10 Most common Ultrean Air Fryer Troubleshooting  

Ultrean air fryers have high ratings because of their compact, quality, and intuitive user interface. Their versatility allows for the easy whipping of many exciting meals. 

Regarding resolving standard hitches with this oven, we have the Ultrean air fryer troubleshooting. The guide helps you to rectify heating up, smoking, and many other issues to smooth your cooking process. So, find out the Ultrean Air fryer problem and follow the guide of troubleshooting.

Ultrean Air Fryer Smoking

When any electrical gadget smokes, you have every reason to fret. Smoke signifies a potential fire hazard that can raze down your home. The fact is, you cannot ignore a smoky air fryer

Your first move will be to grab your phone and call your dealer. While that’s what most manufacturers recommend, there are instances where you can resolve the problem by referring to our guide. 

There are three clouds of smoke you might observe from your Ultrean air fryer. Be keen to identify the smoke color, as that will help you resolve the problem effectively. 

  • Blue Smoke

Blue smoke is typical in burning plastics and appliances. And so, if your oven begins smoking blue, that’s a disaster. Often the blue smoke smells like burning rubber, wires, or plastics. 

Also, the smoke may be a mixture of black and blue. A combination of colorful smoke and the above burning smells that’s a loading disaster. Your air fryer guts or cable may be melting down. There’s an electrical malfunction, and that’s an emergency. While some air fryers will show an error code, don’t wait for that. Quickly do the following;

  • Switch off your air fryer and pull the cord out of the socket.
  • Remove the food that’s in the basket to avoid contamination.
  • Inspect the plug and the cord for any melting insulation or blown plug.
  • If the external cord and the plug are intact, move to the guts. Open the upper case to access the wiring in the air fryer.
  • Identify any burning wires and other melting components in the air fryer. 
  • Call your dealer/manufacturer with the model number and specs to guide you on the next course of action.

It is rare for an original brand air fryer to melt down and smoke blue. Most probably, it will be the manufacturer’s error. Call and report the issue to the Ultrean air fryer manufacturer. But other times, it may be a counterfeit appliance. 

Most users who reported melting appliances had a history of purchasing from illegitimate dealers. Many unscrupulous manufacturers imitate patented brands to make a killer sale. They expose unsuspecting users to dangerous products. 

Counterfeit appliances can cause harm or raze down houses in fire outbursts. We advise our readers to procure the manufacturer’s air fryers and other products. Visit the Ultrean air fryer website and pick an accredited distributor. That way, you will not buy cheap and dangerous appliances.

  • White Smoke

A smoldering white smoke is another scary scene that may have left you thinking your air fryer is burning. Fortunately, nothing is burning. The smoke is excess vapor from your pot or grill. 

Your ingredients have excess water, or you added to water the tray. Never add water to your ingredients when air frying. Also, some foods produce excessive steam. 

Avoid cooking those in your air fryer. Wet batters and curly kales will cause your air fryer to smoke white. Too high-fat content in foods will cause smoking. You can avoid white smoke from your air fryer.

  • Pat dry ingredients that are dripping with water or oil.
  • Do not cook wet batters in your air fryer.
  • Reduce fatty parts in your pork and other meats.
  • Do not add water to your ingredients. If need be, refer to the recipe specifications. 
  • When your air fryer begins smoking white, disconnect the appliance and reduce the oil or water in your ingredients. The process will interfere with your cooking time, but it is worth your effort. You cannot cook peacefully in a smoky environment.
  • Black Smoke

A cloud of black smoke is unsightly. It can scare you off your kitchen. But don’t run away. It is not a bombshell! Unplug your pot and inspect your food. Once you pull out the basket, you can determine whether your food is burning or grime melting at the base. Here’s the cause for black smoke;

  • Food burning in the tray.
  • Grease melting and burning inside your air fryer.
  • Excess oil dripping down from the basket/tray. 
  • Food particles are burning the element. 

