Vitamix 5000 Blender Review & Buying Guide 2024

Vitamix is one of the best and renowned kitchen appliance manufacturing companies in the present market. The company’s products are highly appreciated worldwide for quality, effectiveness, durability, and reasonable price.  

The Vitamix 5000 blender is one of the best, powerful, affordable, and effective blenders in the present market from the world-famous brand Vitamix.

This commercial quality blender is used in restaurant kitchens and home kitchens all over the world. It comes with some unique and helpful features that forced a user to appreciate the blender after use.

Spill-proof vented lid, 10-speed controls, 64 oz container, two peak horsepower motor, durability, and effectiveness are the eye-catching features of this Vitamix high-performed blender.

However, Very loud, large in size, difficult to store, cannot make all types of recipes, and becoming overheat due to long time use, etc are the some less important negative side of this blender.

Using this amazing Vitamix kitchen appliance, making high-quality smoothies, hummus, soups, juices, nut butters, and more food recipes is very easy. A user can make all these types of food recipes consistently within a few minutes with the help of this blender.

Also, this versatile blender is perfect for blending, grinding meat, beans, grains, crushing ice, and more tasks. And also, this easy-of-use featured blender is perfect for chopping vegetables, fruits, and more food ingredients within a few seconds for different types of food recipes.

Read these Vitamix 5000 reviews until the end if you want to discover some unique and real information about this Vitamix blender.

Here you will also find some frequently asked questions answer about Vitamix 5000 blender. These questions answer you should know before buying and during using the blender.   

Vitamix 5000 Blender Reviews

What We Like

  • Well brand
  • Versatile Blender
  • Well made
  • Very efficient and works very well
  • Affordable and good value for money
  • Super easy to use
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • BPA-free two 64 oz and 32 oz container
  • Very Powerful two peak horsepower motor
  • 10 Variable Speed
  • Perfect for everyday blending
  • Easy to clean and self-cleaning featured
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel blades are very sharp and work very well
  • Spill-proof vented lid
  • Two parts lid is very easy to remove
  • A recipe book with various recipes
  • Shut off automatically if it gets too warm.

What We Don’t Like

  • Very loud
  • Large in Size
  • Difficult to store
  • Does not make all types of food recipes
  • Becomes overheat due to long-time use.

Notable Features of Vitamix 5000 Blender


The Vitamix 5000 blender comes with a two-horsepower powerful motor. You may know one horsepower equal to 746 watts and two horsepower equal to 1492 watts. That means the blender comes with 1492 watts motor. But it gives 1380 watts. The powerful Vitamix blender runs at 120V, 50/60 Hz, and 11.5 AMPS.

With the help of this Vitamix 5000 motor of this blender, you can crush ice, grind meat, beans, a variety of grains, and more efficiently and quickly.

Also, you can chop almost all types of tough vegetables and food ingredients for different types of food recipes easily and quickly.

The powerful motor of this blender will help you to do lots of blending tasks within 30-60 seconds. Your cooking speed will surely boost up with the help of this powerful Vitamix blender.


The blender comes with 10 variable speed controls that is one of the most liked things about this blender.

Using the ten variable speeds, you can make high-quality juices, smoothies, soups, salsas, dips, hummus, and various kinds of nut butters and more food recipes at home or a restaurant within a few minutes.

Also, using 10 variable speeds of this blender, you can crush ice, grind meat, beans, grains, and chop various vegetables and food ingredients efficiently and quickly.


The blender comes with a unique, sharp, and super durable stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades. The blades are run at 26904 RPM, and they are perfect for crushing ice and grinding, mixing all types of food ingredients.

Ease of use:

The blender is incredibly easy to use. Just pressing the on the button, the blender starts working, and just pressing the off button, the blender stops working.

It is a manual blender with an on/off button & 10 variable speed control knobs. You can run the blending at a high speed or a low speed by increasing and decreasing the speed level.

Remember, the noise level depends on the speed level of the blender. When the blender runs at a low speed, the noise level will remain low. But when the blender runs at high speed, the noise will remain high.


This is a large-capacity blender. It is ideal for personal, family, commercial use.
The blender comes with two durable precision-designed and BPA-free 64 oz and 32 oz capacity containers. One is a wet container, and the other is a dry container.

The dry container is best for grinding different types of grains, beans, rice, soybeans, and more. Both 64 and 32 oz Vitamix 5000 Container is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

Easy to Clean:

Cleaning Vitamix 5000 blender is incredibly easy. You can clean the containers by hand wash and in the dishwasher. For cleaning the containers in the dishwasher, just add a little amount of detergent and 04 oz freshwater into the container.

And then blend the blender for 30-60 seconds. Then rinse it in freshwater. Now you will see your blender container become a neat and clean container.

In the FAQ section of this review, you will find an in-depth answer on how to clean Vitamix 5000.


The blender is large. That is why it is a bit difficult to store. It is 7.25 x 20.5 x 8.75 in dimensions and 13.97 pounds in weight.

Lid and Tamper:

The Vitamix super 5000 blender comes with one patented, spill-proof vented lid with easily removable lid plugs. That allows you to measure and add food ingredients very safely while the blender is working.

The blender’s patented tamper is for extreme processing power that helps when you will prepare foods such as frozen drinks from a variety of fruits and nut butter.

The blender’s one two-part easily removable lid with measurements is designed for the 32 oz dry container.


The blender comes with a very effective, heavy-duty, and hide-away safety cord. That extends up to 19 inches to 6 feet. And it has a grounded three-prong plug.

