Cuisinart Stick Blender Not Working? 6 issues fix here

A Cuisinart stick blender is a lovely kitchen appliance. I love using it to make my baby food, smoothies, mayonnaise, puree soup, and more. This blender is different from standard appliances. After using the mixer, rinse and then toss in a dishwasher.

If you love working with small appliances in your kitchen, a stick blender will work best for you. It features a sleek design. Thus, occupy a small size of your countertop or storage space. Besides, it is portable.

Sometimes you may realize your favorite immersion blender is not working. Don’t worry! This is a regular issue for any appliance.

In this guide, I will outline some possible reasons why your Cuisinart stick blender is not working and how to fix them.

Why is My Cuisinart Stick Blender Not Working?

There are countless reasons a Cuisinart stick blender can stop working. Following, I will outline a few and how you can fix them. keep reading to understand more.

  1. Faulty Safety Switch

Safety switches are the best devices to monitor the current movement through electrical wiring. Many things can cause the safety features of a blender to trip. These challenges can be due to excess flow. If your appliance is heavily used, tearing and wearing will be the reason for the performance issues.

Possible Solution

Resetting is the first thing you need to do If the blender switch goes off. If it trips again after connecting, you should unplug your appliances. Then you need to reset the blender switch and reconnect them one at a time. This step is crucial since you will discover the one causing the trip.

  1. Power cord issues

A power cord is an electrical cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the main electricity supply. This can be through an extension cord or socket. If the blades of your blender are not turning, then the power cord connection can be a big issue. You can check whether the plug end is connected properly to the wall outlet. If the problem is not over, you can look for a solution.

Possible Solution

It is possible to fix most blender cords by yourself. First, you need to disconnect the blender cord from the outlet. Make sure the cord is unplugged completely before working on it. The next step will be to inspect the blender for broken wires or other signs of damage.

Also, you can use electrical tape to repair superficial damage. Otherwise, you can contact a trained electrician when you find it hard to fix by yourself.

  1. Outlet Failure

A power outlet is a device a blender is connected to provide electricity. If you connect your blender to the outlet and find it not working, the main cause can be a tripped circuit breaker. There are also some incidents where the plug falls out of the outlet.

It is good to check if the fuse is working correctly. If not, immediate fixing is necessary.

Possible Solution

A tester is the best tool to ensure the outlet has no power. Unscrew the outlet from the wall to determine the problem affecting the outlet. After that, you can replace it for better functioning of your stick blender.

  1. Blender Smoking While in Use

Sometimes you can find smoke coming from your blender switch. This indicates the switch burning because of juices, spices, and liquids while in use. The switch is essential for your blender to turn on and off. There is a need to find a solution when smoke comes out around its switch.

Possible Solution

Smoke coming out of the Cuisinart blender is not a good thing. This always means something is not alright with your machine and must be fixed before damaging it ultimately.

Overheating is the common reason for smoke to come from your blender. If you are using your appliance too much, it can overheat and emit smoke. To fix this issue, you need to allow it to cool down before using it again.

Lowering the machine while blending hot, like smooth or soup, will also help your blender not overheat.

Using something oily can also cause your blender to smoke. A small amount of oil can get to your motor, and smoke smells like burning oil when hot. Therefore, check all you use when blending to avoid future challenges.

  1. Faulty Motor

The Cuisinart blender has a motor at the base with a control panel that provides optimal speed. The blender motor drives a pitched blade that ensures items are chopped after putting them in the mixer. After prolonged use, you can realize the actual motor is faulty. This should not worry you since it is a common challenge you can find in many blenders, and fixing is not challenging.

Possible Solution

Check whether the heating element is damaged. The next step is turning off the power supply and removing the lid to check whether the element is glowing red. If there are no glowing signs, a clear indication will be to move further and do the replacement to enjoy your blending task.

  1. Blade Seizure

A Cuisinart blender has blades that support it to blend juices effectively. However, after prolonged use, there can be a blade seizure. Mostly this is found when the blade system is gummed up, dirty, or damaged. Also, the entire blade system can be filled with debris. You can detect this challenge when it’s operating more slowly than usual. Fixing it will assist the blender in running effectively.

Possible Solution

It is important to troubleshoot your blender to know how it behaves when blending your juices. This is important since you will need to take your time and check what is straining its blending when it is slowing.

Also, when you find it chipped or damaged and the blades are bent, you can consult the right professional or contact Cuisinart customer service to fix it as soon as possible.

Cuisinart Stick Blender Not Turning on!

Most people frequently use a blender to make their delicious juices. However, there is a time you might find your blender is not turning on, and some hours back, it was working fine. Now, you keep on wondering why it is not turning on.

To figure out the best solutions you require, make sure you understand the reason for this problem.

