Why Is My Air Fryer Basket Not Rotating?

If you have been using an air fryer oven, you may have encountered this irritating hitch. The basket not rotating will frustrate your efforts to deliver a great meal on time. But this is not strange! Many users face the issue with oven-type air fryers. So, it shouldn’t kill your air-frying morale. 

And by rotating, I mean the oven design of air fryers. The basket type of air fryer doesn’t turn. It stays in a fixed position in the cooking compartment. You can only pull the drawer and flip over your food, which is a disadvantage. Forgetting to keep an eye on the stationary air fryer basket means a bad outcome. 

The air fryer basket rotates in an oven at 360 degrees. That is, if the oven features to support a rotating/rotisserie basket. The results are impressive hence the increased desire to own an air fryer oven.    

Only some portions of your food will cook with a faulty oven if the basket is not rotating. The outcome is either half cooked or marshy dish. 

So, if you have just noticed your air fryer basket is not rotating, have your answers in this blog.

I will share with you several tips and steps to rectify the hitch. But first, we start with why your air fryer basket is not rotating.

1. Overloaded Air Fry Basket

With a rotisserie or rotating air fryer basket, the craving will tempt you to stash in your veggies, French fries, fish, or meat. You can cook everything at once, but I do not advise that. This practice damages your air fryer. 

Besides stalling the spinning process, it can break some components, such as the drum, motor, and spindle. I bet that’s more costly than cooking in bits! So, please do not overload your rotisserie basket, as it will not rotate. 

If you observe a rotation that is not normal, stop your oven and check. You may have stashed in extra pounds in the mesh drum. Reduce the amounts and cook in bits. The outcome will be stunning.

2. Defaced Basket

What is the condition of your air fry basket? An old and defaced basket can frustrate your efforts. The mesh should be in good shape without dents or broken parts. Also, a faulty rod will not allow your basket to rotate. 

Inspect the basket and its components and look out for the best solution. For instance, you can straighten the bends. If it is not possible, do a basket replacement. Air fryer mesh baskets are available online or in physical stores near you.

3. Incorrect Installation

An incorrect installation of the mesh basket and its rotating parts will make the rotating pa. You need to check the axle slot and the basket rotation. 

Depending on the model, connect the right edge of the drum to the rotisserie slot. The left edge should go into the spindle shaft socket. Ensure that the unit is in place to ensure a smooth rotation. Also, the rotating basket should be firm so it won’t detach when cooking.  

4. Power Disconnection

Any cooking process with an air fryer oven requires electric power. The buttons, rotisserie, rotating mesh basket, and all other operations will not function without power. Before you set up your menu:

  • Ensure there is power. Your air fryer display should illuminate when you plug in your device.
  • If not, check whether there is power in the house.
  • Inspect your air fryer oven’s outlet, plug, and general well-being.

After solving your power connection issues, your air fryer basket should rotate smoothly. That is, if all other factors are all right.

5. Broken Down Air Fryer Oven

A burnt motor, broken controls, and faulty electrical components will cause your air fryer basket to stop spinning. Once you have inspected the power connection, get down to the controls, wiring, and motor. 

A simple element such as non-faulty buttons can cause the entire oven to malfunction. That also includes the rotisserie basket, not to rotate. Determine the age of your air fryer oven. An obsolete machine will frustrate you in terms of performance.

What Is A Rotating Basket?

A rotating basket is also called a rotisserie cage/basket. A mesh basket holds your ingredients when cooking in an air fryer oven. Note that the rotating basket is not a feature in the basket air fryers. 

In basket air fryers, the mesh air fryers do not rotate. They sit in the drawer, so you can only manually turn or shake the food. 

Also, in oven air fryers, we have non-rotating baskets that sit and cook your food without rotating. We are not discussing those. Have a look at the features of a rotating air fryer basket;

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  • Components

The rotating basket has a drum and two spindles/axles at the edges. The axles are similar to the rotisserie ones, which attach diagonally to the ends of the air fryer. 

This basket rotates with the help of the motor. The motor is automatic and runs when you press the button on the control panel.

Usually, the rotating basket comprises a durable and metallic stainless-steel mesh. A quality one will not deform or rust. Also, the best rotating basket should be non-stick and toxic-free, with no PFTE, PFOA, or BPA elements.

  • Performance

This one is different, unlike the regular air fryer basket, which stays still in the drawer or oven. Its performance is a 360-degree rotation. So, the cycle turns your food to get uniform heating and become crustier. 

  • Benefits

There are many benefits you will reap by using a rotating basket;

  • It is versatile, as you can use it for grilling, air frying, and roasting. Some people use the rotating basket to roast their nuts and coffee.
  • The basket is easy to detach from the oven before emptying and cleaning.
  • You will not need to flip your food midway as it turns automatically.

Is The Air Fryer Basket Supposed To Rotate?

Not all air fryer baskets rotate! The rotating features are unique and depend on the manufacturer’s design. 

While shopping for an air fryer, you will find two styles; the oven and basket type. Both are countertop designs, but the oven type resembles a microwave, thus taking a rectangular shape. 

The basket air fryer is cylindrical and has a drawer that holds the basket in place. You have to pull out the drawer to access the basket. To flip your treats, you have to do it manually. Pull the drawer out and turn your food. 

For the oven type, open the door and take your rotisserie, basket, or tray out.

The basket air fryer does not rotate. Also, some oven designs do not have the above function. 

