Step-by-Step Guide to Using an Air Fryer Rotating Basket

Air fryers make cooking a breeze. You can feast on a recipe within a few minutes, plus the results are mouth-watering. The only challenge you will encounter is trying to use a new one. You must have the tips, or else the device will rest on your shelf for years.

The pod-shaped air fryer doesn’t have a rotating basket. And so, it is easy to use. All you need is to pull the drawer, load the air fryer basket, lock it, and you are good to go!

With the oven air fryer, there are a few tips to master. One of those is using the rotating feature. This one operates like the rotisserie in your oven.

But you have to learn a few steps to get the best results. Learn more about this air fryer functionality here. I will also tell you if you can cook wings using the rotating basket and many more. But first, you got to have the features!

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Features Of An Air Fryer Rotating Basket

Whichever the brand, the rotating basket features are similar. Have a look at the features;

  1. Mesh Wire

The air fryer basket comprises a metallic mesh or netting. This metallic mesh is stainless steel and does not rust. Also, it is strong, non-stick, and easy to clean.

You will not get one that does not mesh because air fryers work through convection cooking. By convection, I mean hot air circulating in and out of the cage (basket). Food cooks to a desirable outcome within the cooking time.

2. Cylindrical Shape

Air fryer baskets are cylindrical mesh to allow smooth rotation in the oven. Although the oven is square-shaped, you rarely get a square rotating basket. 

3. Cap/Opening

The cage has an open end or surface and a fitting cap depending on the brand. Some will open on one face/edge or the curved surface. You can flip the cap and fill your treats. The cap locks firmly so the ingredients cannot spill out when the unit is spinning. Also, the cap is removable for easy cleaning.

4. Bracket Design

A rotating basket has jacks on two ends to accommodate the rotating rod. Once you fix your basket, it will realize a 360-degree rotation. So, heating and cooking are consistent. 

5. Lifting Rack/Tongs

Lastly, the rotating basket requires tongs or a lifting rack. These are versatile tools for getting the basket out of your oven.

Depending on your air fryer, you can get the tongs, the lifting rack, or both. Some air fryer ovens will come with a metal spatula or oven mitts. All these are simple-to-use kitchen tools. They provide the perfect grip on the hot basket and prevent burns on your hands.

 You now know all the features of your air fryer rotating basket. Next are the steps to using this air fryer accessory

Like the above features, I will offer general steps. The reason is different brands come with unique user instructions. 

Follow your model’s user manual. But if you find it difficult to stick to the directions, here are 10 straightforward steps for using the rotating basket;

Step 1

Your first step will be to clean the oven and all the accessories. You eliminate manufacturing, storage, and transit dirt and germs. Run the oven for about 10 minutes to remove the manufacturer’s smell.

Step 2

Once the air fryer is cool, remove the mesh basket. Open the cap and fill in your ingredients. The rotating basket is ideal for small pieces of meat, French fries, and veggies.

Observe the amounts and weight. Overfilling the basket can stop the spinning process. Also, your food won’t cook well if you press in more than the basket can hold. You may end up with broken accessories that are hard and costly to get.

Step 3

Lock your food in with the cap. Ensure that it locks perfectly to avoid spillage.

Step 4

This step involves protecting your oven. Slide a wrapped drip pan on the belly of the air fryer. It will tap liquids and food residues from the rotating basket. The reason for wrapping the pan is for easy cleaning.

A foil is effective for this purpose. But ensure you follow your model’s user instructions about using aluminum foil in the oven. You don’t have to worry about stains in the pan. Drip pans are non-stick and easy to clean.

Step 5

Adjust the rotisserie feature to accommodate the basket depending on your air fryer. Lift your basket with tongs, oven mitts, or rack rift and slide it into the axle/rotisserie slot.

 Step 6

Once you fit the rotating basket, lock it basket in place. Ensure both sides are firm to prevent sliding out. 

 Step 7

Lock the oven door and press the rotating feature on display. 

Step 8

Set the meu time and temperature. You can find out whether your air fryer oven requires manual preheating or is automatic. Preheating helps your oven to hit the cooking temperatures right.  