Some of these problems include:

  • Problem with power outlet
  • Poor assembly
  • Overheating blender
  • Overfilling the blender
  • Not cleaning the food residues properly
  • Not locking the lid tightly

After knowing some of the problems that affect your blender’s turning on, you must try the troubleshooting solutions.

  1. Inspecting the power source

The first important thing you need to do when you find your blender is not turning on is to check the power supply source. If your stick blender shows no sign of power and connectivity, you need to investigate other appliances in your kitchen that use the same power outlet.

If you find that they are not turning on too, you will conclude that this problem is with the power outlet. In that case, you are required to reset your appliance using a reset button.

  1. Making Sure the Blender Assembly is Perfect

The other essential thing you must do is carry out the assembly inspection to ensure it is correctly done. All the components ought to be assembled in the correct order. That is from the pitcher, gasket, and finally, blades. You can consider the Cuisinart stick blender user manual to learn how you can have proper assembly.

  1. Avoid All Costs of the Overheating of Blender

This is another factor that affects the malfunctioning of Cuisinart Stick blenders. It is necessary to ensure the waiting period is around 15 to 20 minutes before you reuse the blender. Also, you need to make sure your blender is cool before use. Otherwise, avoid using it when hot.

  1. Make sure your blender is not overfilled.

You might end up overfilling your blender container when you are in a hurry. The outcome of this is that your blender turning on will be an issue. In that case, you will be forced to remove some ingredients and ensure the size is enough for blending. Trying to blend now. It will turn on easily.

  1. Cleaning the Food Residues

If you find any debris or food residue in the base of your blender, you need to remove them as soon as possible. Unplugging the blender will be the first step, and then unscrew the base and gently remove all the food particles. If you are uncomfortable doing it alone, you can contact the Cuisinart service.

  1. Locking the Lid Tightly

It is necessary to make sure the lid of your blender is tightly locked. Also, you need to check if the lid is direct to the spout and against the handle. Note that your blender might refuse to turn on when the lid is in the wrong direction.

How to Open Cuisinart Smart Stick Chopper/Grinder Attachment?

A Cuisinart chopper/grinder is a tool used to grind or smoothen all the ingredients used to make pastes, smoothies, or milkshakes. When using this appliance, you must understand how to open its attachment. Below are some of the important steps to follow.

Step 1: Motor

  • Here you must locate the three screw covers on the back of the motor body using a flathead screwdriver.
  • After that, consider prying off to expose the screws.

Step 2: Remove the Screws

  • You are required to remove the three 13.3 mm screws.

Step 3: Pry open the Cuisinart

  • You require in this step to use the plastic opening tool to pry open Cuisinart.
  • When you need serious prying power, you can use a metal spudger.
  • Consider the prying opening near the smart stick clips for quick opening.

Step 4: Unscrewing

  • On the inside, you need to unscrew the four screws.
  • The next step is removing the Phillips PH#2 screws 13.3mm.
  • Also, you can ensure the removal of Phillips PH#2 screws 2 17.5 mm.
  • Unscrewing the screws will ensure the motor is isolated.

Step 5: Soldering

  • Soldering is essential in these steps to facilitate motor replacement in a smart stick.

The important thing you need to note while soldering is taking much care since the process gets very hot.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Chopper/Grinder Attachment Not Working!

Smart art stick grinder and chopper are essential in our kitchen. It is therefore important to use them well. However, at some points, you will find their attachment not working, and you wonder why? This should not worry you much since I have analyzed the reason and solution for this problem.

  1. Overloading

This is one of the mistakes that many people repeat when using their grinder. Overloading this stick grinder can make it not turn on. The solution here is to avoid the overload of ingredients to enable the attachment of this appliance to perform better.

  1. Overheating

This is another issue you will find in many grinders. Overheating can cause the appliance not to work better and eventually stop the spinning. In that case, you must ensure this appliance is not on for many seconds at the moment.

  1. Using the wrong attachments

It is important to make sure you are using the right grinder attachment. Failure to do that you will find that it is not able to turn on. Moreover, the attachments that are not correctly fitting the grinder base can cause damage to it extensively. At the same time, you can put yourself at risk of electric shock or fire.

However, if you find the challenge of your grinder and chopper attachment not turning on is not ending, you can choose to buy a new blender.

Again you can lack the best know-how to fix your blender attachments properly. Therefore, when you cannot fix your blender, you can hire a professional or do the replacement immediately.

Bottom Line:

When your Cuisinart stick blender does not work, first, you should read your Cuisinart stick blender instructions manual for solutions. There are many problem solutions in the blender instructions manual.

If you don’t find solutions in the instruction manual, you should look at your blender warranty. If it is under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer’s customer service center to help or replace the blender.

If your blender warranty period goes over, you should take your blender to an electric kitchen gadgets repair shop to fix it by a qualified technician.

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