With the designs becoming more sophisticated, you can insert a rotating basket on the rotisserie slot and grill your treats. Removing and turning your food will not be necessary as the drum rotates until the food cooks to your liking. 

Here’s the takeaway; only the oven types of air fryers have a rotating feature.

Should An Air Fryer Rotate?

As I have elaborated above, an oven air fryer has a rotating feature (rotisserie slot) for fitting the mesh drum. If you press the rotisserie button, your basket will rotate until your food is well-cooked. It works like the rotisserie component. The mesh is a cage with an opening side where you open and place your ingredients. 

Some foods you can cook in the rotating drum/mesh/basket include Brussels sprouts, zucchini, chicken wings, ribeye, and more. You can cook your whole chicken on the rotisserie rod. But if you have small pieces of meat, drumsticks, pork ribs, and breasts, you can stack them in the basket. Do not overfill to allow good airflow.

The basket air fryer has fewer mobile parts, so it does not rotate. If you buy this type of air fryer, do not expect it to turn. When cooking, open the drawer and remove the basket. Flip or shake so that your food cooks consistently.

Which Air Fryer Rotates Food?

The oven type of air fryer will rotate your food without turning it manually. The outcome is perfect. And so, if you are looking for one, you can try out any of these brands;

The above list does not limit you to the major brands in the market. Learn more about our guides about air fryer ovens with rotating baskets.

You can upgrade if your oven doesn’t come with the rotating basket. Find out if it has a rotisserie mode. You can also ask the air fryer experts. If the feature is ideal for a rotating air fryer basket, go ahead and order. 

The most important thing you must remember is your air fryer’s size (dimensions). Take photos that describe your air fryer and send them to your dealer. That way, he gets you the correct rotating basket. You can also email the user manual to enable them to decide between shipping the basket to you.

What Is Rotisserie Mode?

The rotisserie mode in your air fryer uses heat radiation from the top element. After loading the skewer with your meat, you mount it on the rotisserie slot in the middle of the oven. 

Your oven will preheat first before it hits your desired temperature. However, this depends on the model, as there are ovens that require you to press the preheat buttons. 

Press the rotisserie mode on the panel. The axle will rotate the loaded skewer in the middle of the oven, thus allowing your food to receive even heating on all sides. Also, the rotation is 360 degrees and consistent until the cooking time is over. This turning enables your meat to cook to perfection.  

This unique feature is an integral part of your air fryer oven. You can load your rotating basket and position it on the rotisserie slot. Select the rotate (rotisserie) icon, and your food cooks perfectly. Your barbecues will cook slowly but come out succulent and crunchy.

The rotisserie is thus an absolute mode for your air fryer oven. You can try this unique feature to air-fry your veggies and roast your meats. However, do not use this mode for battered chicken. 

How Does The Rotating Basket Work On The Instant Vortex?

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If you have the Instant Vortex air fryer oven, you have a gem in your kitchen. This oven can bake, roast, fry, and serve a variety of menus in your kitchen. 

The Instant Vortex air fryer oven comes with a rotisserie feature. It includes a mesh basket that rotates just like the rotisserie skewer. The unit comes as a cylindrical mesh or netting. 

This astounding design allows air circulation in and out of the basket. It is a convection type of cooking where hot air circulates in your food until it is ready.

Once you load the basket and press start, it slowly and consistently rotates in the oven and cooks your food until it’s ready. All that is without a need for turning or shaking your dish manually. 

So how does this magic basket work in the instant vortex? Watch out for nine simple steps here; 

How to Use the Instant Vortex Rotating Basket: Steps

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  1. The mesh basket has an open end and a fitting cap. That’s the end where you fill in your food. Place the cylinder on the countertop and unlock the lid.

2. Once you put in the right amounts, lock the lid firmly. You have to ensure only the right amount of food goes in. Overfilling may cause a slow or no rotation due to excess weight.

Also, your food will cook poorly as there is no space for hot air circulation. Remember that your air fryer depends on heat circulating consistently. If some portions of your food get hot air continuously, they cook faster than others.

3. Place the drip tray on the bottom of your oven. This step is essential to protect your oven surface from food crumbs, juices, and grease. Remember to wrap the tray with foil to keep it from stains and make it easy to clean after cooking. 

4. Move to the rotisserie feature on the oven. You have to make some lever adjustments to fit your rotating basket. So, locate the red lever on the left side of the oven door, and slide it over severally. Do this until the rotisserie slot is ready. Next, hold your basket in place, and lift the basket.

5. Lift your basket and slide it into the oven. You don’t have to use your bare hands to fit the rotating basket. Your instant vortex comes with a unique fork for this job. 

The metallic tool will lift the basket in and out of the oven. Fit it on the edges of the basket and lift it. Position the basket in the oven and fit it into the axle slot. 

6. Lock the basket in place on both sides to prevent sliding out. 

7. Close the oven and press the rotating feature. Set your desired or the right temperature and time. The Instant Vortex air fryer oven will begin preheating before heating hits the temperature settings for your menu. 

8. Once the time is over, your Instant Vortex will blink Cool. After a few moments, it will indicate an End. Please open the door as it is time to take your basket out. 

9. Wear protective gloves before holding the fork to lift the basket. Insert the split ends underneath the basket and lift it. Place your rotating basket on a dry tray and empty your treats. Kudos, enjoy your munches!