Why Were Microwaves Invented Hamsters?

If you were born the other day, you might not know when exactly Engineer Percy Spencer invented microwaves. Besides, you may think they were invented explicitly for cooking and reheating food. But, while on the go, you might come across people saying that microwaves were invented hamsters. Glad that you are here; let us take a look at why this was so.

In fact, the truth is that there are several people out there who discovered the microwave oven. But, at first, they were mainly meant to heat a frozen hamster. After heating a frozen hamster on about 1000W, it began moving and wandering around.

As you know, a hamster is a small pet that you will enjoy having in your home. But, during the cold season, it can freeze to the extent you want to try anything to keep it warm. The traditional people found it worth microwaving the hamster to bring it back to life.

Gladly, the method worked. Nonetheless, you must be careful because if you exceed the needed time for heating this hamster, you will find it dead.

What causes hamsters to blow up when you put them in the microwave?

Unless your hamster finds its way in the microwave while moving around, you can put it yourself to make it warm. Generally, if you choose to do that, you must be careful. Beware, if it takes longer in a running microwave, the pet will explode by electromagnetic radiation.

Wondering how? I am glad you are here. I will try everything possible to let you know what makes the hamster explode. Stay tuned.

Prove me right. Being in a running microwave is the same as being in a hot pocket. Therefore, the chances of feeling to be suffocated are high. Besides, other things take place in the process. A few of them are as follows.

A hamster is a living animal. Hence, its body is made up of blood, water, and other fluids. The heat present in a running microwave oven tends to heat up the water molecules available in the pet’s body fluids. During the heating process, science states that the liquid water will expand. 

Unfortunately, the hamster’s body will not expand. Therefore, it will end up blowing out.

Before it explodes, the hamster is already dead due to the body’s increased temperature. Such a death is very painful.

I would urge and request you not to try this at home. And if it is a must, please ensure this is only done for a few seconds with minimal heat.

To avoid your lovely hamster undergoing that painful death, I suggest you ensure your microwave is free from unnecessary things before running it.

Remember, these creatures are tiny. Hence, if they are out of their cages, they might find their way to microwave ovens whose door is open and have their rest there.

Besides, your curious kids might have been playing with the pet only to put it in the microwave and forget. Prevent this by checking what is in the microwave before running it.