How To Clean Hamilton Beach Blender? A Perfect Guide

Hamilton Beach is one of the best and popular kitchen appliances manufacturer companies in the present market. The company’s all products including blenders are highly appreciated for their quality, durability, effectiveness, and price worldwide.

Anyway, probably you are a user of a Hamilton Beach blender and searching for the simplest and effective tips and tricks about cleaning it. If we are right, you are in the absolutely right place.

Read this article until the end to find a complete guideline about how to clean Hamilton Beach blender easily and quickly? Here you will also find some important hints about how you can the best use of your Hamilton Beach blender?

Note: Our given tips and tricks are suitable for all models and series of Hamilton Beach blenders. So applying these tips and tricks, you can clean any Hamilton Beach blenders effortlessly without facing any problem.

How To Clean Hamilton Beach Blender?

Cleaning any appliance before and after use is a complicated, annoying, and time-consuming matter for almost every person. It is more complicated, annoying, and time-consuming for those who do not know the right tips and tricks and don’t find the right tool’s help about cleaning the appliance.

However, we think cleaning a Hamilton Beach blender will be very simple for you if you can follow your Hamilton Beach blender user manual and our below-given tips and tricks step by step perfectly.

You know a Hamilton Beach blender comes with including cutting-blades, base, gasket, lid, jar, filler cap, safety base, and control panel attachment. Below we have shown how to clean these parts separately step by step.

Requirement Equipment For Cleaning a Hamilton Beach Blender’s Every Part!

Note: Before cleaning your Hamilton Beach blender, you have to take apart the blender’s parts from each other by following the Hamilton Beach use manual.

If you don’t understand the user manual instruct and fail to apart the parts following the user manual, you can visit this article: How To Assemble and Disassemble Hamilton Beach Blenders Parts?

Following this article’s information, you can easily, quickly, and securely assemble and disassemble your Hamilton Beach blender.

How To Clean Cutting Blades?

Cleaning Hamilton Beach blender cutting blades is very easy, but you have to be more careful and take more care while cleaning the blades as the blades are super sharp. 

To clean Hamilton Beach blender blades, first, wear protective gloves on both hands. And then, maintaining a safe distance, clean your blender blades using hot, soapy water carefully and slowly. Then rinse the blades under the running freshwater for 30 more seconds.

Clean the blades until they become clean thoroughly and let them dry. For drying the blades, keep them under a running fan in the kitchen or wipe them with a dry cloth or towel. And then keep the blades in a safe place.

Note: You can also clean the cutting blades in the dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe, but hand wash is the easiest, quickest and secure way to clean the cutting blades.

How To Clean Lid?

Cleaning the Hamilton Beach blender lid is very easy. For cleaning the lid, take the lid in one hand and a toothbrush in your other free hand. Then soak the toothbrush into the hot soapy water and rub the whole lid with the toothbrush.

Continue rubbing the whole lid until it becomes thoroughly clean. At last, rinse the lid with fresh water and let it dry by keeping it under the running fan or air.

How To Clean Gasket?

Cleaning the Hamilton Beach blender gasket is also very easy. For cleaning the gasket, take it hand and wash it thoroughly with soapy warm water. And then rinse the gasket using the freshwater, and dry it thoroughly.

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How To Clean Hamilton Beach Blender Jar?

There are a few easy ways to clean the Hamilton Beach blender container.

Way one: Hand-wash

For cleaning the jar, carefully (if plastic) wash it with hot, soapy water, and then rinse it with fresh water. And at last, dry it thoroughly by keeping it under a running fan or wiping it thoroughly with a dry towel.

If the jar is glass may be washed in the automatic dishwasher, but we don’t recommend cleaning the jar in the dishwasher.

Way Two: Quick Clean

For cleaning the jar:

  • Take the jar and pour it with two cups of hot water (50 degrees Celsius) and one drop of liquid dishwashing detergent or half a teaspoon of detergent powder in it.
  • Run your blender on ”Quick-clean” for more than 10 seconds.
  • Discard the used hot, soapy water from the jar and rinse the jar with clean-freshwater.  

Note: Quick clean function is not suitable for regular cleaning. 

How To Clean Hamilton Beach Blender Filler Cap?

Cleaning Hamilton Beach blender jar filler cap/ jar cover is also easy, like the above-mentioned Hamilton Beach blender parts.