What to do;

  • Take out the food and reduce the fat from your ingredients.
  • Tilt your tray and examine the oil buildup. Try to pour it and pat dry your oily food. 
  • Get rid of food particles stuck on your air fryer’s heating element. The drawer could also have dry batter and other cribs finding their way to the heating coil. Dust them and avoid cooking batter in your air fryer. 
  • Avoid overcrowding your air fryer to prevent excess oil buildup. The right level of food ensures that particles do not drop off, burn and cause smoke in your kitchen.

Ultrean Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

When your Ultrean air fryer won’t turn on, your dreams of enjoying a sumptuous meal die out. It could be devastating if you had all your ingredients ready for air frying, roasting, broiling, et cetera. Worrying won’t solve the hitch, so we have possible solutions for you.

  • Confirm If You Have Power

Power blackouts are now more common. They interfere with our daily lives, including cooking, washing, etc., so the green movements want every household to utilize solar energy.

When you experience regular power blackouts, your appliances will likely get damaged. The reason is the surges or different ratings that get into your machines. Before you overthink a damaged air fryer, establish if you have power connectivity. That will salvage your time. 

You can imagine having an assumption that your air fryer broke down. You call a tech for repairs but eventually discover that the machine is operational—a waste of resources. Find out if you have power in your home!

If the problem has been consistent, you may have to report the issue to your provider. Regular power brakes cause interruptions when you want to cook and cause power surges. Be keen on how often you replace your appliances, as the blackouts could cause damage. 

  • Examine The Power Source

Something is amiss now that you have power and your air fryer isn’t turning on. It could be the power socket that is not functional. If you have a testing device in your toolbox, that will be easy to check. 

Grab the tester and examine your power source continuity. The socket may not be working. If so, get a replacement. Switch off the main meter before you embark on the exercise. Not sure how to replace a broken power socket? Seek the help of an electrician.

  • Repair The Power Cord And Plug

After ensuring the power source is intact, move to your air fryer’s cord and plug. Inspect the cord first. Does it have physical tears or bends? If so, the wires inside the cord could have broken. 

The breakage leads to electric current leakage. And so power is not reaching your appliance. The plug, too, could be dead. Are the pins shaky? Is there a missing pin? Before fixing the plug, go ahead and check the fuse.

Browning signals a broken fuse. It can no longer regulate the energy that powers your device. Also, a broken fuse means power can’t get into your Ultrean air fryer.

The cord and the plug may need a replacement if they are broken. A plug is affordable. Meanwhile, you can utilize your microwave or grill cord as you plan to buy a new one for your air fryer.

  • Plug Your Air Fryer

There is power in your home, and the sockets and the cords are working; try to plug your air fryer. You might have missed out on this step, especially if you were in a hurry to do things. Plug the oven and follow the turning-on procedure. If you aren’t sure, follow your model’s procedure. Most Ultrean air fryer models use a similar turning-on process. Master the guide to learn how to turn your Ultrean air fryer on and off.

  • Examine The Basket 

The basket is one of the essential accessories for your air fryer. You have to use it effectively to get the unit into operation. An air fryer basket is meshy, and its purpose is to hold ingredients while air frying. 

While using the unit, you have to place it upright in the tray. In turn, the tray catches dripping juices, spatters, and food particles, which may be detrimental to your air fryer. Without the tray, your air fryer will overheat, and smoke as the fats and juices drip on the base of the cooking compartment and burn. 

Insert your basket appropriately to avoid blocking the door while closing. Also, when you install the basket incorrectly, your air fryer will sense that your air fryer isn’t ready to begin roasting, air frying, etc. 

The micro switch won’t allow the appliance to start cooking if the basket tilts. When you place the basket in position, adjust the support hooks to hold it upright. 

  • Inspect The Door

An air fryer door error causes your appliance not to power up. Like the basket, the microswitch won’t respond. It is a modern design to keep you safe. If an air fryer turns on when the door opens, you expect dry batter to fly in all corners of your kitchen. 

