How To Turn Off Breville Toaster Oven?

The toaster oven is a darling in many kitchens. Its ability to do many things gets it above a regular oven. And so, if you have a Breville toaster oven you know what I’m talking about.

It is a smart machine with 13 easy-to-use functions, including Toast, Roast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Fry, Pizza, and Cookies. And guess what? The Breville smart oven has Slow Cook and Dehydrate functions. With all these features, it is a fact that this best-rated toaster oven requires a bit of mastering to deliver perfect results. 

For instance, you must know how to turn off the Breville toaster oven. On the dashboard, press down the START/CANCEL knob. The oven’s illumination will go off. Also, learn how to turn on a Breville toaster oven, among other essential tips. 

How To Turn OnBreville Toaster Oven?

One of the basic prompts in an appliance is turning it on. The simple touch powers the machine and gets it ready to work. You can turn on your Breville toaster oven to make your cookies, chicken, brownies, turkey, and any other casseroles of your choice. Of course, the first process to power the smart oven involves plugging it into the wall source.

That’s not enough, so follow these steps to ensure your new oven is ready. We are assuming that you just brought in a brand-new toaster oven, so get ready to learn;

Step 1: Unwrap Your Toaster Oven

The primary step is to ensure that your machine is free of wrappings. Peel them off. Using your appliance with the material makes it smell of plastic or chemicals. It is also a hazard as the wrappings can smoke and spike a fire. Also, remove all the accessories and clean them.

Step 2: Wipe Your Toaster Oven Interiors And Exteriors

Never skip this step. Use a wet tablecloth (not too wet to drip). This step ensures that your appliance is free from dust and dirt accumulated during manufacturing, storage, and shipping.

Step 3: Plug In Your Breville Toaster Oven Into A Power Outlet

This step gives your appliance power because it is an electric gadget. Ensure that the power cord is intact and that the plug is functional. When you insert the power cord into the socket, your Breville toaster oven will produce an alert sound, and the LCD will light up.

Step 4: Rotate The FUNCTION Knob

Dial this button until it is at the PIZZA, Air Fry, or the desired function. The LCD Should indicate a preset temperature of 400°F. Also, the oven has a preset temperature for frozen foods. This preset will display as FROZEN FOODS.

Step 5: Change Your Cooking Temperature And Time

Do this by pressing the TEMP/TIME knob at the center. To reduce the heat/time, dial the button to the left or the right if you want to increase the dials. Remember that the TEMP/TIME knob doubles as Darkness and Slice control on the Bagel and Toast features).

Step 6: Select A Cooking Function

On your Breville toaster oven’s dashboard, you can select Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Fry, Pizza, Cookies, Slow Cook, or Dehydrate. The selection depends on what you want to cook. There are up to 13 cooking functions.

Step 7: Press Down The START/CANCEL Knob

This button activates your Breville toaster oven. Ensure that there is an action on the device. The oven’s knob should have a red illumination while the oven will sound an alert. Check if the LCD screen illuminates orange. Also, depending on the function of your choice, the oven may get into a preheating mode. If so, the screen will indicate PREHEATING in a blinking mode. 

Step 8:  Place Your Dish

When preheating is over, the temperature alarm will sound, and the timer will show.  

After the preheating blink stops, place your food on the rack or tray and close the toaster oven door.  

Step 9: Press START/CANCEL

After closing the oven, press the START/CANCEL button again to reactivate the oven. The knob will again have a red illumination, and the LCD will turn orange. The time will show and begin to count down. 


  • You can adjust the cooking time/temp during the cooking.
  • Do not place food during the preheating period. Wait until the PREHEATING blink stops.
  • Not all selections (functions) will set the oven in a preheating mode.

That’s it! As we have seen, turning on your Breville toaster oven isn’t only plugging it into the wall source but also a complete process that includes preheating and selecting the cooking function.

How To Turn Off Rotate Remind On Breville Toaster Oven?

If you have no clue about the purpose of the Rotate Remind on your Breville toaster oven, you have got our back. We will explain! The feature comes in handy when cooking your foods in different racks.

It is a built-in reminder to flip or turn your dish to facilitate even cooking and the correct doneness. The Rotate Remind feature does not come with all the functions in your oven. It only works in the following features;

  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Warm
  • Cookie
  • Proof
  • Reheat
  • Pizza
  • Air Fry
  • Dehydrate

Almost all features! But wait, three are missing: Slow Cook, Broil, Toast, and Bagel. If you feel that the Rotate Remind feature is a nuisance (it shouldn’t be), these two solutions should work out for you:

  1. Using The Select/Confirm Knob
  • Confirm if the Rotate Remind button is indeed on. The feature shows on the LCD below the timer as ROTATE REMIND.
  • Go to the dashboard and locate the SELECT/CONFIRM dial.
  • Press it in, dial, and turn it off. The Rotate Reminder will disappear from the screen.

2. Using The Breville Toaster Oven Door

This is only a one-step solution. Open the door to deactivate the Rotate Remind feature. Once you close it, the feature will remain inactive.

You can revisit your decision to turn off the Rotate Remind feature on your Breville toaster oven any day, any time. And turn the function, follow these steps;

Step 1:

Dial the SELECT/CONFIRM knob and ensure the indicator touches your desired function, e.g., Pizza, Roast, Bake, etc.

Step 2:

Press the dial until the ROTATE REMIND displays on the LCD.

Step 3:

Select your cooking function. The Rotate Remind will alert you when it is time to flip your food. It flashes on the screen and beeps after every 30 seconds.

Step 4:

When you open the door, the feature will stop or disable. You can also disable it by pressing and turning off the SELECT/CONFIRM knob.

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