First, take the jar filler cap or cover on the one hand and a toothbrush on the other hand. Then soak the brush into the hot, soapy water and rub the filler cap inside and out thoroughly with the brush. Then rinse the filler cap/ cover with clean water & dry it thoroughly.

You can clean the filler cap or cove in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe.

How To Clean Safety Bach?

For cleaning Hamilton Beach Blender’s safety base, you don’t have to pay much attention and effort.

For cleaning the safety base, take it hand and wash it with hot soapy water. Then rinse it, and dry it thoroughly.

How To Clean Control Panel and Cord?

The cord and control panel of the Hamilton Beach blender is not water or other liquids safe as they are both electric component.

To clean the power cord and control panel, take a damp kitchen cloth or towel and wipe them with it thoroughly. For removing the stubborn spots from the control panel and power cord, use a non-abrasive cleanser.

Note: Don’t clean the control panel and cord in the dishwasher because they are not dishwasher safe. And to protect against the risk of shock, never put them in the water or any other liquids.

How To Clean Hamilton Beach Blender Base?

The motor base of the Hamilton Beach blender is also an electric component like the cord and control panel. And according to the Hamilton Blender user manual, it is not dishwasher or water, or liquids safe.

 So never try to clean it in the dishwasher or using water or any other liquids substance.  And never put the motor base in the water or any other liquids to protect against the risk of electrical shock.

To clean the base, place the base on a clean and dry surface and then wipe it with a damp cloth or towel until it becomes thoroughly clean. For removing the stubborn spots from the motor base, use a non-abrasive cleanser.

After wiping the base with a damp cloth or towel, keep it under a running fan to dry it thoroughly.

How To Clean Hamilton Beach Blender Seal?

Some Hamilton Beach blenders come with a lid and lid seal. If your blender comes with a lid seal, then wash it with hot, soapy water thoroughly. Then rinse with some clean water and dry it thoroughly. 

And according to the Hamilton Beach blender user manual, don’t clean the seal in the dishwasher because it is not dishwasher safe.

Important Hints for Best Use Of Your Hamilton Beach Blender

How do you use a Hamilton Beach blender? All instructions are given in the user manual of Hamilton Beach blender. But everything cannot be understood easily from the user manual.

Below I have enlisted a few important hints about how you can the best use of your Hamilton Beach blender easily. You will find the best service for a long time from your blender if you can follow the below’s important tips.

  • Try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly while using Hamilton Beach blender.
  • In order to protect against the risk of electrical shock, never put the power cord, motor or base, plug, control panel in the water, or any other liquids substances.
  • Clean the whole blender before and after every use.
  • Don’t use the blades and jar if they become damaged or dull.
  • Always use the blender placing on a clean, dry, and open surface. And always store the blender in a safe and room-temperature place. 
  • Always maintain a safe distance from the blender while blending so that you can avoid the risk of any personal injury and damage to the blender. Use a rubber spatula if you can while running the blender.
  • Always use the half-full cool water in the jar while crushing the ice cubes.
  • Don’t store the blender in the freezer when the blender is filled with food or liquids because it may damage the cutting blades of your blender.
  • Always replace the blender container after stopping the base completely.
  • If any parts of your Hamilton Beach blender become damaged or useless for your careless or excessive use, don’t get worried. Visit this Hamilton Beach Blender Replacement Parts Reviews to find the best replacement parts for Hamilton Beach Blenders.
  • You can also call the Hamilton Beach customer service number to get replacement parts for Hamilton Blenders without any charge.  If you live in the U.S, then call 1-800851-8900 and if you live in Canada, then call 1-800-267-2826 to communicate with the customer service number.

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Final Verdict

Cleaning a Hamilton Beach Blender is very easy. Just you have to think about it easily and slowly. Also, you have to give enough effort to clean it.

Hopefully, our above-given tips and tricks will help you clean and use your blender easily, quickly, and perfectly.  And also help you to find the best results from your Hamilton Beach blender for a long time.

Anyway, have you found a complete guideline about How to Clean Hamilton Beach Blender from this article? If you found and feel this article is helpful to you, then share it with others.

And don’t hesitate to leave comments in the below’s comment section if you have any questions in mind. We will reply to your comment instantly.

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