 Step 9

When cooking time expires, your air fryer oven will indicate. Some blink Cool while others indicate End. The process depends on your air fryer. Protect your hands with mitts and open the oven door.

Use the rack lift/tongs to get your basket out of the oven. Insert the lift beneath the basket, lift it, and place it on a clean flat surface.

 Step 10

Empty the basket, serve, and enjoy your crunchy and delicious goodies.

What Do You Cook In An Air Fryer Rotating Basket?

What Do You Cook In An Air Fryer Rotating Baske

It’s no doubt that the rotatable air fryer basket is versatile. Cooking with the unit is not a gamble, as it will give you authentic results. The 360-degree rotation gives it unique abilities. So, you can cook dozens of foods with the basket, as long as they are air fryer-friendly. 

You will find that you cannot grill every food using the rotisserie. At least, the grill is great for a whole turkey or a large lamb chop. Smaller pieces will give you a long field day. Yet, you desire to serve your loved ones mouth-watering roasts. 

Also, you want the best out of your veggies or fries. Though the stationary basket is ideal, the spinning basket gives you the best results. Try the rotatable basket. It will give you the crunchiest outcome. But remember not to stuff a whole chicken in the cage. Instead, use the rotisserie spit.

The basket functions like the rotisserie grill. Once your ingredients are ready, put them in the cylindrical cage and follow the steps I detailed above. Your food will cook in a shorter time than other cooking methods. The end product will be an even golden-brown color. Also, you will get \ a fluffy texture and consistent doneness.

Back to your question! Here are the foods that you can cook in a rotatable air fryer basket;

  • Veggies including Zucchini, potatoes (roasts), brinjals, Brussel Sprouts, mushrooms, 
  • Nuts including cashew nuts, almonds, groundnuts, pistachio, and more
  • Meat dishes like fish fillets, drumsticks, sausages, chopped lamb, and beef.
  • French fries, wedges, and crisps
  • Chewy desserts, etc. 

 Can You Cook Wings In Air Fryer Rotating Basket?

Can You Cook Wings In Air Fryer Rotating Basket

If you have a pack of frozen chicken wings, try to cook them in a rotating basket. Using the rotisserie rod may prove difficult as the wings are asymmetrical. Toss them in the mesh cage and load your air fryer.

The results will be better than putting them in a non-rotating basket. You will not need to turn the wings mid-cooking, as the rotator does it for you until the end. The cooking time will be less and the outcome better.

Other chicken parts that you can try with the rotating basket include drumsticks, gizzards, and other small pieces. The rotatable basket is easy to use and saves you time. You can do other tasks without thinking about uncooked portions and pieces.

Tips For Using The Air Fryer Rotating Basket;

  • Roasts seeds and nuts at high temperatures to get an excellent taste and texture.
  • Do not overfill your rotatable basket. Cooking is faster in a basket that carries the recommended capacity.
  • Cook only air fryer-friendly foods. Some foods can smoke or cause a fire.
  • Do not spray your food with excess oil. Aerosol oil sprays peel your basket. Buy a mister for specific recipes that require oil. Or, you can rub the oil on the surface of your food. That is if necessary; otherwise, there is no need, as the air fryer is an oilless cooker.  
  • Observe the cooking time and temperature for various foods. The rotating basket does not regulate the temperature. It facilitates quick cooking and better results.
  • Ensure that your air fryer machine supports the rotating basket. That is, if it didn’t come with one. If you purchase a rotatable basket separately, ensure it is the right size.
  • Use a drip pan to tap food juices and fats from the basket. Also, the basket will catch residues and protect your oven from stains and smoking.
  • Do not use a defaced rotating basket. The cage should be intact with no dents or holes. Also, the brackets and the lifting rods should be intact. 
  • If you notice any rust on the mesh basket, dispose of it, as it can contaminate your food. Buy durable stainless steel or any other durable and rustproof material.
  • Keep your air fryer accessories dry and clean, including the rotating basket. 

Enjoy your delights!

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