Vitamix 3600 Blender Replacement Parts Reviews In 2024

Blenders are popular among homeowners because they can be used to make juice, smoothie, baby food, and more. Also, you can use them to crush peanuts, cut onions, and make mincemeat.

Many types of blenders can do a great job at hand, but with Vitamix 3600 blender does extraordinary work within no time.

When Vitamix 3600 blender is used continuously, it leads to wear and tear. Therefore, you must replace parts as they are readily available and are strong, durable, and sturdy parts.

The Vitamix 3600 parts are affordable, and hence there is no need to buy a new blender but get them online. And they will be delivered right to your doorstep.

In this article, we will show you the best Vitamix 3600 blender replacement parts that you can buy this year.

Vitamix 3600 Blender Replacement Parts and accessories lists

Vita-Mix 3600 Blender comes with original accessories, including a durable body, and is strong, and can tackle different kitchen tasks.

This versatile blender comes with a 2 horsepower motor and can crush peanuts within seconds, and therefore is powerful and sturdy.

Vita-Mix 3600 Blender features an original wooden tapper that is sturdy and tough. Blades are tough and offer thinner and smaller particles that are more uniform. With quiet blades, you will be able to make your smoothie comfortably without any irritating sound.

You can easily get Vitamix 3600 replacement parts and continue using this blender comfortably. Replacement parts for the Vitamix 3600 Blender are listed below.

1. Vitamix 15255 Tritan Containers

Are you looking to replace your blender jar? Well, look no further than Vitamix 15255 Tritan Containers. This is one of the best replacement parts for Vitamix 3600 that produces exceptional performance, has a stunning look, and is made from premium quality materials.

This product is designed such that it fits under cabinets in your kitchen. You can use this Vitamix Container to pulverize dessert, smoothies, and thick soup.

Vitamix 15255 Tritan Containers has an ergonomic and versatile design that can easily fit in kitchen cabinets and, therefore convenient.

With a weight of 48 pounds, this container is lightweight for you to carry easily. Besides, you can easily and affordably replace Vitamix 3600 replacement parts after continuous use.

2. Vitamix 755 Cap Only For Part Number 64 Oz Blender

No products found.

As you continue using your Vitamix blender, its cap might break or get worn out, and that is why you should get Vitamix 755 cap, which is durable, strong, and versatile.

This part can handle any amount of pressure as you blend thick soup or dessert, which makes most lids pop up easily.

One thing I like about this Vitamix 755 Cap is that is perfectly weighted to handle thicker smoothies and soups. The design of this cap is on another level, and you will enjoy sipping high-quality smoothies or well-blended soups, which is satisfying.

If you are interested in buying Vitamix 755 Cap Only For Part Number 64 is available at an affordable cost.

3. Vitamix Gasket Seal Fits Action Dome 3600

Vitamix blenders are prone to wear and tear due to continuous use and therefore need to be replaced with Vitamix 3600 action dome to increase their efficiency further.

Vitamix Gasket Seal may also wear with time, which leads to leakage of fluids all over your kitchen, making your place untidy and uncomfortable.

Hence, you should consider replacing Vitamix Gasket Seal to increase the durability, functionality, and convenience of your blender and get rid of any mess.

Vitamix 3600 action dome can fit multiple blenders, including 3600 plus and Vitamix 4000. They are versatile, sturdy, and durable and, therefore, offer value for your money.

4. New Action Dome Gasket

New Action Dome Gasket comes with excellent craftsmanship as well as quality materials, which makes it suitable for an all-purpose kitchen blender. This dome gasket is designed with efficiency, safety, and style in mind.

One thing I like about this product is that it can withstand high pressure during blending and does not leak or break easily.

New Action Dome Gasket is capable of multitasking and provides great sturdiness as well as triple-rivet for more resilience. The replacement part is sturdy, strong, and durable.

Vitamix 3600 dome replacement parts are valued for your money as you will not replace them soon, and you will enjoy continuous usage of your high-quality Vitamix 3600 blender.

5. Vitamix Mini-Tamper

Vitamix Mini-Tamper is economical, efficient, and convenient. And it is compatible with other containers. This product is durable and can handle many tasks at once without becoming worn out easily.

Vitamix 3600 tamper helps when making thick recipes such as thick soup, dessert, or thick smoothie as the blender is effective. Besides, Vitamix Mini-Tamper is dishwasher safe, and therefore cleaning is easy And convenient.

It is long and, therefore, you can mix contents at the bottom of the blender effectively. This Vitamix replacement part is very light and thus convenient to carry.

6. Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

The Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly is made of stainless steel and the best materials and advanced technology. This product is well-engineered for cutting, crushing, and breaking down large pieces of food into small ones.

Its blade is durable and sturdy and allows you to get small and fine particles that are easy to swallow.

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly is designed for enhanced flexibility, hardness, and minimal crushing resistance.

You can quickly and easily replace Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly on-site and fits with standard containers.

7. Vitamix Classic Tamper

Vitamix Classic Tamper is very effective, durable, and economical. And it is compatible with 64-oz containers.

It will not work with 48-ounces containers or low profile 64-ounces containers found on the Pro 750 and Pro 300.

It pushes all types of food down into the processing blades, and it is designed not to come in touch with the processing blade. This allows for processing thick & dense food ingredients.

