0.7 Cu Ft Microwave Dimensions: What Size Plate Is In A .7 Cu. Ft Microwave?

If you are on your way to purchasing an oven, you might want to determine a 0.7 cu ft microwave dimensions. Measuring the exact size can be daunting for you, hence the need for this guide.

All you need to grasp is that a .7 cu ft microwave measures 17.5 inches in length, 12.75 inches in depth, and 10.25 inches in height. These measurements are equivalent to 44.5 cm in length, 32.4 cm in depth, and 26 cm in height.

The above oven dimensions make the 0.7 cubic ovens among the smallest microwaves on the market. But don’t worry about the capacity, as it can serve 2-4 adults. Have a look at the below table for clarity.

 0.7 Cu Ft Microwave Dimensions Table


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What Size Plate Is In A .7 Cu. Ft Microwave?

Usually, the plate size that can fit in a microwave and rotate freely is not easy to determine unless you check the manufacturer’s specifications. The reason is that the microwave’s internal capacity varies with the model. 

.7 cu. ft. microwave refers to the oven’s internal capacity or the inside space’s volume. So, the dimensions are the total volume that the oven can hold. The size of the plate that can spin inside your 0.7 cu. ft. varies with the microwave design and its configuration. You can only measure the plate’s diameter to determine the perfect size in your .7 cu. ft. microwave. 

The range is between 9 and 12 inches, and sometimes more. There are .0.7 cu. Ft. models that have turntable plates measuring 10.75 in glass turntable. For such sizes, you can fit a 10.5-inch dinner plate.

Is .7 Cubic Feet Small For A Microwave?

Ideally, we do not base microwave measurements on the outer shell. The dimensions are the cubic footage for the oven’s interior. So, its capacity allows you to cook a specific amount of food. On whether the .7 cubic feet capacity is small for a microwave, that’s not so.

Your choice of the perfect size depends on your family. For most families with three to four members, a 0.7 cu. ft. microwave is large enough for cooking, baking, grilling, and more.

This oven is also powerful for all your heating needs. For restaurants, schools, and other industrial kitchens, a larger unit than the 0.7 cubic feet microwave is a better choice, as they need a larger capacity and more powerful microwave. Also, consider your countertop or built-in space before determining if a .7 cubic feet capacity is tiny for a microwave.  

Best .7 Cubic Feet Microwave

Can You Fit A Dinner Plate In A .7 Cubic Foot Microwave?

All microwaves can hold a dinner plate, depending on the oven size. Also, the dinner plate material matters. You can fit a microwave-friendly dinner plate in your .7 cubic foot microwave

Regarding the dinner plate size, these ovens have a wide range of dimensions. So, you can fit different dinner plate sizes depending on the oven capacity.

If you have been window shopping, you must know if your standard dinner plate will fit in a .7 cubic foot oven. You need to know that microwaves are small, medium, and large. Each one fits different dinner plate sizes, depending on the internal capacity. 

The smallest microwave, which could be about 0.5 cu. ft., while the largest is 2.2 cu. ft. So, a .7 cu. ft. microwave is a medium size.

A medium-sized microwave can fit a 14-inch diameter diner plate. A large microwave can hold different dinner plate sizes. 

Is 700 Watts Good For A Microwave?

Besides the dimensions of a microwave, the wattage is another crucial detail you must consider before purchasing. The wattage tells you more about the oven’s performance. Wattage means the electric power that your oven uses to produce heat.   

A high wattage means that the microwave has more heating power. But the gadget will guzzle your power and subject you to high power bills. A low-power microwave might save you on electric bills, but the speed, efficiency, and capabilities are also lower. 

The 700-watt microwave is a low-power oven. Though its efficiency may not be equal to a 1000-watt oven, it still has adequate heating capabilities. It is slower in heating and might take longer than a high-power microwave.

You will find tasks such as cooking and defrosting taking longer in such a 1000W microwave. But when you compare it with a lower-watt microwave, the 700-watt microwave is suitable for a small family whose cooking items are smaller. Consider a higher wattage if your family is bigger than four members or you are looking for an industrial microwave. 

Besides the wattage, there are other dozen factors that you can consider before buying a microwave;

  • Presets features
  • Versatility
  • Cooking features
  • Heat and sensor technology
  • Alexa features
  • Strength
  • Dimensions
  • Quality
  • Cooking requirements 
  • Voltage
  • Brand
  • Reviews
  • Cost
  • Guarantee & Warranty

How Big Is A 0.7 Microwave?

A 0.7 microwave has internal dimensions of 17.5-inches long, 12.75- inches deep, and 10.25 inches tall. If you are more conversant with centimeter measurements, the above is equivalent to 44.5 x 32.4 x 26 cm (length, depth, and height).

A 0.7 microwave may be big or small, depending on your requirements. For a family of two to four people, the capacity is enough. If you are hunting for a microwave for a restaurant or communal use, the 0.7 one will not be big enough. You might need a bigger capacity, say 2.2 microwaves.

The above dimensions refer to the volume of the oven or the inside space available for cooking your treats. There are smaller and bigger microwaves than the 0.7.so when buying an oven, note that the capacity is the inner chamber where you place your food for cooking.