Cleanup in such a situation will be an uphill task. Also, the batters can catch fire and smoke your kitchen in minutes. Also, a full closure while operating your air fryer is a safety measure to prevent burns. 

If your door is not closing, check out for;

  • Tilted basket
  • Overcrowding
  • Broken door components
  • Obstructions

Place the basket appropriately and avoid overfilling. Level markings on the crisper basket tell you when you are going overboard with the ingredients. Food residues in the door area can cause obstructions. 

Clear the food debris and clean your air fryer to prevent door blocking. Replace the door if it is broken or the components, like hinges, make it unsafe. A problem with the locking mechanism may mean replacing the entire door. 

  • Determine If It Is A Faulty Circuitry System

After examining the external components of your digital air fryer, it is time to get to the inside. That way, you can find out why your gadget is still not functioning. The circuit system is next on the line; you will find it in the deep interiors. 

Open the case that houses the control board. In the guts, you will find intertwined wires. Each wire sources from the main cord terminal and supplies power to the various components. 

The components in the guts include the fan, buttons, display, heating coil, solenoid, and many others. Be sure to investigate for faulty components. When the components fail, the circuit system will be among the items to examine. Your air fryer’s circuit system may be old, thus requiring an overhaul. 

Consider doing fresh wiring if the gadget is not powering up because of frequent circuit failure. Get your electrician to help. And if you suspect your home’s electrical system is faulty, consider a major overhaul. Never use the system if it is past the recommended timelines. Some circuit systems are way too old to bear your home’s gadgets. 

Talk to a professional if you experience the following;

  • Plastic/wire burning smell
  • Decades-old wiring system
  • Irregular circuit breaker tripping 
  • Hot circuit breakers and socket
  • Melting meter box 
  • Frequent machine breakages
  • Flashing bulbs
  • Abnormal light bulb blow-offs 
  • Shocks

The above errors indicate circuitry problems. Call your electrical engineer to assess the situation and make recommendations. You can call the manufacturer for repairs for your faulty air fryer’s internal wiring. But servicing your air fryer avoids most issues. 

  • Fix The Controls

When examining your Ultrean air fryer wiring system, check the controls. Inspect the;

  • Control board/mother plate
  • Thermostats
  • fan 
  • Heater
  • Solenoid

The control board runs your air fryer operations. Find out if the terminals/wiring to the board is intact. When you check for continuity, you will know if the platform is alive. 

A dead control board will not let your air fryer function. The start button and the micro switch will not function. Call the manufacturer to guide you on what to do. 

You can replace the controls or buy a new unit when the controls are not fixable. That is if the repair cost is higher than getting a new unit. Besides, a new unit will serve you efficiently. 

A new Ultrean air fryer whose warranty is still applicable shouldn’t break your brain. Call the company for a replacement.

  • It’s A Dead Appliance!

After examining the controls, you may discover that your Ultrean air fryer is beyond repair. Such conclusions add up if the gadget is old. It suffers from multiple failures and inefficiency, signaling that you need a new air fryer. Talk to our experts if you have resolved to purchase a new pot. Good luck! 

Ultrean Air Fryer Door Won’t Close

An Ultrean air fryer door not closing well prevents the oven from running. Firstly, it won’t turn on. The fan may not work, and even the display. Many functions will go mute, so you need to resolve the issue to proceed. Here are the primary reasons for the door error;

  • Wrong Door Replacement

Have you recently made a door replacement? You may have received the wrong unit. Countercheck if the dimensions are perfect. A larger door will not fit perfectly on your Ultrean air fryer. When making orders, be prudent to crosscheck if the dealer is genuine. 

Blackmarket shops sell cheap counterfeit spares that do not match the original Ultrean air fryer. The surest way is to reship your machine to the manufacturer for replacements and repairs.

