Complete GuideLine About Vitamix Blade Sharpening!

Undoubtedly, Vitamix is one of the best, effective, powerful, high-speed, and durable household & commercial quality blender manufacturer brands in the current market.

The Vitamix brand’s blenders are called ‘Vitamix blender.’ The blenders are considered the king of all the blenders available in the present market.

The Vitamix blenders give the best blending results year after year than all other brand’s blenders available in the present market.

Plus, the Vitamix blenders come with lots of unique and helpful features and specifications than all other brand’s blenders available in the current market.

Anyway, maybe you are a Vitamix blender user and searching for perfect and relatively simple tips & tricks for sharpening Vitamix blades. If we are right, you have come to the right place.

Read this article until the end to learn perfect and simple tips and tricks about how to sharpen Vitamix blades?

Here, you will also find a few most important and frequently asked questions answer about the Vitamix blender blades.

Learn First…

Can You Sharpen Vitamix blades?

Yes, you can sharpen Vitamix blades.

There are lots of models and series lots of Vitamix blenders in the present market from the Vitamix brand. The blenders come with durable, heavy, hardened, and high-quality stainless steel blade attachments.

The Blades are interchangeable with existing compatible containers and ideal for handling almost everything from crushing big ice cubes to making smoothie purees.

However, excessive and due to long-term use, Vitamix blender blades can be dull or go bad. It is a true fact. It is also true for all other brands of blenders available in the present market.

According to the Vitamix blender user manual, Vitamix blades are not recommended to sharpen because they never require sharpening. But you can sharpen Vitamix blender blades easily, safely, and quickly if you feel the necessity.

Read the next questions answer to learn how to sharpen Vitamix blades.

How To Sharpen Vitamix Blade?

If you plan to sharpen your Vitamix blender blade, remove all worries and anxieties from your mind about it right now. Because sharpening a Vitamix blender blade is very easy, and you will not need to pay much effort and time to sharpen the blade. Just you have to know the right process of sharpening it.

Below we have shown some simple tips and tricks about Vitamix blade sharpening. Following our given following tips and tricks step by step, you can sharpen Vitamix blade easily, safely, and relatively quickly.

Requirement Equipment For Sharpening Vitamix Blade!

  • Hand protection Gloves
  • Blade Sharpening Rod or stone
  • Clean Kitchen Towel or Cloth
  • Soapy Water and Fresh water
  • Dish Washing Brush

Before starting your Vitamix blade sharpening, make sure these Vitamix blade sharpening requirement equipment are present in your kitchen. If these requirements equipment doesn’t have in your kitchen, buy these Vitamix blender blades sharpening equipment right now.

Process Of Vitamix Blade Sharpening!

  • Unplug your Vitamix blender machine from the electric source with your dry hand.
  • Take apart the blades from the power base following your Vitamix blender user manual.
  • Wear hand-protection gloves in both hands and clean the blades following your Vitamix blender user manual instructions. How do you clean Vitamix blades? These question answers are given in detail at the ending part of this article.
  • Take blade sharpening rod or stone in one hand and take a blade in your other free hand.
  • Now rub the blade’s dull part with the blade sharpening rod or stone. Continue the process until the blade become sharp enough.
  • Apply this trick to sharpen each Vitamix blade.
  • Clean the blades again after sharpening them to according to your expectations.
  • Don’t rub access metal from the blades while sharpening them.

Important Note:

  • These tips and tricks are suitable for both Vitamix wet and dry blade configurations.
  • If your Vitamix blade becomes totally dull or ineligible to sharpen, then we recommend you buy a new Vitamix blade assembly according to your Vitamix blender model or series.

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Can You Replace Vitamix blades?

Yes, you can replace Vitamix blades.

If your Vitamix blades become completely dull or useless, don’t worry. You can replace them by buying new Vitamix blades assembly according to your blender model from the present markets, especially from the online marketplaces.

All models and series Vitamix blender replacement parts are available in the present market, especially in the online marketplaces. And they are very reasonable in price.

So, you can replace your Vitamix blades and replace all other parts of your Vitamix blender if they require replacement.

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How To Clean Vitamix Blade Assembly?

Cleaning Vitamix blade assembly is also easy, like cleaning its other parts. Follow below’s given tips for cleaning Vitamix blade assembly easily and thoroughly.

Process of Cleaning Vitamix Blade Assembly:

  • First, take apart the blade assembly from the blender base by following the Vitamix blender user manual.
  • Wear hand protection gloves on your both hand to avoid the risk any unexpected incident.
  • Take a sufficient amount of warm soapy water in a jug and soak the blade in the water for 3 or 4 minutes.
  • Then get out the blade from the soapy water and take it in one hand and take the dishwashing brush in your other hand.
  • Now continuously rub the blade thoroughly inside and outside with the dishwashing brush until the blade completely becomes neat and clean.
  • Then, rinse the blade with warm water or freshwater.
  • Finally, wipe it with a clean kitchen towel thoroughly and make sure it becomes completely dry.

You can keep the blade under a running fan or in the open air, or in a kitchen dish drying tool for drying the blade.

Important Note:

Vitamix blades can be cleaned using a dishwasher. So if you want, you can clean the blade using a dishwasher.

However, if you clean your Vitamix blade using a dishwasher, it may create internal pressure in the dishwasher and may cause damage to the dishwasher as the blade is very sturdy and heavy in weight.

According to the Vitamix blender user manual, hand wash is recommended to clean the blade. And it is the best way to clean the Vitamix blade easily and safely.

Final Verdict

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