These Vitamix Classic tamper tools are made from BPA-free plastic. Besides, it is dishwasher safe and is very easy to clean.

It is lightweight and easy to carry. Before buying this Vitamix Classic Tamper, you should make sure this fits with your blender model.


Compatibility64-oz container
Dimensions (L. W. H)3*3*12-inches
Item Weight1 ounce
MaterialBPA-Free Plastic
CareDishwasher safe, Top Rack

8. Vitamix 3600 Blades with New Spigot & Action Dome Seal

This product name means a lot. This kit is perfect for Vitamix 3600 blender. It will not work for Vitamix models 3600 plus or 400 or 2200.

This Container rebuild kit contains a new replacement spigot and all required parts, and it will spot all containers leaks.

This kit includes new gaskets, stainless steel-made screw & washers, and fiber washers. The new gasket is also included for Action Dome, and the new spigot is for the container.

This product is not made by Vitamix. You should make sure that this product will fit with your blender machine. You can see photos before buying these products for making sure.

9. Vitamix Wrench. Metal-15596

This Vitamix wrench is made from super durable steel. It is very effective, sturdy, and low in price. And it fits with all Vitamix machines.

To loosen and remove Vitamix blender blades, this Vitamix wrench can be your best bet. Using this replacement wrench, you can boost up your work speed.

You can easily loosen and remove Vitamix 36000 blade assembly quickly. Also, using this wrench, you can install a new blade assembly.

The feature I liked most about this tool is that it fits with all Vitamix machines. It comes with a beautiful steel finish and black color. It is also easy to clean, lightweight & easy to carry.


Dimensions (L. W. H)5*2*0.2 inches
Item Weight3.2 ounces
Is Assembly RequiredNo
Item model number and part number15596

10. Vita000836 Heavy Retainer Nut with O-Ring-Mix

This is another super durable, effective, and affordable replacement part for the Vitamix blender.

This product is an Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement part. You can use this OEM Product for good performance, reliability, and safety.

This tool is approved by OEM and is designed for specified use. It comes with lightweight, easy cleaning, and easy carrying features.

The replacement result of this product will make you surely happy. And give you a much better result than your expectation.


Dimensions (L. W. H)7*5*4 Inches
Item Weight0.55 pounds
Customer Review 

11. Vitamix Drive Socket Kit, Metal-891

This Vitamix Drive socket kit is made from super durable materials and designed to be simply replaceable. It is compatible with all kinds of Vitamix commercial machines except Vitamix XL. Kit instructions and a fallen wrench are included with this product.

The Drive socket protects the Vitamix blender motor if the blade assembly is locked from rotating.

To keep your Vitamix drive socket effective, you should check your Vitamix 3600 drive socket kit conditions every 3-4 months.

You should make sure your socket kit’s teeth are sharp and are in well-working order.


Dimensions (L. W. H)2*2*0.5 inches
Item Weight0.80 –ounces
Is Assembly RequiredNo
Customer Ratings 
Item model number and part number891

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Where Can You Buy Vitamix Replacement Parts?

Vitamix is one of the most popular blender manufacturing companies in the present market. Its blenders and their replacement parts are available in retailer shops, local markets, and the online marketplace.

But finding replacement parts for Vitamix blender is very difficult and challenging because the replacement parts are only sold on the online marketplace.

There are all Vitamix blender replacement parts are available on the online marketplace.

So, if you want to buy replacement parts for Vitamix blender including Vitamix 3600, you should search online.

You can buy all your required replacement parts according to your blender model from the online marketplace. And you will find a great discount here.

How to Find The Right Vitamix3600 blender Replacement Parts?

How to find the right Vitamix3600 blender replacement parts is a frequently asked question. Finding the perfect and compatible replacement parts for the Vitamix 3600 blender is not an easy task. Because these blender replacement parts don’t sell in retailer shops, retailer shops, and local markets.

To find the right Vitamix 3600 blender replacement parts, you have to search on the online marketplaces. From the Online marketplace, always you can buy all your required Vitamix blender parts at great discounts.

There are a lot of Vitamix blender replacement parts available in the online marketplace. From there, you can find the right replacement parts for the Vitamix 3600 blender.

Are all Vitamix Drive sockets the same?

NO, all Vitamix Drive sockets are not the same. There are two types of Vitamix Drive socket kits available in the present market.

One is compatible with all Vitamix commercial machines. And another is compatible with only Vitamix XL.

Do Vitamix Blades need to be replaced?

Yes, like the KitchenAid, Oster, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, and all other brand blenders, the Vitamix blades need to be replaced. Blades replacement depends on using the blender. Due to excessive use, the blender blade can be dull, damaged, or ineffective.

So, if your Vitamix blender blades become damaged, dull or ineffective, you should replace them immediately. Because dull or ineffective blades will never give you much better results.

Where Can I Repair My Vitamix Blender?

Yes, you can repair Vitamix blender easily. You need to call 800.848. 2649. If your Vitamix blender’s machine or its container still has a warranty, the Vitamix Company will repair your blender parts without any cost, including two-way shipping.

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Vitamix 3600 blender replacement parts are made from top-quality materials and have precise construction.

These replacement parts can be quite expensive, which is why you must choose one that falls within your budget and is durable.

Choosing one of Vitamix 3600 blender replacement parts is a game-changer. Because you will get high-quality products which you can use for a long time without the need to replace them soon. And thus they offer value for money.

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