Guarantee and Warranty:

The blender is super durable and sturdy. It works efficiently year after year. After then, it comes with a 5 years long satisfaction warranty feature that ensures more durability of the blender. But the blender does not come with any short or long time guarantee feature.

Recipe Book:

The blender comes with a very helpful and informative recipe book. There are a lot of new food recipes preparing guidelines in it. That will inspire you to cook lots of new food recipes for yourself and your family. And also, the Vitamix 5000 recipe book will help you to boost up your cooking speed.


Appliance TypeBlender
Number of Containers (Capacity)Two. 64oz wet container and 32 oz dry container
PowerTwo Horsepower
Product GroupKitchen
MaterialStainless Steel and High-quality glass
Number of Speed10
Package DimensionsHeight: 1310, Length: 1670, Width: 1330, Weight: 1840
Warranty5 Years
Number of Items1
Package Quantity1
Part Number and MPN001311
TitleVitamix 5000
BPA- FreeYes
Number of Recipe Book1
Blade MaterialStainless Steel

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Vitamix 5000?

Using a Vitamix 5000 blender is very easy. That is why a user does not need to give much attention to operate the blender.

It is a manual blender that comes with an on/off button. It also comes with 10 variable speed control khobs.

The blender starts and stops working beautifully just by pressing the on/off button. The recipe book that comes with this blender guides the users to operate the blender for different recipes.

The blender is so easy to use that all classes and all types of people can also use this blender easily.

What can Vitamix 5000 Make?

The Vitamix 5000 is high performed, powerful, versatile speed controlled, and commercial quality blender. That is used in restaurant kitchens and home kitchens all over the world.

This Vitamix kitchen appliance can be used in multiple tasks. It can work like a blender, juicer, ice crusher, coffee, meat, vegetables, and fruit grinder, ice cream maker, chopper, and more tools.

Making high-quality juices, smoothies, hummus, hot soups, dips, nut butters, milkshakes, salsas, and more food recipes are very easy with the help of this blender. And this Vitamix affordable blender is perfect for everyday blending.

How to Clean Vitamix 5000?

How to clean Vitamix 5000? You need not think much about this question answer. Because cleaning the Vitamix 5000 is very easy and enjoyable. The Vitamix 5000 manual also help you to clean the blender easily and safely.

Just add a little amount of detergent and 4 oz freshwater into the container. And then blend the blender for 30-60 seconds. After blending the blender for 30-60 seconds, then rinse the container in freshwater.

If you can do the above-described tasks perfectly, then you will see your container become a sparkling and neat, and clean container.

The motor base of this Vitamix blender is not dishwasher safe, so you have to clean the motor base by wiping it thoroughly with a damp or dry cloth.

For cleaning the motor base, just wipe the base thoroughly with a damp or dry cloth until it becomes neat and clean.

Cleaning the blades of this blender is also very easy. For cleaning the blades, you need not take them apart. And never try to touch the blades because the blades are very sharp.

As the blades are dishwasher safe, using freshwater or soapy water, you can easily clean the blades in the dishwasher.

For cleaning the cord of this blender, always try to clean the cord with a dry cloth. And never try to clean the cord using a damp or wet cloth.

Where to Buy Vitamix 5000?

All Vitamix models and series blender sells on the local markets, super shops, retailer shops, and online marketplace. So you can buy this Vitamix 5000 blender from these marketplaces.

However, the online marketplace is the best place to buy a Vitamix 5000. From the online marketplace, you can always buy this blender with massive off!

And the blender always remains available in the online marketplaces. Also, the blender always remains in a huge amount in stock in the online marketplaces.

How long does Vitamix 5000 last?

How long does Vitamix 5000 last? Answering this question is difficult because the durability of a blender depends on its way of using it.

However, the Vitamix 5000 is one of the best durable blenders in the present market. It is made from high-quality, durable stainless steel and glass material.

The blender lasts for a long time and works efficiently year after year. So you can use this blender year after year effortlessly without any issue.

This most powerful Vitamix blender comes with 5 years long satisfaction warranty feature that ensures more durability of the blender.

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How are the customer reviews and ratings about this blender?

The customer reviews and ratings of this Vitamix 5000 blender are very positive. It has huge positive customer reviews and a good rating those are given by the real user of this blender.

Almost every user appreciated the blender for its durability, speed, capacity, and performance. Also, almost all the users said the blender is good value for money. They highly recommended others to buy this blender.

Where to Buy Vitamix 5000 Replacement Parts?

Due to excessive use or careless use, or long-term use, a product’s parts can be damaged or useless. This is true for Vitamix 5000, like all other brand blenders in the present markets.

If any of your Vitamix 5000 parts become damaged or need to replace, then you do not need to get worried. All Vitamix 5000 replacement parts and accessories are available in the online marketplace, and they are very cheap in price.

Final Verdict of Vitamix super 5000 Reviews

If you are looking for the best, fastest, durable, versatile, and commercial quality blender, then the Vitamix 5000 can be your one of the best choice.

The buying results of this blender will surely make you happy. It will give the best services than your expectations. You will surely appreciate the blender after use.
You will be glad to know the Vitamix 5000 price is very reasonable.

We highly recommend you to buy this well brand and high-quality blender.

At the ending part of the long reviews, we request you if you feel these Vitamix super 5000 review is helpful for you, then share it with your friends. And leave a comment if you have any questions in your mind about this Vitamix blender. We will reply to your comment with great care and quickly.

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