question that will start to ring in your mind. Glad that you are here. I will try everything possible to give you the answer to this question and many more. Keep reading to learn more.

The microwaves that operate in a microwave oven will heat water molecules in the living animal. Hence, the pet’s bodily fluids, including the blood, will begin to boil. And because the head of the hamster will not expand while the water is expanding, the head will finally explode in the microwave.

How Do Hamsters Explode In Microwaves?

Before exploding, the hamster will die. This is a result of the increased body temperature for microwaving. You can bear me witness; this MUST be a painful death you can avoid.

You can put the hamster in a microwave intentionally to keep it warm. At times, your hamster might be roaming freely, only to find him or herself in the microwave. Otherwise, your kids might put this pet in the microwave while playing with the pet.

To protect against this pet’s painful death, check your microwave before operating it. Also, please make sure the hamster is in their enclosure before running any of your kitchen appliances.

Note!!! A hamster can undergo this painful and disheartening death, and any small pet capable of fitting in a microwave can also be in this state. Hence, never put any living animal in a microwave. Besides, make sure to check the whereabouts of your pet before running a microwave. Also, before running your microwave, check to see if it is free from living things or anything that can lead to adverse effects.

How long can a hamster survive in a microwave?

Proof me right. A hamster is a small creature. Hence, the pet can be in your microwave without you realizing it. It is even more devastating to imagine you can run the microwave with the pet inside.

As you have seen above, the animal begins by dying and later explodes. Now that you already know what makes it die, another disturbing question that can be ringing in your mind is how long the pet will survive in the microwave.

I can tell you without fear that even 30 seconds are enough to have the hamster dead in a running microwave. The small body size guarantees you this.

Immediately a high microwave temperature reaches inside the hamster; what follows is to begin cooking. During the process, the creature is damaged completely. The blood flow will be restricted while the internal organs will stop functioning.

To avoid this horrible experience for your lovely pet, make sure you are always aware of where it is.