  • Overfilled Air Fryer Basket

If the air fryer basket is over the brim, the door won’t close. The reason is obstruction. Some foods swell when you cook them in your air fryer. An example is a slice of bread, rice, and cakes. They increase double the size and so they may push the door to detach. If you must cook such foods in your air fryer, watch the measures. 

  • Loose Bolts

The bolts that hold your door intact may be loose or broken. You have to tighten or replace the damaged ones. Keep an eye out while making the replacement, or you will get the wrong parts.

  • Broken Door

The door or drawer unit may have broken hence the failure to close. Inspect the door edges and the drawer interiors and repair/replace them. For a missing or broken latch system, you can replace or opt to buy a new door depending on the cost and availability.

  • Blocked Doorway

When there are objects on the way, your door won’t shut. Clean your air fryer and remove food residues that are causing the obstructions. Mostly, it is chips that fell off an overfilled basket.

Ultrean Air Fryer Fan Not Working

The fan is a component in the belly of your air fryer. Its sole purpose is to circulate hot air over your food. That way, the meal gets cooked evenly without undone spots. 

But what happens when the fan is not working? You get desirable results. Your food takes ages to cook, and the outcome is marshy. The golden brown results you see on menu pictorials are only achievable with a functional fan. 

How will you determine that the fan isn’t working? On your air fryer’s control panel, a fan icon blinks when you successfully turn on the appliance. If it doesn’t flash, the fan isn’t spinning or faulty. An active fan will also rotate while making moderate noise, just like your oven. When it isn’t blowing heat on your food, check the following;

Broken Base

The base holds fan blades. It has tiny bearings that help the fan spin at high speed. If the base is shaky, the blades will hang loose and not rotate. A broken base may also mean that the bearings have misaligned. You can attempt to repair a broken base, but our recommendations are you replace the entire fan for better performance. 

Circuit Disconnection

A circuit disconnection on the internal or external wiring will cause your fan to stop working. The reason is the lack of power to power the motor, which spins the fan. Check the socket for power and once you confirm, inspect the cord. Get into the internals and find out if the wires supplying the fan with power are intact. You may need to work on the terminals. 

Broken Blades

If any or all the fan blade breaks and drops, the feature will stop working. Sometimes, the loose or broken blade obstructs the intact one. That stops the operation. To resolve this, call a genuine dealer to deliver a new fan for your air fryer. 


Fallen blades, loose wires, and other objects may block the fan blades from rotating. That stops the fan. Clear off objects out of the blade path. The best approach is to tie the wires neatly so they are not all over your air fryer internals. Any unusable item should get its way out of your air fryer interiors. 


Air fryers come with a switch on the fan. The purpose is to prevent rotation while the appliance is on the display shelves. Reach out for this switch near the base and turn it on. Your air fryer should begin rotating after you power the appliance.

Basket And Door Misalignment

Fit the basket properly in the air fryer tray or grill oven to prevent tilting. Misalignment will cause the door not to close well. In turn, the fan won’t run as the air fryer design includes not turn on when the basket and the door are not in position. We have discussed earlier why the door won’t close. 

In case you missed out on the points;

  • Broken door
  • Loose bolts
  • Blockage
  • Overfilling
  • Wrong door

Sticky Base

It is unbelievable, but an accumulation of dirt, oil, and food residues can cause a sticky situation at the base of your air fryer fan. If you have never cleaned your air fryer interiors for years, the fan may surprise you and fail to rotate. 

Unluckily, you cannot wash your air fryer’s internal system with water. You will blow off the wires. Cleaning requires extra care, so you better take your appliance to a specialist. They will blow off the dirt and unclog the stuck base.

Blown Motor

A motor that is dead cannot power your air fryer fan. The small gadget is powerful enough to spin the fan, but once it dies off, the fan fails. You can test for continuity before calling a tech. If the motor is unfunctional, your tech can deliver a new one and set your appliance working.

Dead Controls

All your air fryer functions operate from the control board. That’s the gadget’s lifeline, so dead controls mean a non-functioning appliance. The fan, thermostat, heater, display, buttons, and all the other features will stop working when the controls die. You have to analyze the situation to ensure that repairs are viable and that the appliance will wake up. If not, opt to buy a new kitchen gadget. 

