What Would Happen If You Microwave Your Hand? Beware of using Microwave.

Microwaving a hand? Yes! It seems funny, but it happens. I first thought it was impossible. Not until I found myself in that situation. Still wondering how? Stay tuned.

You can put your hand in a running microwave intentionally or unintentionally.

Intentionally: You can think of stirring while cooking or reheating in the microwave. Also, you may opt to warm your hand in the appliance.

Accidentally: When heating or boiling any liquid in the microwave, you might realize it is about to sprinkle in the microwave plate. The truth is that, even without turning it off, you will open the door quickly and try to get it out.

With the above, you may want to know what would happen if you microwave your hand.

The heat inside the microwave will determine the effects it will have on your hands. Nothing will happen if you put your hand in the microwave for a few seconds.

But, if you leave it directly in the microwave for a long time, your hand skin will begin burning slowly. Again, the burn is going to be isolated to the area now in the narrow microwave beam path.

A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance for cooking and heating food; you should not miss having one. In fact, if we can be honest with ourselves, a modern kitchen that does not have this kitchen gadget seems incomplete. Even though, make sure you are cautious when using it to avoid damaging your body when using it. 

Is it bad to put your hand in a microwave?

When operating, a microwave oven is known to emit microwaves. Gladly, they are not harmful above their capacity to heat you. Typically, these waves are non-ionizing. This means they do not have the energy per photon to break chemical bonds or electrons off atoms that cause radiation sickness or cancer.

Another thing you need to know about a microwave is that it emits electromagnetic waves in the GHz microwave frequency range. These types of waves are used in Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, and radars.

From the above, you may want to know if it is bad to put your hand in a microwave.

It is not bad to put your hand in a microwave if not for a long time. The issue arises when you stick your hand in the microwave. Putting your hand in the microwave for too long can cause it to burn. But note that the burning is not different from being burned by the thermal radiation of a campfire.