How To Turn Off Ultrean Air Fryer 

Turning off gadgets is easy. The process is mostly automatic, but you need input, like switching off the socket and pulling out the plug. How do you turn on your Ultrean air fryer

Whether manual or automatic, your air fryer will go off when the time expires. Some models alert you when the time is over and your food is ready. All you need at this stage is to pull out the drawer and observe the status of your food. 

If your meal isn’t ready, you can add extra minutes. Remove your crispy meal and pour it into a serving bowl. Go ahead and pull your air fryer from the socket and wait for it to cool before cleaning it. 

Ultrean Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Failure to heat up is another possible Ultrean air fryer troubleshooting issue. The problem can mess up your cooking plans. The system may have failed due to defects in the heating element or lack of power. So your gadget isn’t heating up, you must examine several parts to move on.

Let’s see the primary cause of a failed heating system.


Damages to your appliance’s thermostat cause heating element failure. The function regulates the heat that cooks your food. Your appliances heater may be intact, but it cannot work independently. It functions together with the thermostat, which sets the temperatures. 

A faulty or dead thermostat will not regulate the temperature requirements for your air fryer. The system works so that unless you replace the thermostat, heating won’t occur. And even if the heating element works, the process will be slow, eventually cooling your air fryer. 

Broken Element

Another reason for not heating up is a broken element. The constant heating processes in the air fryer can raise the chances of breakage. Heater breakage causes an open electrical circuit. When this happens, no further heating can occur. 

Most heating elements are fragile, and so they crack over time. Also, you might accidentally break the element when deep cleaning your appliance. Regular wear and tear occur due to extended usage. That causes low conduction of heat and eventual breakdown. 

Another cause of heating element damage impacts. A fall can cause the fragile parts of your air fryer to break. You can replace the element and get your appliance heating up again. 

Low Or No Voltage

A low or no voltage cannot run your appliance. There will be no heating up at all. Low or no voltage could be your power provider’s fault. It could also be your home’s faulty circuit system. If there is a leakage due to cut wires, your appliance won’t heat up. 

Call the company that supplies you with power. The team knows the nitty-gritty of voltage and other power failure issues. Do not attempt to handle voltage hitches in your home. It is a dangerous exercise that requires professionals.

Temperature Adjustments

You are responsible for adjusting temperature dials to suit your recipe requirements. Setting a lower dial will end up not raising heat from the element. While selecting the measurements, be keen on the recipe’s Fahrenheit and celsius degrees readings. Adjust accordingly.

Time Adjustment

Like the temperature settings, you set up the time dials to match your menu requirements. If the setting is too low, your heating coil will not have sufficient time to heat up. You may conclude that your appliance is faulty, yet you keyed in the wrong minutes. 


Tray, door, and basket errors will not let you proceed to cook unless you rectify the issue. An inclined basket and misplaced tray prevent the door from locking appropriately. The appliance won’t turn on or heat up. Rectify the operating errors to set the appliance working.


Let’s get you to an electronic class, as you may hear this term for the first time. The solenoid is a tiny but complex feature in most heating appliances. Your air fryer’s purpose is to feed the heating element with sufficient power. A broken/dead solenoid means that the heating element is powerless. Your technician can offer a solution by replacing the solenoid. 

Damaged Wires

The heating process is all about complete electric circuits. The circuits comprise thin, fragile wires that can break anytime during usage. When the wires break, the element, among other features in the air fryer, do not function. But this is not a permanent problem as you can reverse it by renewing the wires. Get your electrician to examine the wiring and replace the broken lines.

Control Panel

The heart of your air fryer lies in the control panel. If you touch the panel and its controls, all the functions stall, including the heating unit. Fix the control panel and switch on your air fryer to heat the element. If nothing seems to work, contact your manufacturer.